Ker-On  03-October-2008


We look at you and understand your concern at what is happening on your planet. The breakdown of your structures is the result of centuries of wrong thinking and systems that have been inadequate, and failed to deliver the unity and peace that you have sought. It is not that you have desired such a world, but you have allowed those with a different plan to take over. Had sufficient of you awakened and maintained the principles laid down by the Constitution, it could have been vastly different. However, it was your destiny to experience life in the manner presented to you, even if you unknowingly supported a repressive and dominating regime. If sufficient Light had permeated your world you could have written a different path for the final years, and you would have been gently and easily moved into the Ascension period. As it is you have reaped the results of what you have sown, by allowing the dark forces to take over your lives.


However, the end times were envisioned and since it is a divine decree that every soul has the opportunity to ascend, greater powers than those on Earth have directed the course of your lives. In experiencing the dark you have been challenged to find your Light within. You have not only responded but it has strengthened your resolve to overcome the lower vibrations, and awakened you from your sleepwalk in the dark. You have not just become awakened, but also risen up to confront your controllers who have slowly but surely taken away your rights. Now you stand tall and the power of the people cannot be denied any longer. There is an unstoppable momentum that is carrying you forward, and helping you break away from the restraints of the old paradigm.


Events are happening so quickly you have difficulty in seeing the full picture, but we do and can tell you that the changes are achieving what is necessary to bring a new way of life into being. The plan for your upliftment is there waiting to manifest, and has been carefully put into place and is emerging to alter the very fabric of your society. The chaos is in its own way your assurance that great changes are upon you, and many events are planned to speedily move you forward. Those of the Light can be of immense service to others, who have little or no knowledge of the meaning of what is occurring upon Earth. Where the opportunity arises let it be known that the changes are for the good of everyone, and open their eyes to what has been taking place. Even now the dark plan more atrocities but be assured that we are aware of what they plan, and we will remove opportunities to further their intentions.


Remember that you are all powerful individuals, and although you question what you can do to assist the changes keep your thoughts on the future which is assured. Collectively your power is immense and as more of you envisage a world of peace, so you help bring it into manifestation. Indeed, with our help and the higher forces of Light, and those advanced souls that have been joining you on Earth you have set in motion a great force for good. It is beginning to awaken many more of you, so that the awareness and importance of these times is being understood. Without being told many souls now sense a different energy upon Earth, and there is an inner feeling of wanting a new way of life. The dark have overplayed their hand, and in what they thought was their victory, has turned out to be their swan song. They are in complete disarray and face a breakdown of the very structures that have kept them in power. It has come as a great shock to them to know that they are not invincible, and what they fear most is the power of the people.


Dear Ones, hold on to the reins that you now have to lead your Civilisation forward, into a new period of progress towards a solution to all of your ills. The answers are there just waiting for the right ones of Light to emerge, and lift you up out of the murky waters of yesterday. At present the financial mess in your money markets lays it open for massive changes, and you will see that a new system will be put in place. There will be no going back to the corrupt and unfair systems that have bled you dry. Fairness and justice will bring eventually bring about a proper distribution of wealth, and no one shall be without the means to survive. A new Light is shining upon you and it is bringing out your compassion and love for your Earth, and all life upon it.


You are the guardians of the Earth, and soon the opportunities to undo the harm and damage caused over many centuries will be presented to you. The Earth also prepares for Ascension and needs your help to restore its condition in readiness. Those tasks are not for you alone, and we have fully prepared for this time and we shall be as one force working for its upliftment. You are beautiful Beings and have much love to give to each other, and the days of greed and selfishness are over. At heart you are desirous of helping each other and we hear your pleas for help. We are ready to come to your aid and bring our highly advanced technology, and it will speed up the cleansing of your planet. We have such large resources at our disposal, that you need not have any concern at the size of the tasks ahead.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and we are long standing members of the Galactic Federation serving all civilisations throughout the Universe. For the time being you are our focus of attention, and the most vital task we have had for a long time. You are part of a major event that carries so much importance for the whole process of Ascension. We are here to ensure that everything goes ahead and is completed as planned. We know you are full of questions and once we can safely walk amongst you, the time will come for a series of revelations about the history of your civilisation. It will mean that much of what has been presented to you previously will have to be discarded, as your version of it is far from accurate. You have been deliberately kept from learning the truth about your links with us, and how we have guided your evolution.


Each day now is revealing more about the nature of changes that are taking place, Rest easy knowing that they are all for your greater benefit, and soon you shall see the proof in the resultant outcome. Look to the skies as we approach you and come nearer to First Contact than ever before. We bring love and seek to restore peace upon Earth, and bring all souls together in lasting friendship.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.