St. Germain  24-May-06


We know that you read messages looking for inspiration, and assurance events are proceeding well and that your future is assured. This we are able to confirm, and although by your reckoning time is passing very quickly, we know that you find it is not quick enough in manifesting the results you wish to see. We have set the scene, and you quite rightly look beyond the earthly happenings to the time of Ascension.


Meantime the changes that are needed so that we can finally announce ourselves are tantalizing close. We give you an appraisal of where we are, although in reality we have been ready for a number of years. We cannot however give you chapter and verse, and we have to participate in our own covert operations.


It is not in our mutual interests to reveal too much about our plans, although we give you a general idea. There is opposition to the plan of returning your freedom, and the dark prefer to have you under their tight controls. At their soul level their agenda is to stop you from achieving Ascension, and this is why they would not stop at destroying the planet. I tell you this not to engender fear, but that you should know what motivates them.


I can say beyond doubt, that the destruction of Mother Earth will not be allowed and any attempt to do so would be prevented. It would be a violation of the Divine Decree that is in place for both you and the planet. It does not matter what events now transpire, you are certain to walk the path to Ascension. You are equally certain to experience First Contac, and the restoration of Earth to its original pristine condition.


This is the final experience in duality for many of you, and what is happening now is a clearing out of the baggage that you cannot take with you. It is a bit like moving house with all of the trauma and tension that usually occurs, and the decisions you have to make as to what you will take with you or leave behind.


Ascension is of course different, inasmuch that you will have no need to consider your earthly attachments to anything at all. At the time it takes place nothing of a physical nature will remain on Earth, except it has a place in the higher vibrations. Already the new the new Earth has been created in its etheric form. Once it manifests in the higher dimension, with your new found power of creation you will be able to provide for yourself according to your own desires.


It is necessary to restore your Constitution as soon as possible and this will commence the changes to your reality, it will lead you from duality to one purely of Light. This will allow for a smoother transition from your present level, to one that will be a stepping-stone to the path of Ascension. The changes will quickly take place, as will the restoration of Earth. It will be both exciting and rewarding, and you will be very much involved in the activity.


What is happening on Earth at present will not continue much longer. It is however a lesson showing you what can happen when you allow the dark to take control. It is not easy to explain your part in this, but to put it simply you have all over millennia of time contributed to the dark energies. They have become stronger and so powerful that the Earth has been in danger of being engulfed by them.


From the higher realms we have observed the developments for eons of time. We have been allowed to bring the Light back to you, but it has been hard to ground it in such a way that it can transmute the dark and make a real impression. Nevertheless, it has taken hold and we have been able to lead you out of the dark and well onto the path of Light.


You might wonder why we do not lift up those of you who are ready to move totally into the Light. It could be done quite easily, but that would remove your responsibility to make good the planet. You also have to clear the dark energies before the end of the cycle, and your experience would not be complete without going through that period.


Remember that you are already rising up, and nothing can stop that unless you allow it. You have in fact chosen the path you are on, and deep down you know of the responsibility you have in these end times. The task may seem formidable or even impossible, but I would like to assure you that the plan for change is unstoppable and will bring you to the final years in the Light.


Expand your thinking from just an earthly level, and although you may not see the effects of what is happening as the Light increases, feel its presence and accept that it is lifting up your vibrations. Certainly many are aware of the changes occurring within themselves. They find that they are able to separate themselves from the dark energies, and can now deflect them so that they no longer affect them.


You build up your protection around you, and providing you maintain control over your lower emotions there is no way the dark can penetrate your Light. You become a focal point for the Light, and wherever you move you are helping to transmute the lower energies. Multiply this by the millions of souls who are also being drawn into the Light, and you will understand how it is gradually eliminating the dark energies altogether.


You are progressing very well, and do not take any notice of the media who support the dark forces. They will paint a different picture to what exists in reality, and they certainly do not extol the work of those who fight for freedom and truth. Listen as you do to the messages of Light, and you will find the assurances you need that the path to Ascension is unfolding. Some may be tainted, and others even deliberately put out containing false information. You have however become wise to these tactics and they should not distract you from the truth.


I am St. Germain and I come to give you those assurances that progress is satisfactorily being made, but as always we ask your patience. It will not be long now before you will begin to see for yourself the path that is opening up, that will lead to the first major changes.


The Spiritual Hierarchy is working with great love with all of you who aspire to live in the Light. You are also loved and protected by the many dear friends you have who comprise of The Galactic Federation. They are your true family, and come as caring Beings full of admiration for you. With such forces of Light behind you it is impossible to fail, and your victory is totally assured. My blessings go out to you all.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.    

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