Ag-agria  13-May-06


Such is the growth of Light upon Earth, that it is fast reaching the point when it will have a pronounced effect. It is not a matter of percentages but the accumulation of the collective Light force. As the different energies are sent to you, so more are attracted by those able to ground them and it slowly engulfs the whole Earth. It has the affect of raising the vibration and there is a lifting up. In recent time it has reached a new level and will continue to increase, and it is considerably changing the balance between the Light and the dark.


It is noticeable that the greater growth of Light has occurred since the end of the last century. It can be traced to a wonderful expression of Love and Light commencing in the mid 80s when the Harmonic Convergence took place. You were not to know how vitally important that time was, as it was the first major grounding of Light and it has rapidly grown ever since. Such events are seen as signals to the Heavenly Forces that you are ready to take the mantle of responsibility for lifting up your planet. It may seem quite a time since that significant event, but the growth of Light has been increasing in ever greater proportions.


You have created the opening to the New Age, and there is now a distinct difference between those who practice walking in the Light and those who have yet to find it. The division is allowing the two realities to separate into two camps, and this would be seen as quite normal in the circumstances. The Light cannot be curtailed or affected by the dark energies, unless you allow it to be so. We do not see this often happening, and on the contrary it is the dark who will continue to be transmuted by the Light. The Light cannot be extinguished by any amount of draconian laws, and it is your power and strength against adversity. Stay in your Light at all times, and you will be perfectly safe.


Once in a while you are able to find the peace and quietness you seek. There are spots on Earth that are highly energetic and unspoilt by the dark energies, and to be in them is most relaxing and invigorating. Most of you know of such places, and even now you will be able to remember how wonderful they were. Yet as you rise up into the higher vibrations and the dark energies are left behind, it will become the normal condition in which you will find yourself. Being in duality is to say the least most stressful and there is not one of you who can avoid it at some time or another. It takes a strong willed person to be in the midst of chaos and stay unaffected.


With perseverance and determination you can become a pillar of strength and deflect the dark energies. As always it comes down to calmly staying within your own Light energies and not allowing others to penetrate them. It is difficult, and even excessive noise can seriously upset your ability to stay centered. To quote the much used _expression, the important thing is to be in the Earth but not of it and be an observer when you are confronted by a negative situation. By doing so, you can bring calmness to it and nullify its effect on you. You have much more power than you realize if only you consciously use it.


When the last cabal is removed and First Contact is announced there will be a pronounced change in people. The weight of responsibility that most carry along with their worries about the future, will be immediately released as though a sudden weight is taken off their minds. People will quickly become more relaxed and a new happiness and confidence will become apparent. The way ahead will become clear and everyone will benefit from the changes. You are to experience conditions that are more akin to your natural way of being. Aggressiveness and violence have been induced by the dark energies through fear, and as they are released a great peace will settle upon Earth.


See the world now through different eyes, see that which is good and true and the beauty and design all around you. All that is presently out of balance will be changed, and in a relatively short time that which is ugly and of the lower vibrations, will be removed or replaced. Buildings for example can be replaced with ones that are more pleasing to the eye. Ones that are environmentally sound and non polluting, and self contained with their own source of light and heating when needed. The changes will bring in every available technology that will take the hard work out of life. More to the point, the resources will be supplied free as there are sufficient to supply all of your needs.


What must at times seem improbable is soon to happen, and we have through various contacts allowed you to know of our advanced technologies. We willingly share all that we have, and do not claim our knowledge as our own. Within The Galactic Federation there is a free exchange of information through which all grow together. Upon Earth you hide such things, and often it is for the reasons of profit and market control. These are the type of policies that will be quickly changed, as there will be no place for capitalism in the future. There will eventually be a fair sharing of all knowledge and the resources of the Earth. A fair society creates a happy one, and most importantly happy people.


I am Ag-agria and there is so much more to the changes you will experience. Laws will still have to exist, but many that are now in place will be removed. All over the world a new Constitution will be born, and it will be much in line with the one that your Founding Fathers gave you. The right of citizens to carry guns will be no longer be applicable. As in times of worldwide peace and the end of wars they will have no place in a civilized society. Indeed, there will be no need for weapons of any nature, and personal dangers will vanish in your new world. Protection will come in a different form to which you have been previously used to, and it is the prevention of dangers that will ensure your safety.


You are getting nearer to that time when we can come to you, and we see possible a sudden end to the last cabal. They are as you say, living on borrowed time and in a very precarious position from which they cannot extricate themselves. Despatch them with your love and compassion, as they will need an enormous amount of understanding and help to recover from the knowledge of what they have done to your civilization. Duality is no longer your path, and the new one is shining brightly built through your Love and Light. Enjoy the moments that are presenting themselves, you are in quite a unique time.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey.


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