Atmos  18-May-06


An awakened consciousness is not something that comes your way and impinges itself upon you. You firstly have to desire such enlightenment, and then do your best to live your the life in a way that reflects the qualities of those energies. You call it raising your consciousness, and it requires dedication and practice to achieve success. The good news is that anyone can turn to the Light and start on the path to enlightenment. It is the intent on your part to be an active participant in lifting your vibrations that will pave the way to success.


As you progress you will realize that you are experiencing a change within yourself, and the first indication is when you lead rather than being led by your ego self. The latter is often used as a reason for doing things that may be otherwise considered out of character with your normal self. It is the excuse of believing that you are unable to change because you have no control over yourself. This is patently untrue, as if you have the will to be in charge you can alter your attitude and response to events quite easily. It is about self control and understanding your true self.


You will know by now that you are not your physical body, it is a vehicle through which your soul is provided with experience. Let us say that your ego is a reflection of your lower mind, and that your Higher Self is your Godself. Clearly when you can live your life through guidance from your Higher Self, it will be in harmony and balance with all that is, and this is your ultimate goal. There is quite a way to go to reach that level, but unless you have the desire to raise yourself up you will never get started. Some will say that they are happy as they are, and for them life will continue the same until they wish to change.


Humanity has a mass consciousness, that is made up of souls who are at every possible level of evolution. They express themselves according to which one they have reached, and in consequence you often have difficulty in agreeing with each other. People with like minds come together, and if they prove to be a dominant group it is their decision that overrides that of other people. Your most obvious example is in politics, although there can be different reasons for supporting a particular party. One may see only what is in it for them, and another what is more of a general benefit. You vote on manifesto’s that lay out the party aims, although you have no guarantee that they will be fulfilled.


There is presently little consideration of people’s spiritual needs, although these may be vaguely included in your laws. It could have been different if only your Constitution had not been seriously watered down. You usually vote for what is of benefit to yourself, and generally speaking there is no consensus of what is best for all. Mother Earth usually takes a back seat while meaningful speeches are made about her resources, but in fact powers are extended to plunder more of her riches. While your representatives are materially minded and beholden to the great and powerful business complexes, it is clear that you will make little headway to reverse the damage to Earth. Her resources are not everlasting, and for example the rate of deforestation is rapidly increasing the damage and instability of the land masses. Mining has decimated her landscapes, and poisoned the land and waters for miles around.


Pollution is still a major problem that brings with it all types of illnesses, and Nature itself is also a victim. Man has slowly been destroying the planet since the Industrial Revolution, but with high technology and nuclear developments has now exacerbated the situation to breaking point. Mother Earth is a conscious Being and does not have to bear your never ending abuse without response. She is also preparing for Ascension as are all of the planets in your solar system, and like you she has to go through a cleansing process. That has started but she looks to you to help rectify the imbalances as all must be fully restored, otherwise she will be forced to take matters into her own hands.


The Galactic Federation are standing by to help in all matters appertaining to Earth, but in the meantime your intention to help is needed to lessen the damage. You cannot stand by any longer and allow the rape of Earth to continue. With all due acknowledgment to those of you who are already active, insufficient is being done to arrest the headlong plunge into chaos. Greater awareness is required and people’s focus desperately needs to be on the issues mentioned. You may question why you need to be concerned when the changes are soon to commence, but you have an obligation to make good the damage to Earth. Of course we will help, and have committed suitable technology and resources to First Contact.


Part of your rise in consciousness must embody a true appreciation of Mother Earth, who is going to carry you through to the higher dimension when Ascension takes place. It will be the expansion of your understanding of the life forms all around you, and knowing and acknowledging the sanctity of all life. We are in higher dimensions where we commune with all life, and our knowledge enables us to use organic material to build such equipment as computers and even some of our craft. These have an interaction with us and can be programmed to function independently. This concept is understood by your scientists, who are beginning to discover this advanced technology. Everything has consciousness, but not necessarily the power of independent thought. Through this knowledge you should begin to realize that as the dominant species upon Earth, you have a great responsibility to all other life forms.


I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation speaking with first hand knowledge of the true nature of your Earth. She has carried you far, and it is your time to acknowledge the loving service she has performed for you, by allowing Humanity to use her resources whilst living upon her surface. Mother Earth is a magnificent Being performing a service out of her love for Humanity and the Creator. Send her a prayer of thanks, and resolve to help get the changes in hand that will put a stop to the continuing lack of consideration for her well being.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.                  


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