SaLuSa  01-October-2008


Dear Ones a beautiful wave of Light is sweeping over the Earth and will continue to do so as there is a new awakening, hastened by the emergence of joy and happiness at the first public announcement of our arrival. How much it will reveal is up to your response in the meantime. We not only observe but also register the upsurge of a heightened energy full of expectation as to the future. The chaos now being experienced by you is the period of cleansing that shall see opportunities for a totally new approach to your needs. No longer are the old ways acceptable, and it would be a waste of your energy and resources to resurrect the format upon which your financial markets were based. It will be a time of concern for many of you, but remember that in the long run all of your needs will be satisfied.


The suddenness of what is happening has been looming for a long time, and the outcome could no longer be held back. It has come as a great shock to the Illuminati who thought they were still in charge. However, your destiny has been taken out of their hands for some time now, and at last you are beginning to see how the changes are manifesting for your betterment. There are still a few steps to go, and we await the opportunity to promote our allies to the positions of power, but this time they shall be trustworthy, honest and true to the Light within. You have spoken and we of the Light have responded in no uncertain ways, and this is only the beginning of a series of changes that will quickly lead to peace at all levels of your existence. It is now required of you that you support those who are so obviously of the Light, and have already spoken and acted in ways that reveal their true selves.


We can clearly see the auric colours that emanate from each of you, and it is your signature showing the level of your spiritual development. The clearer and brighter they are, the more Light you have brought to yourself and you stand as one who has awakened. This energy flows out and about and affects those it comes in contact with, and with it you are helping others to uplift themselves. There is a collective consciousness upon Earth, and we can tell you that it has risen quite noticeably with the announcement connected with the 14th October. It has given people the promise of an event of world-shaking proportions, which has suddenly drawn so many of you together. The details are not so important as the signal it gives out, that your time has arrived to take back your freedom with our help.


The focal point for the events that are going to change your lives and way of thinking, are coming through the contact known to you as Blossom Goodchild. Others are also tuning into this energy and picking up similar information, and you can expect it to be supported to a great extent. There will however always be those that have reasons to differ, and we respect their right to interpret matters in their own way. In the ultimate there can only be the one Truth, but it sometimes takes time for it to manifest. Be intuitive and true to Self, and your own judge as to what you believe in, and you will find your place with regards to what is coming. It has to harmonise with your reasoning and if it does not, think clearly as to why not, and try to take an unbiased view of it. This is no time to be narrow-minded and restrict your ability to be open to a new way of thinking.


The days of muddled thinking are over, and the truth will come out to the point of changing your life. The changes are to enable you to step right onto the path of Ascension, and in so doing leave the lower vibrations behind. They will no longer serve you any purpose unless you wish to remain within them. Open up to the Light as it is there for every soul to draw unto themselves, it favours no one against another. The Light is already present within you, if not subdued after so many lives where it has been veiled by the darkness created by the dark Ones. Now you can break out of their hold upon you, as the Light permeates every dark corner that remains upon Earth. Do not be put off by those who have doubts, as if you have been blessed by the Light it will have opened your heart centre to the truth.


The Galactic Federation are here to help with both your physical and spiritual progress, and ensure the Divine Plan for you is fully revealed and enacted. First Contact is not just a part of it, but a marker that will signal the beginning of the end times. It is a magnificent plan that is flawless and perfect, in its desire to uplift as many souls as possible in the time remaining before Ascension. Many of you have worked so hard over a number of life times, to take this opportunity to leave the 3D reality and the cycle of re-birth. In future you will have no legacy left from it, but will have completed your time in it never to return except by choice. You will be fully released from any outstanding karma, and your lessons will have been considered well learnt.


The Cosmos will welcome back those who have ascended, and they will eventually rejoin their particular families within the Star Nations to continue their experience in the higher dimensions. You will not be as you physically see yourself now; it is only a temporary body to house your soul as containment in the lower vibrations. However, it is one that is also your temple for the God spark that has ensured your everlasting connection to the Light. These are truths that people need to recognise, so as to be able to face the changes and release from the bonds with their physical body. Each cell contains a consciousness, and they are also to be uplifted into a higher expression befitting of the higher vibrations.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and taking a more central role in passing on these messages from the Galactic Federation. The different energies have served their purpose in bringing to you a link with us, and upon our arrival we shall be received as your brothers and sisters and not as strangers. We have always made a peaceful approach to you, and you will feel our joy and happiness to meet you. We pose no threat whatsoever, far from it as we come with Love as messengers from God to fulfil the plan for your Solar System, and the greater plan for its ascension with the Universe. Duality is no longer your pathway; you have reached the point of completion. Enjoy the new reality forming around you now; it brings the Light and Love that is you and will remain so.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.