St. Germain  20-May-06


You have a saying that tells you “Crime does not Pay” yet you see for some people that is clearly not true, and they seem to live in the lap of luxury off their ill gotten gains. In a society where honesty is sadly lacking, there is always the attraction of making a quick buck. When it becomes acceptable to steal and the only shame is in getting caught, the whole construct of society falls into disrepute. It is true that you can get away with criminal activity and many people appear to do so, and Mr Big who heads criminal organizations usually manages to outwit the law. Money is often used to buy peoples loyalty, and employ the services of top lawyers who are clever at protecting their clients. Now you know all of this is true, but does crime pay?


You already know the answer, and crime does not pay because if you do not answer for them here upon Earth you will do so after you leave it. As anyone who is acquainted with karma will know, everyone single person will afterwards review their life and it is you who will acknowledge where you have failed. You might ask why don’t you just accept what you did and carry on as normal, and undoubtedly some would wish that was possible. You will understand two principles here, and one is that your review must cover the affect of your actions and words upon other people. Secondly you will be given to understand that those same actions have determined the level you will go into. The lower your vibrations the lower you will find yourself in the Astral regions. This is by the Law of Attraction, and it is solely your actions that have brought this about.


When there is a denial in your life of all that is good and true, you cannot expect to be on a level with other souls who have led an exemplary life. The factor that makes the review of your life more personal, is that you will be carrying it out knowing of the plan that you agreed beforehand. You wonder, can someone actually come into life knowing that they will join the criminal fraternity, and of course the answer is they can. Within the framework of such a life plan, many opportunities are however given that would enable a person to have a change of heart.


Their conscience will remind them that they are not just breaking Man’s laws, but also God’s. The battle in their life between the dark and Light proceeds, and yet you will often find that they can be kind and loving within their own family circle. You can possibly apply this to many people who are not necessarily part of any organized criminal activity, but have no idea of the oneness of life. They also fail to realize that what they do to others they do to themselves. People often know that they are thinking or acting in an unworthy manner, but they ignore their conscience believing that they will not have to answer for it.


As you begin to understand responsibility to yourself and others your life comes into balance. You begin to create harmony not just within yourself but also around you. At this particular time the opportunities for growth are even greater, as many higher energies are beaming to Earth. Through the desire to better yourself and live in the Light, you attract these energies to yourself and your vibrations become higher. They give you strength of purpose and you can more easily deflect the lower energies. Because you are at the end times and it is intended that everyone shall have the chance to ascend, so much more help is given to anyone who has these aspirations. As you succeed in raising your consciousness you will also draw closer to your Higher Self, and listen to what advice you are given. As you have been previously informed, it comes to you through what you call your intuition.


The lessons of life can be severe, but always remember that they were planned with your full agreement. How many times have you said “Why Me” and now you know, but I must make the point that sometimes you are party to events where your role is taken out of love and service to others. In other words you were not involved through direct karmic responsibilities. Nevertheless, you may stand on the outside but the experience is still one that furthers your own understanding. Often when you are not emotionally involved you are best placed to help others. You can, so to say return a favor given you in a previous life, and it would most certainly have involved the same persons. You have learnt that groups of souls often incarnate together and they will do so having different relationships to each other. They progress together and because of this become a very close-knit family.


Usually people give little thought as to why they end up in particular situations, and resentment and bitterness can be the result. It takes a resolute and understanding person to accept what life hands them. However, if you can understand that in the long run it is for your benefit it will take the sting out of it. You cannot be expected to know all of the reasons, and sometimes it is best that you do not. It would be distracting and divert your attention from more important matters. If it sounds a bit harsh please bear in mind you are accompanied on this journey by many loving souls, and they will do their best to lift you up when you are down and wipe away your tears. I say once again, Karma is not in any way at all a form of punishment but simply presenting to you lessons that you need to learn to evolve.


I am St. Germain, and I assure you that you are greatly loved. We see the Light of your soul, not the darkness of your experiences. We see our Brothers and Sisters who shall stand tall at the end of this cycle. We come to you and bow before you in acknowledgement of what wonderful sacrifices you have made. You left the regions of pure Light to experience duality, and now you are about to reclaim your greatness and glory once again. You are being welcomed with open arms, and together we shall celebrate your return. I can but say that all Heaven joins in with these wonderful celebrations that are about to commence.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.

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