Ker-On  16-May-06


You are a pale shadow of your real self, and that is for reasons necessary to enable you to fully experience duality. Yet it is a fact that originally your consciousness was not meant to have been so limited. However, in spite of having your level dramatically reduced, you have proven that it is still possible to recover regardless of your limitations. Your success has shown that as long as a glimmer of Light is still there, it is possible to overcome the dark energies that have kept you down for so long.


Acceptance of the limitation of your consciousness was agreed with you from the beginning of your descent into matter. It reached the lower depths through the interference of the Anunnaki, who did so for reasons of holding you in their control. The Spiritual Hierarchy were aware of this situation, but deemed it possible that you could still arise from the lower vibrations and find your way back to the Light. Your testing has therefore been more severe than was originally envisaged, but through it you have become much more experienced and stronger.


The influence of the Anunnaki still remains and you have largely overcome it, but the remnants of their controls through false guidance still exist. In the next few years every opportunity will be given to allow people to shed the last vestiges of indoctrination from those times. It will call for strong and open acceptance of the truth, which will be presented in a way that will fully explain the circumstances. The false teachings have blighted your growth, but in recent times have been balanced by a great influx of true teachings. The Masters came with that in mind, but the old teachings were so deeply embedded in your subconsciousness that it was impossible to completely overcome them. The result is that you now have beliefs that are partly true, but still tainted by your old understanding.


In this present period so much light is reaching Earth, that only the most obstinate and blinkered souls will ignore the opportunity for change. Sometimes it is because you prefer to live in your comfort zone, and be shielded from a challenge to your beliefs. However, as more of the erroneous teachings are revealed, it is going to be more difficult to hold onto them. As always no pressure is deliberately placed upon people to change, but the opportunity to do so will be frequently presented. You cannot progress into higher vibrations or onto the path of Ascension, if you are unable to release the ties that your false reality has upon you.


There is no shame or guilt attached by clinging to old beliefs; it is something that everyone has had to overcome. It is simply part of your spiritual evolution, but when they have served their purpose it is time to move on. The creation of so many schisms is in itself an indication of how Man has influenced the new teachings that came through the Masters. To help you understand what has happened in the past, you have gradually been subjected to new ideas. They have been gently presented to you through various Beings, who have incarnated in recent times for that very purpose. The Guides for Humanity have been very active in directing your attention to them, and this is for example how the concept of the New Age was born.


There is a lot more thought and planning put into the guidance that you receive than you could appreciate. It sometimes seems that you are without guidance and that confusion reigns. That is inevitable when you have so many opposing groups that claim to hold the truth about Manís true beginnings and progress to this present time. How you are to know what to follow is inevitably the main question, and we say that your most efficient way is to rely on your intuition. It will take into account where you are with your awareness, and lead you slowly but surely to the truth. No one else can really know what is best for you except yourself. To try and jump before you can walk would not be conducive to your overall development or progress.


The principal objective of your enlightenment is the acceptance of the One Source of All. There are many names for many gods, however there is but One Supreme Creator. You will find in truth that there are many other highly evolved Beings from the higher dimensions, that assist the Creator in manifesting what is in the Creatorís thoughts. Your religious teachings can be confusing in this respect as such godly powers are attributed to so many mortals. Yet through your collective consciousness you do influence and shape creation. These are the very matters that need clarifying so as to avoid confusion.


It is easy for us to see your demise, as we have not been pulled down into the lower vibrations. You will eventually have the advantage of our clear understanding of the truth, as having progressed beyond you we are able to administer to your needs. Trust is something we have been careful to create between us, and we have for millennia of time taken your level of consciousness into consideration. Through various forms of contact we have carefully nurtured you so that new revelations have not been a shock to your system. It can be deranging to suddenly realize that all you held dear is no longer valid. At appropriate times just as spiritual teachers have done so in the past, Higher Beings incarnate to come amongst you and carry you forward. They bring new ideas and knowledge that is calculated to allow you to progress at your own speed.


Evolution is far from being haphazard and is highly organized so as to meet the needs at the time. As you are now beginning to understand, it is not only applicable to what happens upon Earth but also off Earth. Great Beings charged with overseeing your evolution direct forces that are truly unimaginable at your present level of understanding. They wield great power and command energies that are capable of changing your Universe in an instant. Have no fear, they could not be in that position unless they were carrying out the asking of the Creator.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and we are outwardly so much like you in appearance as are many members of The Galactic Federation. Forget the imaginary Beings created by your science fiction writers, they usually depict them as quite frightening and are intended to shock you. Although they are often inspired by intuitive thought, in this Universe the human form is the one that has been adopted. With the coming of First Contact you will see for yourselves, and you will be introduced to those who are most closely related to you. Realize that your physical form had to be created at some time in the past for the soul to enter the conditions of Earth. I will leave you with those thoughts, and know that our contact with you is one of Love and service to you through our dedication to the Creator of All That Is.


Thank you Ker-On.


Mike Quinsey.


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