Diane 29-September-2008


Is there anyone who is in doubt that the end times are upon you, as it is clear that the old ways have collapsed and new ways are birthing themselves. There is no going back as you have for far too long made so little progress, and we and many others already on Earth will ensure that the opportunity for change is taken. As always we ask you to be patient, as we cannot fully come into the open until the old regime is removed. However, we shall continue to make our presence know, and as each day passes we are much nearer to making full contact with you.


Anger grows with the realisation as to what a mess your leaders have created, and it will increase as the ramifications of what they have done becomes known. The banking world has long been at the root of your problems, and financial changes are long overdue. What you are now experiencing has been long foreseen by us, and you will now understand why we have allowed events to materialise for your general benefit. The state of your country had to be seen by you, before a new paradigm could emerge let alone be put in place. Now, it is clearly easier to promote the changes that are necessary to move you forward.


Our allies are moving into positions of authority, and know what is necessary to launch a new plan for a change of direction. Many dedicated souls are just waiting their opportunity to move into the open, and we shall guide them to a successful conclusion. The Light has broken through the dark consciousness that has filtered through into every branch of your society, and there are changes necessary in almost every institution. None are without their problems that need to be addressed, and they must be reformed if you are to have the basis of a protected free society. It must not only be acknowledged, but also accepted as the basis for ensuring a return to one that puts people first.


Whatever happens be focussed on the changes that will carry you into a new age, and in this way you will be helping them manifest. This intense period of concern will reveal much that has been covertly taken place, and is only the beginning of truthful revelations about them. Once the truth begins to publicly emerge, the support of the people will move to those souls who speak with truth, and have a mission on Earth to bring you out of the dark. You already identify with them, and do so in spite of the attempts of the media to deny them a platform from which to address you.


A new society is taking shape very rapidly, but it will be a while before it can fully come into being. These matters do not happen overnight but be assured that the framework is in place. Spirit has not been idle over the years, and has instigated a plan whereby millions of enlightened souls have taken their place amongst you ready for this period of time. You have not been surrounded by so many Lightworkers for such a long time, and they are the silent and unheralded army that have got on with their work that now comes to fruition. The battle is between the Light and dark and as we always delight in telling, there can only ever be one winner. The Light has created exactly what is necessary to lift you up, and has opened the consciousness of many who were imprisoned within their cocoon of darkness.


Time cannot wait indefinitely for all souls to awaken and that was never expected. However, each and everyone have been lifted up to some degree, and all benefit from being on Earth at this time when a major shift is taking place. It is time for those who have moved into the Light, to make a positive move onto a new pathway that has been opened up leading to Ascension. We are here leading the way, and it is the manifestation of the divine plan for you all that we are now unfolding. Nothing worthwhile is ever gained without effort and determination, and we now look to you to do your part in bringing out the truth of your reality. It is an illusion that is real enough all of the time you feed its energy, but now you must lift it up to a new level that recognises the Oneness and unity of all souls.


Look at the millions of souls that form our Galactic Federation who serve with Unconditional Love. We are where you are destined to be very soon, and it is a natural progression for those who have moved into the Light, and recognise the God spark within all other souls. Those who choose to remain in your present dimension will be none the less looked after or cherished. We acknowledge your birthright to exercise your freewill at all times, which is why we do not force ourselves upon you. However, there has always been a “correct time” for our plan of First Contact and it is imminent, but first your dark leaders must be removed.


We are now allowed to play our hand more openly, and if you look back you will realise that it has been very subtle, yet the truth of our coming together and your destiny has come out. There is absolutely nothing to fear, and unwelcome visitors are not allowed to interfere with what is happening on Earth. We are in total control so as to ensure that everything goes ahead as planned. Together we have travelled a long way, and have not done so to allow others to affect the outcome. You are in safe hands and there is nothing the Illuminati can now do to reverse or stall the continued opening of the Ascension pathway, and we know you will achieve success.


You walk amongst your fellow beings and cannot recognise one against the other, but we see more fully and know exactly who is of the Light. The dark think to fool us, but we know their very thoughts and this is one reason why they cannot last much longer. You would be the first to agree how important it is to maintain your freewill, and this is why even the dark are allowed to experience their own choices. What has changed is your strong emergence into the Light, and having moved into a higher vibration we are allowed to protect you and guide you ever onwards.


I am Diane from Sirius, and very soon you shall see representatives of the many Star Nations visit Earth. It is time to get to know your loving family from Space who are One with you in many more ways than you are aware.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.