St. Germain  11-May-06


Take stock of where you are right now, as time moves on quicker than ever. Have you been able to put the old ways of thinking behind you? Over thousands of years you have been guided and often pressured to accept whatever was considered the “norm” at those times. From country to country that ideal has been quite unique, and indeed it is not much different today. Customs and practices have developed separately over millennia of time, and become well established and many have been enshrined in religious beliefs. As a soul seeking enlightenment you have experienced them, through incarnating wherever the experience has been deemed necessary for your growth.


As time has elapsed you have grown in your understanding of the correct way of living, and the degree of mutual acceptance of the ways of others. Often attitudes have been embodied in religious teachings, and there has been a tendency to create a wall around them. For example, even today the intermixing or marriage of people with different faiths is frowned upon. This has isolated many people who feel bound by such an approach to life, and are consequently less likely to embrace the beliefs of other people.


However with the ease of traveling and affluence that has led to holidays being regularly taken abroad, the mysteries and customs of other races are being revealed. As a result the consciousness of many people has been opened up, and the similarities between them are more likely to be noted rather than the differences. This has led to a cordial acceptance of people who are otherwise quite different in their way of life. It has gradually been breaking down of the “us and them” syndrome that has often blighted better relations with them. There are no countries now that are not to some extent multi-national, and in America you have a great example of how so many different races have come together.


As nothing happens by chance, you might consider that the purpose for all of these developments is to bring people together in a common understanding. Color has been an issue for a long time, rooted in the days when it was used to qualify the class of people. Now it is not unusual to mix with others of all the races at simply one venue such as a workplace. Because of the existence of this mixing together, you often see beyond the outer body and you find that generally speaking you are much the same. In the last century in particular you have gone through dramatic changes, and not without much soul searching. That which you once held dear, has had to change to accommodate the new society.


Look how in the West you have been introduced by other races to their foodstuffs, and how they have affected yours. How in the States the Chinese came to work and become a permanent part of your society, and established their eating preferences that have now become part of yours. In Europe the people of India arrived, and again their way of eating has now become quite widespread. See how through various connections with each other you gradually make your way to becoming one, yet within it can still retain individuality. You can look at dress as another area that has wide influences and it also similar in the arts, where often you are drawn to both through subconsciousness memories from other lives.


Dear Ones, I asked you to take stock of where you are now, and I refer to the Oneness of all Humanity. The Oneness of Source is acknowledged and now it is manifesting at your present level. Do you accept what you see all around you, or do you still maintain your place to the exclusion of others. Over a long period of time the purpose of life has been guided to bring you to this point in time when there has to be coming together. Those who cannot find it in their hearts to accept the Oneness to which I refer, will not be considered as any the less than others. However, it means that they will have retained a position from where they cannot go forward into the higher realms. They will be amongst those who will still remain in the 3D levels, and that will have been their choice.


The idea of distancing yourself from others simply because you see them as “different” is not the way to enlightenment. Accept the differences and allow others free _expression as you would wish for yourself. However, find the common ground between you and those aspects that you can share. It happens already, and look for example at your various sports and how different races seem to excel in one particular field. They have brought their natural skills to your notice, and everyone admires a winner. Gradually you begin to see just people around you, and their color or customs become a secondary consideration. You have after all incarnated in every country over a period of time and sampled what they have had to offer, and today you are the result of all of those experiences. If you still hold on to some prejudice where others are concerned, take a cool hard look at the reasons why and try to overcome them.


Usually in life you gravitate towards those who share your ideals and vision of life. Sometimes this isolates you from others if those ideals are applied too strongly and rigidly. Life is about experiencing all that is around you, and enjoying the journey from which you can learn so much. In spite of the hard times, it is in duality that you can progress faster than in the higher dimensions. At every turn there is something to learn and that is why you are here. Time is running out, and by now you should know where your new vision of your reality is going to take you. You add to it all of the time, and if it is to be in preparation for Ascension check that you are not still carrying baggage with you that may hold you back.


I am St. Germain, and ask you to have no fear that you are alone in creating your new path. Many are with you guiding and influencing your choices, and soon it will be possible to learn first hand from the Masters who are destined to return to Earth. The basis for your understanding will be determined by how well you can put the idea of Unconditional Love into practice. I say again, take stock of where you are on your evolutionary path. The new reality is manifesting now, and you should find that if your awareness is steadily growing with it, so will your consciousness. I bless you for the beauty and love of your soul that illuminates the dark.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey  

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