Ag-agria  22-May-06
There is no doubt that there are those of the Light who are gradually leaving the Earth, and being drawn to the grid around it. It is in turn being charged by these energies, and its power is creating the division between the dark and Light. The dark cannot follow as they are unable to stay in the level of Light that now exists, and it is causing their immediate break up as their energy becomes dissipated.
You see what is happening to the dark through the chaos that is now taking place. They must have the energy of fear to carry on, and to their dismay they find they no longer have that far reaching affect upon you. What you are now witnessing is the final break up of the dark, and this tells us that the conditions for First Contact are coming nearer.
Many people are unsettled at this time, as the incoming energies are sometimes too powerful for them. Whilst others can take these into themselves, they feel disorientated. This is why in the course of time those who are unready to be lifted up will take another path. They will actually feel better by remaining in the old vibrations that they are normally used to. These conditions are to be expected when the vibrations are increasing so rapidly. Those who are able to accept the higher vibrations experience a different reaction. It is one of being at ease, and they find that they can blend in with the harmonizing and uplifting energies.
As you continue to move into the higher vibrations, you will find that when you contact the lower ones their affect becomes more noticeable. You could term it as making you feel hemmed in and ill at ease. This is one reason why visitors from the higher dimensions limit their time with you. Everything is about vibrations, and they determine what can or cannot be seen by you. Some visitors would be invisible to your eyes, as their vibrations are too fast for your dimension. Some do however have the ability to step them down and be seen if they so wish.
The same reasons apply to craft that disappear before your very eyes. From this information you will also realize that these same craft can maintain their cloak of invisibility if they wish. This also allows for the observation of activities upon Earth that would otherwise be hidden from our sight. These types of abilities enable us to keep ahead of what the dark are planning. This way, as individuals we can also be present at any gathering without being seen. Our abilities in this connection are very useful for information gathering, and enable us to keep our allies well informed.
As you are beginning to understand, everything that you see is energy. It is a matter of perception and your ability is confined to what is picked up by the receptors of your eyes. Outside of that you can nevertheless “see” with you Third Eye also known as your minds eye. Impressions are picked up and converted into pictures, and this can for example happen when psychics enter a building and can “see” events that previously took place within it. These senses are not yet widely developed, but they will do so as your vibrations increase.
You might ask how anyone can you see ghostly apparitions, and this is again the result of them having what is referred to as an open Third Eye. As you know, out of a group of people ghost hunting not everyone will see the apparitions when they appear. There is another situation when Higher Beings want to appear to you, they can control their vibrations and lower them to come into your sight. In the near future you too will be able to exercise such control, and all of your senses will become greatly heightened.
The abilities I mention are not really unknown to you, it is just that it is so long since you were able to use them. Almost every one of you was in Atlantis in the closing period, and it reached a peak where telepathy and psychic abilities were commonplace. In the end they abused and misused their powers, and after the Great Flood those that survived lost them. This was a natural consequence of what happened, and the new cycle required that you effectively started again at the bottom in the lower vibrations.
By losing your memories of your lives in Atlantis, it gave you another opportunity to create a different path. You need to remember that there were relatively few survivors, and their knowledge was maintained for a while but it soon became impracticable to use it. However, the stories of Atlantis carried forward and some still remain even today. The evidence of the resettlement of Atlanteans even now still remains in some of the caves that they were forced to live in.
Where you are now is the result of thousands of year’s growth from those earlier times, and you are in a different _expression to what it was before. However, as before you have peaked at the end of the cycle, but whereas previously the dark became the dominant force it is the Light that is now emerging as the victor. As with individuals, the lessons of life are presented many times to Humanity.
Your mass consciousness is now rapidly growing within the Light, and this is your assurance of reaching Ascension. Previous cycles put Humanity back, but nevertheless the experiences gained have gradually enabled you to overcome the dark this time round. This cycle was always seen as having a great potential for you all, and it is fitting that you return to the Light at such an historic time.
I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation, and I am fully aware of your history. Your journey has taken you through many cycles of experience, and as a result you have evolved to the point of restoring your full consciousness. In a short space of time you will grow very quickly, and find that the old vibrations no longer have any attraction for you. You will realize they were just a pale reflection of your true reality.
Now you stand at the threshold of a wonderful new experience. As a Cosmic Being you will have had all of your abilities restored, and as a Light Being will be able to travel exactly where you choose. This does not mean that your growth has been completed, as you will forever continue to add experiences to your consciousness. Also bear in mind that your consciousness will be aligned with that of the Creator, and it will be God’s Will that you lovingly and happily carry out. You will find great joy and happiness in returning to your Higher Self. Go forward with our Blessings of Love and Light.
Thank you Ag-agria.
Mike Quinsey
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