St. Germain  01-May-2006


Time is on the side of Light and running out for the dark, so I ask you not to despair at the seemingly endless antics that appear to be holding up the changes. They are still proceeding whether it is outwardly apparent or not, and many dedicated individuals and groups are following their own paths that lead to victory. They are our allies who came to Earth knowing they had an important role to play in these end times. It is a service that compliments the whole, and it is not always necessary to know the full picture to be successful. Many of you contribute in a small way, but it does not lessen its value but adds to the Light quotient. This is the all important aspect, and it has reached a level where it cannot be stopped from expanding ever more.


Light has a vibration that attracts its like vibration, and through Universal Law as it increases all is raised up with it. This causes a separation from the lower energies that cannot go beyond their natural level. Hence there is a separation that is essential so that all souls will find themselves at the correct level. This sorting out, or as some prefer “The Harvest” is the basis for Ascension, and it is the perfect plan that deals with every individual in fair and just manner. You will eventually find yourself exactly where you are entitled to be according to your vibration.


As the truth is given and the lies exposed, you need to keep calm and not get caught up in the emotional reactions of those hearing of it for the first time. Emotions will undoubtedly run high, as the revelations show how human life has been sacrificed for the agenda of those planning global domination. There is now a powerful movement of energy that is beginning to desire peace for all people. The awakening is becoming more widespread and stronger by the day, and its power for change is irresistible. Just recall how mass demonstrations against war and for peace have escalated throughout the world. The people are exercising their power, and in some countries that is not without some risk to them.


Now is the time to keep up your relentless campaigns against the activities of the dark. They are on the run and will have to be forced out of their positions of power and influence. This is not physical force but using persuasion backed by lawful reasons. The day that the higher powers come into being will be when those of the dark have been removed. They will answer to their crimes whilst upon Earth, but with the coming of Ascension they will be removed to other realms to dwell in the prisons of their own making.


There is a difference between deliberate actions of a criminal nature, and those that are simply errors of judgement. Earth is the home of duality and no one will achieve absolute perfection while they are upon it. Mistakes are born of experiencing what Earth has to offer, but they represent progress and lead along the path of evolution. You are not in any way penalized for them, but you may wish to face the same circumstances again with the intention of working towards a different conclusion. It is your prerogative based on the freedom you have been given to decide your own experiences.  As you have found through numerous lives, experience comes with responsibility towards others who may be affected by your actions.


Dear Ones, it is now that the concern for others is beginning to surface, and more of you see the interconnectedness between each other. Now you realize how all actions everywhere affect the whole, including Mother Earth. Lightworkers have long realized it, and know that in bringing the Light to Earth that they are raising the vibration. The dark energies are no longer the dominant ones, and the Light proceeds to grow in power until a point is reached when there shall be an explosion of Light. It is the time when the critical mass is reached, although it is not ready to occur just yet. In the years immediately following First Contact when the dark energies will have been rapidly transmuted, a great outpouring of Light will occur. It will bring a speeding up of the process by which Ascension is reached.


Great events are unfolding, and in total they will edge you towards a situation that will fulfill the needs that will signal the final countdown to the changes that are necessary. In your own assessment of Humanity and as to where you are at present, you can see that it must be allowed to change. It cannot be held back much longer and everything is poised to spring into action as soon as the ideal conditions are reached. Many groups from your Universe wait for their call from The Galactic Federation, and no time will be lost in establishing contact with you. The optimum time for First Contact has not yet been reached but it comes ever closer. Have no fear, and know that all will work out satisfactorily, and keep your sight on the goal at all times.


The Galactic Federation know you each and everyone, and it will be easy for them to establish the initial contact with those who are suited to help with their objectives. It is necessary to have a network of people who are able to carry out their instructions and relay these to other parties. Your part will be essential to their operations and they do want you to be actively involved. They will ensure that you are suitably primed and prepared for whatever responsibilities are given to you. It will be a glowing example of how co-operation can be achieved when the intentions are spiritually inspired and for the betterment of all.


I am St. Germain and pleased to have yet another opportunity to assure you of our intent that you should see the changes very soon. It is by divine decree that it shall happen, and multitudes of Beings from all over the Galaxy are here to ensure it is so. They come with great love for you all, and have much delight and happiness in being part of the great upliftment. They know that in time you will be able to join their realms of existence, as you are destined to be returned to full consciousness. Be ready for the great day of First Contact and know that all Heaven will rejoice that you have at last started to return to your original state.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.


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