St. Germain  17-May-06


Ascension is an unstoppable change that is now well advanced, and will finally lift up the whole Universe. Your little Earth plays a big part in the proceedings because of the attention it attracts, and its need for off world assistance. Subconsciously you knew all along that this was your destiny, and changes were always expected by you as the last century closed. Now you see that Ascension is not the prerogative of any one group as such, but open to anyone who so desires to move beyond the cycle of duality.


The rule and domination of the dark has to end in this timeframe, so as to allow for the change of realities. This time, it has always been intended that the Light should prove victorious, although with freewill you have been allowed to challenge the plan. However, it is no longer an option, but at one time you were close to losing your way and looked unlikely to rise up into the Light. Now your victory is certain, as the Light quotient is now so strong that it cannot be affected any longer by the dark energies.


You are now in the position where everything is poised for a sudden change, the plan having advanced to the point of fulfillment. All is in readiness, and only minor tasks remain to establish the conditions that will signal the commencement of First Contact. For many of you it is a frustrating time, as you have lived with the promise of vital changes that are much needed to improve your quality of life. At least you can hold a vision of the benefits that will accrue for you, and how the many pressing changes will take place. You have been given quite detailed information as to how your lives will be enhanced by them, although you cannot quite visualize the speed at which they will take place.


So often you have been told that you are not presently in your true reality, and this is again an area that will require much explanation. Simply put, existing in duality is not your usual abode and exists only in this Universe of freewill. Even so, as you climb into the higher levels it becomes less defined as free choice is still a God given gift. As you acknowledge the Oneness of everything and understand creation, your alignment is naturally more with Laws of Creation and the Creator energy. On Earth, people at all stages of evolution are thrown together, and you have no positive way of identifying the particular level at which any one may exist. This makes for wonderful challenges, and where you are successful enable you to speed up your evolution.


Nowhere else in your Universe do such opportunities exist for such rapid advancement. It may sound formidable but it is very rewarding and you take your experience with you into the next levels. The manner of your experience becomes less important and the details will fade away with time. Your memory has a wonderful way of pushing those memories that are unpleasant to the back of your mind. It is a fact that sometimes because of the shock experienced the details can be completely erased.


If you were always aware of previous lives and the memories associated with them, you would be distracted from your present commitments. This is why you are not encouraged to spend too much time delving into your past incarnations. On the other hand you may be given brief details of important past lives, which help you to understand your present one. Sometimes they will give you reasons for your fears or preferences, as somewhere in your subconsciousness they still exist. Indeed, part of your lives experiences often allow for the overcoming of any facet of yourself that may hold you back. You will face your fears, but not without help and as with other aspects of your life there is no forcing of these issues by your Guides or Protectors.


Think for a moment if you are one who has fear of heights or fear of water. Does that not tell you that somewhere in your previous lives you had a traumatic experience, possibly associated with your death? Many of you carry such unaccountable fears, that is until you can explain the reason for their existence. Through self analysis you can put these fears in their place, and you should know that by consistently allowing them to dominate your life you are likely to draw those conditions back to yourself. It seems strange to you that what you fear can be attracted to you, when you try to put up barriers against it. However, the power of thought does not distinguish between the negative and positive, and these still become energies that seek manifestation.


If you think a little more deeply, you can probably see that people who are mentally unstable are often the victims of events in their previous lives. Do people hear voices in their heads: yes some certainly do and they tell the truth in this respect. It can be attributed to a lack of protection through having an open aura, and one that allows lower entities to attach themselves to it. These are usually Earth bound because of their low vibrations, and close to those of Earth. For example, there are some instances of where some people have multiple personalities.

However in the normal events most people are safe from such experiences, but drug use or alcohol abuse can leave them open to attack.


Humans are so complex, and here you are thrown together with all types of personalities. Is it no wonder that almost every day offers up challenges for you to face. As you ascend, these situations cease to exist as you gravitate to levels that are in keeping with your own vibration. It does happen on Earth to a lesser degree, and there is a mutual attraction between those that are similar in this respect. Some of you who are sensitive can feel the difference in people’s vibrations, although often it is a subconscious feeling. With some people you have a “feel good” factor and others can be positively off putting, and it is a sign of how their vibrations react with yours.


I am St. Germain, and I tell you that the Earth is a most wonderful place to gain experience and evolve. As you do so, you pave the way to Ascension in no uncertain manner as your consciousness rapidly expands. You learn to live in the love vibrations, and thus provide your needed protection against the dark energies. You become aware of the power of the Light and in bringing it to yourself you are also helping other people. At present the Light shines out and it is attracting even more to Earth, and you are experiencing the lifting up and speeding up of time. As I said in the beginning, the Ascension is an unstoppable change, and all will be affected in one way or another. The Creator has spoken and all proceeds to plan, and Love and Light shall abound upon Earth.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.


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