Ela  23-May-2006


The dark try to present an air of confidence, but their very actions tell you that this is far from the truth. They know that the pressure is building up to have them removed. If the calls for their resignation travel far enough, and continue to gain pace they have no way of clinging onto their power. Even the controlling Illuminati families see that opposition is coming from all quarters. You will notice that the Government’s consideration is directed towards those whose support can be relied upon, and who also give financial help.


For anyone who wishes to contribute to the removal of the dark, there is no better way than to send Light wherever it is needed. President Bush and his allies rely on keeping you in the grip of fear. Offset this by spreading Light far and wide, and focus upon those who are the decision makers. The power of Light may not sound as though it can change the course of history, but that is exactly what it is doing.


Light weakens the energies that the dark use to maintain control over you. In its most powerful form it can effect changes within any individual. It eventually brings an awakening to the most hardened soul, and every single person has that opportunity to rise up. Do not be harsh upon yourselves if you consider that you still have much to learn. The intent to lift yourself up is the most important decision that you will have made. You will not change overnight and you will be tested in the cauldron of life many times.


If it would not be distracting to you, we would dearly love to make ourselves known to you. We know that it would give the assurance that you seek, but be aware that we are always with you. There is never a time when we are not near, which is why we ask you to call on us when you are in need. We know when you are in danger, and unless you are experiencing a karmic lesson we can help you avoid it. Many times you will realize how “lucky” you were to escape harm, and it is often our influence that has helped.


You have a number of Guides, some who come to you as Masters in their chosen field of learning. It is a matter of intent and once for example you announce a certain interest, suitable guidance is given. Your principal Guide will be with you for your whole life. They are aware of your life plan and do their best to ensure you see through your commitments. However, they would not go against your wishes, but work hard to help you achieve success.


Even your Guides are learning from your experiences, and they would be chosen because their understanding is well suited to your needs. As you climb the dimensions, that assistance is always there but you have much more freedom. It is a matter of when help is needed, you can call upon one of the Higher Beings. By the time you reach this higher stage you will undoubtedly have become part of a group with similar vibrations. You will share your life in multi-consciousness and all learn together.


As on Earth where you have incarnated into all different kind of cultures, so as you ascend you will experience with different types of consciousness. As always, it is a question of what is needed by you for your further evolution. Since you have all infinity in which to experience, there is no time factor that determines how long you remain with any particular group. You move on when it suits you, but you will always have that drive to go higher and higher.


Those ascending at the end of this cycle will have mastered the experiences that Earth has had to offer them. Hence they become Masters, and in turn will become teachers to those who follow. You will be linked with a particular ray that will be the one that you will work with. If your leaning is towards teaching it will be one of the blue rays and that will enhance your abilities and understanding. These rays are held by Higher Beings of the Angelic Tribes, and blue is held by Archangel Michael.


At a point in your evolution you become Light Beings, and life is all about the different vibrations and their respective colors. They go far beyond the range you are used to upon Earth, and the magnificent beauty of the higher levels is beyond your present imagination. Even as you experience now, color has an energy that distinguishes one from another. You will have you felt the fierceness and strength of a strong red color. Equally you would have experienced the calmness and peace of a pastel green. Consciously or otherwise, you use color to good effect in your daily life.


You have within your consciousness, a natural understanding of color. You know which are the best choices to create a peaceful environment. If you look into modern hospitals or institutions you will find they use such ideas, and schemes where the different colors complement each other. When you choose colors for decorative purpose do you not “feel” how the different ones affect you. What you feel are the vibrations of each one and whether they harmonize with you.


Color plays an important part in your life, and where your own choice is concerned it reflects much of your own vibrations. They can uplift you when they are gentle and pure, but feel disturbing and unpleasant when they are murky and muddied. Think about your own choice of colors, it does tell you something about yourself.


I am Ela of Arcturus also of The Galactic Federation, and on the higher dimensions of our home planet we experience the most wonderful range of colors. We use them with full understanding and you would be ecstatic if you could only see them. However, that will be a privilege many of you will have in due course. You would be most welcome to our home and to marvel at its sheer beauty and design. That day is not far away and we shall soon greet you all as you take your place in The Galactic Federation of Planets.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.   


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