Ker-On  08-September-2008


The intent of people to change the direction of their lives is altering the mass consciousness to such a degree, that it can now be seen as having a noticeable effect. The most important factor is the awakening that is helping others, and adding power to your resolve to find ways of bringing changes about. Not everyone understands what is happening around them, but they have felt the different energies that are building up. It comes to them in a sense of excitement knowing that something is stirring upon Earth.


Certainly the physical changes are now more noticeable, but as ever we are fully monitoring all that are occurring with a view to keeping damage to a minimum. We cannot prevent changes that are essential to the necessary cleansing, and it is part of Man’s experience to be present and witness to them. You need to understand how in the past you have brought about changes, through your presence upon Earth and the actions you have taken. This is not solely with reference to those that are physical, as on a mental level you have also introduced negative energies that have affected your vibration. For our part we help establish new energies upon Earth, and have many allies whose task is to anchor and stabilise them. The challenge for us is well within our capabilities, but not helped by your dark forces that are ever introducing the lower energies through their actions. On balance we are winning this battle, and the prime reason relates to energies coming from your Sun and outside of your solar system.


You have to remember that everything is comprised of energy, and every individual soul is feeling what is taking place. Some of you are confused and feel uneasy as a result of the way it is changing your level of consciousness, and resistance to it can result in adverse reactions. There is a point that will arrive when if you have not been able to assimilate the new energies into Self, you will find it impossible to remain on Earth. We tell you this not to frighten you; as such a development is quite natural and will only become a real factor shortly before the end-time. Since the changes are bringing about Ascension, clearly there will be those who by choice elect to stay in this dimension.


It is natural to wonder why you are on Earth and about the purpose of life. Those who have not chosen to be uplifted have as it were stopped in mid-stream, and to release them from their confusion means continuing their experiences within conditions that make them feel comfortable. Wherever you find yourself experience is still what you seek, and there is a compulsive drive towards obtaining knowledge about everything within the great Cosmos. After Ascension you will be fully awakened, and there will no mysteries connected with your existence or purpose of life. With your consciousness fully opened you will become godlike in your powers, and join all other ascended Beings. No more shall you be at the mercy of the dark powers, as they cannot enter the higher dimensions with their lower vibrations.


At present you are in a very fluid situation that holds many opportunities for powerful changes, and they cannot be held back much longer. However, we ask you to be prudent and on your guard, against being pulled into the fear based arguments arising from your presidential election. Just know that whatever the outcome, it will be exactly as needed to further the cause of the Light. You cannot always see the underlying reasons for what occurs, but be assured that we can also pull a few strings through our allies. We are continually working towards abundance and it has sufficiently advanced to be announced. As ever there has to be the “right time” for it, and after all of this time we do not intend to force it through. Something worthwhile is worth waiting for as it has been a long, long time, since we came with our mission to help you prepare for Ascension.


You have still to go through unsettled times, but that is simply the result of the changes that are happening before your very eyes. The calamities that befall you will quickly be cleared once we can start to openly reach out to you. Therefore take them into your stride knowing that they will be short lived, and you will be more than compensated for all of the troubles you have endured. The legions of dark forces are soon to be removed from their positions of power, and a new regime will reflect the Light and Love that is descending upon Earth. Justice and freedom are around the corner, just waiting to return to you your constitutional rights. Such changes will travel worldwide and all of your civilisation will eventually benefit.


The truth is that very few governments have the answer or ability to deal with your present worldly problems. They muddle through governance in the old ways that do not reflect the new age, that is pressing hard to overcome the adversity and manmade problems that are holding you back. Even with good will and intent, your institutions have little idea as to how to move out of what is soon to be an impasse. The size of the problem grows day by day, and the old structures crumble under the weight of them. The answers lie with us and the divine plan for your release from the thraldom and control of the dark forces. Time passes faster than ever, and we approach that magical date when we will be allowed to take a big hand in your destiny. It was never intended that you would be indefinitely subjected to your present conditions, and we are excited at the prospect of bringing an end to this cycle of duality.


No matter what rhetoric passes between different countries that confront each other, we give an absolute assurance that there will not be another nuclear war. It will simply not be allowed, and soon the weapons of war shall be completely silenced forever. Many of the personnel in your armed forces are honest souls dedicated to freedom, and they shall quickly turn their attention to help making peace throughout the world. Many of those who have experienced death and destruction around them have had their fill, and learnt lessons that will enable them to change direction. All are welcome into the Light and Love that heals all scars and injuries through the experiences of life.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and represent the Galactic Federation who are ready to take you forward and lift you out of the darkness. We bring our love for you and greatly admire your tenacity and willpower to achieve victory.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.