Atmos  10-May-06


As you get closer and closer to the time of change, we find that some of you are finding the waiting unbearable. We understand your anxiety, and you really are in the midst of a number of dramatic changes. Some of you have awareness of them whilst for others their knowledge is less evident. It is a build up of energies that are bringing pressure to bear upon the dark, and a major development is about to occur. As we see it there will be a knock on effect following the resignation of Goss Porter, and it has a greater significance than is first realized. The truth behind this occurrence will surface, and with it revelations that will break the secrecy surrounding the covert actions of the C.I.A. and Government.


It has taken quite a time to bring matters to a point where the pressure has paid off. All around there is dissatisfaction, and it these present opportunities that our allies must take advantage of where possible. We help drive their energy and actions to where they will be the most beneficial to the removal of the last cabal. This is our focus and success will at last allow great steps forward to be taken. Be assured that at our level we can co-ordinate the efforts being made, and it is often achieved by overshadowing our allies so that the correct decisions are made. This far we can go as there is still an ultimate target date for change, and it will signal the end of the controlling activities of the dark.


Since it has been decreed that the dark shall not achieve their plan, you will understand that at some point it will collapse. That time approaches very rapidly and there is little that can stop its fulfillment. Indeed, it is not even within the power of the dark to prevent the final acts in this drama. They cannot buy their way out of it, and they will find they are quickly becoming isolated by their own people. Whilst all of this is happening the Light continues to grow, and Lightworkers unflinchingly go about their responsibilities often at some risk to themselves. Be aware that anyone carrying out the Fatherís work will be protected and helped at such an important time.


Dear Ones, try to see beyond the threats and false utterances as the last desperate attempts of the dark who are doomed to failure.  They are no longer the ones in charge although they do not see it. It is we who look down upon Earth and lead the way, and time has been called on the activities of the dark. The High Councils are allowing events to be wound up, and The Galactic Federation is as near as they can possibly get to beginning their contact with Earth officials. We have understood the need to approach the authorities with decorum and in accordance with ages old tradition.


What I cannot tell you is exactly when events will turn, but be certain that the time is becoming so much nearer. Your problems cannot be solved overnight, but the plans are already drawn up that will immediately focus on your greatest needs. To bring peace is the first essential action that will clear the way for everything else, and that will be enforced in accord with the wishes of the people. Busy times are coming, but these will represent opportunities for many of you to become directly involved with us, and the results will be extremely rewarding. There has been a remarkable acceptance of our presence, and we are gratified by the welcome that many of you plan.


Never again will you be involved in the destruction of your lands and the people upon them. Never again will the Earth be subjected to Manís neglect and abuse of other life forms. The changes will ensure that you advance into the higher vibrations, and everything will be renewed once more. It was never intended that you should fail this time round, and every effort has been made to bring about your success. The aim has been to avoid the catastrophes of past civilizations where they have suffered almost complete annihilation. It was seen that your progress into the Light would enable you to overcome the challenge presented to you. This was most satisfying as great numbers of you were present when the massive continents of Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed.


Now you can look forward to a wonderful future that will soon see this present period behind you as it fades into the background. It will gradually seem as a bad dream and no longer be able to have any lasting affect upon you. The process of changing your consciousness has long started, and in your time can be traced back to the days of your Flower People. Changes are not usually dramatic and it takes time to release people from centuries of rigid thinking. It has been achieved a little at the time, but with the turn of the Millennium it has considerably speeded up. We have spurred you on and the awakening has been immensely helped by the unflagging contribution of the Lightworkers. As the response has become greater so the help has increased exponentially.


It is our way of working that gently guides you into the Light, and it cannot fail to awaken those who are ready for an opening of their consciousness. This in turn increases the number of links in the grid, and the power of the higher vibrations breaks down the negative vibrations. The Earth is currently glowing with Light and it is creating a network of energy that is irresistible. This is important for Mother Earth, who needs your help to ensure the changes can take place with the least disruption to you. Some is unavoidable, but know that the souls residing in those areas subject to major change are there by choice to fulfill their soul contract.


I am Atmos a friend from The Galactic Federation, and our duties carry us far and wide as there is much to do throughout your solar system. It is a great task to prepare for the upliftment, but we are equal to it and we are a formidable team that are well rehearsed for the end times. Earth has a special place in our hearts as we know many of you, and as our brothers and sisters we act where you cannot yet handle the needs of the occasion. By now you are beginning to understand the Oneness that exists, and your approach to life is beginning to change. The selfish attitude is being seen as the denial of others and their rights to co-exist along side you. We welcome the change in your consciousness and see Unconditional Love replacing self centered thinking and actions. We commend you for your advancement into the Light.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.    


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