Atmos  25-May-06


It does not take much calculation to work out how near we are to greeting you upon Earth. The Galactic Federation has a mandate to start its open contact before the end of the year, and you must be heartened by the progress being made to bring the truth out into the open. It is the truth that is moving mountains, and nothing will stand in its way.


Your experiences with the dark forces are like a bad dream, and you must look back and wonder how they came to gain such power. They are clever and also very secretive, and learnt a long time ago that money can buy loyalty. Their schemes were hatched millennia of time ago, and it is only in recent times that awareness of their hidden agenda has become known. They have now become so bold that they care not who realizes what they are doing. They had calculated that it is was too late for any opposition to prevent their plan from fully manifesting.


However, the dark now know they miscalculated the strength of the uprising against them. They can no longer mute the opposition, or stop the revelations about their activities. They still try of course but even belief in their own infallibility is fading. The Light is everywhere and growing daily in its potential, and breaking down resistance to its presence. The Lightworkers even in ones and twos are a formidable force, as they all work in their own particular way for the benefit of Man and Mother Earth.


Where the dark forces are furtive and secretive, the Lightworkers are open and sharing their love and light. The dark are being forced into the corner, and hit out at people who they consider are against them. Some of you fear the dark, but understand that the dark fear the Light. By denying it they are destined to remain where they are, but they will be stripped of all vestiges and trappings of power that they presently carry around. Pretence and lies are always eventually seen for what they are, and no amount of covering up will prevent the truth from being revealed.


You stand at the door of great revelations and events that shall carry you towards your ultimate goal. Although Ascension is not known by everyone at this time, before long all will be conversant with the wonderful evolutionary leap that it offers. No one will be without such knowledge, and even at this late hour they can elect to be part of it. No matter what ultimately happens, the soul will subconsciously carry memories of this time with it. Those who are not ready will have a knowing of their future potential, that will drive them towards another opportunity in the next cycle.


Do not be concerned about other people, as all is perfectly planned, and you sometimes come together for only brief periods. Take the lessons out of life with you, and fondly remember the great friendships you have had. Know that not everyone can take the quantum leap necessary for Ascension. However, love is a link that cannot be broken, and in time all will progress into the higher dimensions and meet again. This must be so as we are all One, and will continue to grow together.


With the continual divisions and separation that seem to be happening amongst your different ethnic groups, it will be a great challenge to bring them together. We feel that once you realize that you are all from the same Source to which you will all return, it should be possible to achieve. For thousands of years the dark have used many ploys to keep you apart, and have concentrated on maintaining the differences between you. They have had much success in playing on the racial and religious differences.


With the advent of global travel and multi-national countries, the dark have lost the ability to prevent a coming together of all people. Sport is a prime example of where you have accepted the different races, and it has been part of the process of breaking down the barriers. National pride can sometimes generate opposition and confrontation, but that is often confined to those who are young souls and yet to understand the principle of sharing.


By example those of the Light show the way, and others do note that whatever it is that they have discovered brings them peace and tranquility. You learn from each other, and gradually it draws you closer. Once we arrive and bring you the truth of your reality and remove the false teachings, you will better understand what has created the differences between you, and able to overcome them.


We shall approach you with great love and understanding, as for many it will be difficult to accept a major change in their beliefs. We do not force change upon people but present it to them for consideration. We know all that is false will fall away until only the truth remains. “The Truth Shall Set You Free” is an _expression that is frequently used, and it very nicely sums up the object of our contact with you.


We have worked openly with you and also behind the scenes, and the Spiritual Hierarchy has laid down the plans for the restoration of your freedom and sovereignty. Together we shall achieve miraculous advancements, and these will start very soon. In reality of course we have been laying down the pathway for such changes for a very long time. No longer shall you be forced to languish within the dark energies. The time for upliftment has long arrived, and the last stronghold of the dark is now breaking up.


Look to your future and live that dream now and you will help manifest it upon Earth. Thought is a powerful energy that can move mountains, and you will be guided to use it wisely as your creative ability grows. In some dimensions not far removed from your present one, thought can create instantaneously.


I am Atmos and can tell you of our great expectations, and that we shall soon be with you. Everything has long been prepared, and thousands upon thousands of our personnel are trained and ready to make the first contact. Shall we say it is down to you at the moment to create that opportunity for us. We are nevertheless still guiding you and we see a satisfactory outcome. Our actions are prompted by great love for you our fellow travelers, because like you we are also on a wonderful journey. It carries us through realms of sheer beauty and magnificence, and shall also be part of your future experiences.


You will see the awesome sights of galaxies beyond number, and the never-ending expanse of the Creator’s Kingdom. Creation is something magical to behold and it will thrill you and astound you at its enormity, and the different dimensions that seem to have no end. Life on Earth has dulled your senses, but your awakening is beginning to start. Welcome to the real worlds beyond Earth that await your presence, and be assured that what you have achieved through the cycle of duality is known throughout the Universe. You are great Beings that are only just beginning to realize your divinity.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey. 


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