St. Germain  15-May-06


Still the media are reluctant to break out of the censorship that is imposed upon them, but it is splitting at the seams as to omit news is one thing, but to falsely present it is another. People have for some time realized how they are manipulate, and now see the way in which it is achieved. No longer do they blindly accept what they are told, and the Internet is a least a place for free expression, although the dark would rather it was under their control.


Some news is too explosive to keep quiet, but as you often notice it can be watered down to lessen its impact upon you. You have the Karl Rove affair reaching a climax very shortly, and it will be absolutely impossible to stop that getting full coverage. As usual the reporting will show a political bias, but you are becoming wise enough to read between the lines. This particular indictment is the thin end of the wedge that shall eventually bring the downfall of the last cabal. Add the true facts of 9/11 that are now easily obtained by those who care to research the subject, and the movement for governmental change has never been stronger.


If you follow the world news services you will also know that almost every government has of late been linked with some major scandal. Political decisions and covert actions are being revealed for their lack of honesty and devious planning. People are now rightly suspicious of their representatives, and demand that they are more open and accountable to them. The net result is that changes are being powered by the people, and until their leaders take notice there is likely to be civil unrest.


The Earth is rightly regarded as backward in its evolution and in its approach to its people. It is one of just a few in this Universe where aggressive behavior is accepted as part of your normal attitude. In duality you would expect confrontation, but if the right approach was made it could be curtailed. All about you there are reminders of wars which seem to go on incessantly, and are often glorified for the victorious. Is it no wonder that each successive generation accepts violence as a way of life? Inequality is one of the main causes, and all of the time it continues it will foment unrest.


Imperialists eye up the countries that contain a wealth of natural resources, and history will show that they are usually forced into handing over their control. Life has been depicted as one where you literally take what you want, and even at the expense of another. The Illuminati have exploited and encouraged Manís weaknesses for their own benefit, and are ruthless in seeking to achieve world domination. As you awaken to the truth, so the dark are busy trying to limit your freedom, and it is a race against time to prevent you mounting a strong challenge to their authority.


We see how the balance of power swings backwards and forwards, but you are now strengthened through our support. There is a plan that requires the manifestation of the Light so as to sweep away the dictates of the dark. You are to have your sovereignty returned to you, and it

will be an essential part of the restoration of your rights. The dark are already being limited as to how much mischief they can cause, and their frustration causes them to fight amongst themselves. The break up of their power base is taking place, and political events are proceeding that will ensure there is no going back.


Our appraisal of matters is that all proceeds very well, and with the backing of the Spiritual Hierarchy success is assured. It takes a time coming into your focus, as you cannot see that whole as we can but at least you now get a feel of where everything is heading. Think Ascension, and speculate on how matters can sufficiently be altered upon Earth to accommodate all of the necessary changes that lead to it. I would say nothing can be satisfactorily achieved until world peace is established. So the first priority is to achieve that goal, and the weapons of war must be silenced. The futility and insanity of war greets everyone when they turn on their television, radio or read their papers, and you cannot avoid learning of the ongoing carnage and destruction.


It is therefore obvious that those behind the wars and unrest that plagues the Middle East should be removed as soon as possible. This action has already commenced, and the justification for doing so is evidenced by the mass of proof of the covert and clandestine plans of the Illuminati. Time is on our side, but we would naturally wish to see a stop to all war, or threat of war over the whole world. It will happen very soon through an unstoppable force that has built up in recent times. We often tell you of your real power, and you will have been as much responsible for the coming success as any other factor.


As a civilization you have made such massive strides in a relatively short time, and your growth into the Light still continues. It is a time unparalleled in your history, and achieved against a background of such formidable changes and challenges. For sure you are winning the battle to determine your own future, and although we talk of Ascension it is by no means enforced upon people. We respect your freedom of choice, but it is now a time of separating those who desire to go forward and those who are not ready. No one is disadvantaged by this choice, and it is quite the opposite as both levels of understanding are naturally moving apart. The vibrations being attracted to Earth will eventually be uncomfortable for those who are at a less evolved stage. It is not intended as a criticism to mention it, as you have always been given absolute freedom as to how quickly you progress.


It will be best that two separate realities are opened up, and all has been prepared for this event. It follows laws that operate through the Heavenly Councils, and they are applied with great Love and Light. Remember that all of your experience is gradually building your path, to a future that you have personally envisaged. All souls gravitate to the one of their choice, and those of a like mind naturally come together. Even now you find your friends and close mates through mutual attraction. On a more personal note Karma plays its hand in your choice, and these decisions are made in your best interests before you incarnate on Earth.


I am St. Germain, and I see how your consciousness is becoming awakened through your ability to comprehend the truth. It is not solely due to just your present incarnation, and many a pathway is built over a large number of lives. The goal is always in mind, but with freedom of choice you ultimately decide how you get there. For those who aspire to Ascension the achievement of superconsciousness is the ultimate prize. For others, the opportunities continue to present themselves in the manner for which they prefer to make progress.


At all times help or advice is always available and you are accompanied by many personal Guides who oversee your progress. In your times of need call upon them and they will attend to them, but be ready for the possibility of something different to what you may have expected. They often know better than you what it is you need that is in accord with your life plan. Accept what comes into your life, it is certainly there for a very good reason. You never stop learning, although it will become a lot easier as you progress through the higher dimensions. The days of the old ways are numbered, so greet your final lessons with joy and know that a new day beckons. Settle for the vision of being surrounded by all that is born out of Love and Light, for that is your destiny.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.

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