Ela  02-May-06


Dear Ones, it has been a long road that you have traveled, and soon like all travelers your energy shall be renewed by the sight of the end. It is signalled by the ever increasing Light that is beamed to you. You have done well to uplift your vibrations in the midst of the closing events of duality. What is also a wonderful achievement, is the way you have embraced the higher energies and allowed these to flow through self to all around you. It is an _expression of your unselfish love for mankind, and collectively you are working great miracles on Earth.


From our dimension we also meet in our temples of healing and send uplifting energies to you. We are just one of many members of the different Federations and Councils that have a personal interest in the future of Earth. Your journey has spanned thousands of years, and at various stages your family from the stars have come closer to guide you on your way. Where you have been veiled from the truth, we have known of your destiny and ensured that sight of your goal was not lost during the lower points of your experiences. Imagine how delicate the situation can be when we have to allow for your freewill. As you well know by now, we are careful that our help and guidance is not seen as distracting you from your chosen personal objective.


Rather than think less of you because of the darkness you have created, we have so much admiration for the pain and sadness you have endured in the name of experience. You are great Beings and even you will before long accept the accolades that we place upon you. All is becoming clear as the cobwebs of dark are cleared from your eyes. Now you are beginning to see more clearly the illusion that you have been living. You are about to take a quantum leap forward, and it will leave the old behind as it will have served its purpose. You will gradually see how you have been subdued and suppressed, in an attempt to have you forget who you really are and surrender to the dark forces.


You are no longer easily misguided, and are rapidly responding to the incoming energies that are now lifting you up. You rightly question what is considered to be the right way of order and control, realizing that your leaders have taken away your rights on the pretext of protecting you. The greatest protection you have is the energy of love, and it is your power to combat the dark and disperse their energies that would threaten your very existence. It is about your faith and belief in the higher forces that guide Man, and that the Creator is Omnipresent existing in All That Is. You have your very being in the energies of Love and Light, and the dark are no exception even though they have forsaken their Source. No matter what you see happening, know that it is an illusion and has no place in the higher dimensions where you belong.


We live in a state of perfection on our beautiful planet Arcturus, and as one we pay homage to the Creator as we progress through the dimensions. It is also your destiny to follow the same path, as your Universe is to be uplifted and the experiment of duality will brought to a close. Its purpose is manifold, and all experience obtained will be drawn into the Source and become part of the Universal Consciousness. All souls link with the Source, but as they have dropped into the lower vibrations their ability to fully activate the link has been forgotten or denied. The beauty of design and purpose in the Cosmos is breathtaking, and all compliments everything else in a never ending path that leads through dimension after dimension. In truth they are continuing to be created as fast as you can find them.


Experiences in the vast Kingdom of the Creator are never ending, and will only cease momentarily when you return to Source, only to start another outward journey of new experiences. Life abounds everywhere in many forms that would appear strange to you, but know that within those forms is the same essence that you also carry. Given time you will be able to accept the differences which make for fascinating experiences, and add more knowledge to your ever expanding consciousness. At present you are still carrying unpleasant deep memories of other types of Beings that have caused you intense fear, but that will change as the truth of creation and its purpose is made known to you.


I am Ela of Arcturus, and we too have a role to play in First Contact and it will fulfill our obligations to you. Some of you have come from our planet, and like many others reaching out to you we also come to collect our own. We too have duties to perform as part of our contact with you, and these are carefully coordinated with the great plan for Ascension. We shall give guidance and have a part to play in enabling your great leap forward. There is much to be done in what you would perceive as a short time, but it presents no problem because of our advanced technology and understanding.


Be intuitively aware of the truth as various situations develop upon Earth, and do not allow yourselves to be sidetracked and thrown off course. Many still dwell in the dark and their reality has little light within it, and they would deny you yours if it was possible. The times have dramatically changed, and no longer can you be controlled and hoodwinked by the contrived situations that are placed before you. You have the power to change your World, and you will leave the dark behind to the reality of their making. It cannot detract you from your path unless you allow it to be so, and as you claim your power you will see how strong and resolute you can really be.


We would not wish to belittle what is happening upon Earth, but it is more a game although a very serious one. In the ultimate no one will carry their hurt or confusion with them, and love and Light from the higher Beings will clear away the dregs of ages past. You will be unable to carry negative memories with you, and these will be expunged through the love that is pouring to you from the Central Sun. You are to be renewed in body and soul, and have superconsciousness restored. You will be surprised as to how quickly you will be able to put the past behind you, and come fully into the Light. Know that everyone upon this mission is sending you their love, and consciously take it into yourself. We will say again that you are loved beyond measure.


Thank you Ela.


Mike Quinsey.             


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