Diane  9-May-06


You live in the shadows, but the Light shall have its day like the sun breaking over the horizon. Suddenly it will shine in its glory and enlighten the lives of each and everyone. The realization that you are at last moving out of the dark will be an occasion for much joy and celebration. That day beckons and already we sense an air of expectation that is growing by the day.


The tiredness that has accompanied each day of your life, is gradually being replaced by a new found energy that is invigorating and uplifting. No more shall you wallow in the depths of depression and hopelessness. The new day has begun and promises so much more than you have previously experienced. There comes a purpose to life, and that which was without meaning now becomes clear as the truth is revealed. As you emerge from the dark you become customized to the Light, that has not shone with such brightness for millennia of time.


Everywhere there is a revival taking place, and those who were asleep see so much more clearly than before. Some cannot yet understand what is happening, but the new vibrations are pulling at their heart strings and showing the way to a new dispensation. Out of the chaos comes a new type of Man, one who has recognized the occasion for what it is and desires to be part of the great upliftment. With the knowing comes power, but not to be used in the old way for domination but instead for the benefit of each and everyone.


Never before have you been presented with such an opportunity to leave the dark completely behind. There is no sacrifice involved and the Light shall show you your true potential. You are gods in the making and beginning to feel your connection with the Creator. Previously you seemed to have no control of what was happening around you, but now you see how you influenced and determined the outcome of events upon Earth. The dark has never been totally in control of your destiny, although they laid false paths for you to tread.


All through your journeys upon Earth you have been watched and cared for as a Mother protects her child. For many it has seemed a very lonely existence, but the reality is that you have always been accompanied by many dear Ones from the higher realms. They have lifted you up when you were down, shown you the Light when you have succumbed to the dark, and held your hand through the rough terrain of life.


Soon all of the concerns and the weight upon your shoulders will be removed. Instead you shall stand tall in the Light, and a new soul will step onto the stage of life. Your Light will create the new vision, which already lives in the hearts of many who know that love is the only way forward. The conflicts of life perpetuated by the dark will no longer hold sway over you. You will demand and achieve a new way of living that reflects all that is fair and true. Those who refuse to come out of the shadows will be left to pursue their lives elsewhere, and no more will they be able to detract those who prefer the Light from their path.


Duality has shown you each end of the spectrum of life, and without it one would not appreciate the other. By experiencing the differences you have found a greater appreciation and understanding of the Light. The dark has shown you the depths to which Humanity can sink, and now it is time for the Light to reverse that situation. You will show that the Light is not to be diminished any longer, and will indeed now take away the power of the dark. It has no answer to the Light as it will always be the dominant force. All that remains is to use the power you have to bring the last cabal into your focus, and use it to transmute their energies. They are becoming powerless to stop the changes, and shall soon be removed for all time.


Dear Ones, keep your awareness on the higher levels and send Light to any situation that you perceive as a threat. You can mentally change the course that Humanity treads and that is your part in the plan. The longer you hold the vision of the new Earth and the Golden Age, you will help it manifest before your very eyes. It must come into being, and no power on Earth can prevent it from being so. The blueprint exists and is beginning to move into place around the existing Earth. There will no longer be a place for the dark, and only that which is of truth and godliness shall remain.


The Golden Age will announce loud and clear that Humanity has come of age, and once more taken its rightful place in the Cosmos. Then shall you dwell in the love and peace beyond measure, and know your true place in the scheme of things. The majestic beauty and wonderful living colors will seem to embrace you, and the very air will seem alive. Everywhere is a wonderfully uplifting energy as Love and Light surround you. Life on Earth will quickly pale into insignificance compared to the higher dimensions, but you will nevertheless carry full appreciation of the experiences you shared with the souls who banded together as Humanity.


I am Diane of The Galactic Federation and the time for change is becoming quite near, and your patience is soon to be rewarded. Press on with your resolution to be at the forefront of the action, because so much depends on our allies upon Earth. All proceeds well and we see no difficulties in achieving the Hierarchical plan to release you from the control of the last cabal.  It is just that there is an appropriate time coming that will enable those last steps to be taken, and that opportunity will not be lost upon us. We send you our love, and support you in your service to the Light. Bless you all.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey.       


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