Diane  12-May-06


Without a doubt the people of Earth are breaking out of the straightjacket of draconian laws, rules and regulations. There is a definite movement that is gaining pace that is beginning to stand up to the arrogance of your leaders. They should be acting to reflect the needs of the people, but you are blatantly ignored while they proceed with their secret plans. You shall undoubtedly succeed in your objective and bring sanity and honest government back to your country.


Meantime, the Light continues to uplift the people towards the higher vibrations, and this adds more power to those who seek positive changes. Upon Earth the numbers of people seeking change are growing, but because many act independently of each other and not in groups their strength is not immediately apparent. However, be assured that they are there working hard, and collectively are a force to be reckoned with and not easily deterred from their goal.


We for our part give our support wherever we can, and it will take many forms. We can for example link people together as we know every single person who aspires to the Light. Some of you came into this life with the very purpose of contributing to the changes, and you are awakening to your undertaking to be active in this period. The many are instrumental in bringing force to bear upon the dark, who cannot protect themselves from it forever. The pressure is becoming unbearable for them, and the cracks consistently appear and the final break up of their cabal is near.


You will be aware that although Mother Earth is always active, if only out of your sight, there have been no major occurrences of late. As always, we try to dampen down the outcome of them, and there are land changes that are due to take place. Once we are with you such matters can be handled more easily, and we can temporarily vacate an area if the need arises. The object is to ensure that the changes occur with the least upheaval and loss of life.


Homeless people can be accommodated in temporary homes, or if it is preferable taken aboard our craft. You know by now that we have an enormous fleet and can comfortably take care of you, and for long periods if necessary. We can replicate your Earth conditions and your comfort is well catered for with our remarkable technology. Transportation to and from our ships is quick and efficient, and we have a fleet of smaller ships for this purpose. Not all are suitable for entry into your atmosphere, but nevertheless you will one day soon see those large ships just outside your Earth.


Because humans like to congregate together you tend to live in closely packed areas. It gives the impression there is a shortage of space whereas the reality is that the Earth can well support the population you have. Not all live in suitable accommodation, yet it should be the basic right of everyone to have adequate facilities with protection from the elements, adequate running water, and sufficient heat and light to live in comparative comfort. It is becoming realized that when your teachers said that you are your brothers keeper this is partly what they meant. You have all been on this journey together for a long time, yet at times it would seem you deliberately ignore the needs of each other. It is not for the lack of resources, as there is more than enough to go around and meet the demand.


Of course everything you do is somewhere geared to money, and the reality is that through greed, profiteering and criminal activity it is mainly in the hands of the Illuminati. Those who know of NESARA will be aware that one of its principal acts is to fairly re-distribute the wealth around the world. Gradually the whole world of finance will change, and the banks will be one of the principle targets. Sharing is something that is natural to people who stand in the Light, and this not only applies to wealth but also contributing whatever expertise you can offer to help your fellow man.


There are already many people who are enlightened and give what they can to others, and everyone can at least give of themselves. As you progress with your spiritual evolution you will find that giving becomes a way of life. However it is true to say that the needs of people become less as you go into the higher realms. Your needs become very few indeed, but you will readily give of yourselves and that will mainly be as love in service to others. It is inherent within you, and the most natural inclination you have is to give “love”. This has been exemplified by every teacher you have had, and they have lived by it so that through their example you may see that it is possible upon Earth.


The giving of love to others is often considered to be some kind of sacrifice, when in fact there is an unending source that consistently replenishes you. The more you give, the more you draw to yourself and it is your strength that will see you through adversity. Look at your history; it is full of courageous acts that have been motivated by love. Joan of Arc and Gandhi were motivated by the love for their people, and they are just but two of many such examples. Many feel this way about the state of the world and want to help rescue it from the dark, and their desires are being answered. Be aware that when you make it known that you wish to serve others the opportunities will come your way. Allow for something that might be a little different to what you envisage, as you will be used to contribute where it is most beneficial for all.


I am Diane come yet again, and I talk for The Galactic Federation so that you may understand how we view life. We are already what you are destined to be, and although that may seem a long way off it is so much nearer than you think. We are not really that different to you, but simply more aware of our true selves and that is reflected in all we do. You are fast coming to the same realization and we are helping you to express it in your life. You are beginning to understand how we relate to you, and in fact also growing in awareness as to how powerful you are and your ability to bring about change. We are already working together with you, and when we can openly greet you there will a great coming together.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey.  

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