SaLuSa  05-September-2008


So much depends on the weeks ahead as many different events work themselves out. At first glance they appear to be separate, but they all connect with the plan of the Galactic Federation to bring an end to the last cabal’s influence. Their powerful control base within the financial empire has to be removed, and that requires an in depth investigation of their affairs. They have been involved in many recent covert events, and we see various revelations bringing the truth to your notice It can sometimes be painful, not least of all that it reveals how you have been let down by those within whom you placed your trust. The trickery and blatant deceit has been occurring for almost the last century, and you have been literally kept in the dark.


Even now as the presidential election proceeds you are witness to the manner in which the dark forces work, and they use fear tactics to try and ensure the outcome is in accordance with their plan. However, this election will not deliver the result they want, because of the growing influence of the people bringing the truth out into the open. The dark no longer have control over your destiny, and as the Light reaches far and wide it is bringing people together in pursuit of the truth. With our backing and ability to track all hidden activities, there is no place for the dark to hide from our allies or us.


Our measure of what is taking place tells us that in spite of the outer appearances all is proceeding well, and as weeks go by the net closes in on the dark forces. You must sense how near you are to seeing some amazing changes, and once they start the old guard will quickly be stripped of their power to control your lives. Look ahead and concentrate on all that is to bring harmony and peace to the world, and do not let isolated events distract your attention. There is so much that is good and wholesome that is appearing in the Light that is lifting you up. All credit goes to the myriad Lightworkers without whom we could not achieve our aims, without seeming to interfere with your evolution.


It is not by chance that many find themselves drawn to those groups who are working for the changes most desperately needed, and there are those who have yet to awaken to their tasks. Nothing happens by chance and the end times have been already written in the annals of Heaven, where the great Councils have met and decided the manner in which they will manifest. It may seem otherwise, but that is because you do not have an overall view of events. Our presence calls for much faith from you all until such time as we can meet openly. Only then can we fully reveal the great plan for your release from the dark forces, and the power structure that supports them. One of our principal approaches is the enlightenment of as many people as possible, as your power lies within your ability to perceive the truth. For too long you have lived the lies that have been thrust upon you, and must awaken from the great sleep that has kept you in the dark.


Without the changes that will inevitably cause some disruption in your lives, you cannot move forward. However, it will not result in discomfort as we shall ensure that all your needs are catered for during such times. The size of any problem presents no difficulty for us, as we already know what is required for your ease and comfort. We have planned our arrival and subsequent changes for a very long time, and have our own experience in moving a civilisation forward and into a New Age. We cannot yet show ourselves to the full extent that we work in and around your Earth, but if you could see our activities you would be more than assured of our protection. We cannot fail in our service to you, and soon we shall be working together as One united in Love and Light.


Some of you are concerned about the decline of many species of animals that have been affected by environmental changes. We would assure you that in nature this is always happening when their habitat changes and no longer supports them. What is however of concern is the deliberate destruction on the planet such as deforestation, and such actions will cease immediately we arrive on Earth. Even so we would put your minds at rest by telling you that we have gene pools, and can re-establish any “missing” species if it is necessary. When your Earth was seeded all that was needed was brought from other planets, and if necessary genetically altered to suit your conditions.


When the restoration of your Earth is complete, its vibration will be much higher and all will exist in the perfection that met your eyes when you first settled upon it. There will be no insects or those plant varieties that present some harm to you. Nothing can exist except it be in complete harmony and balance, and beauty and peace shall reign. These are changes that shall be completed in readiness for Ascension, and that you shall experience in this period. Time would perhaps appear too short for such ambitious plans, but we can make sweeping changes quite quickly with our advanced knowledge and technologies. What can be created in an instant can also be removed just as easily. This also applies to Man’s own structures and alterations to Earth.


At different times in your history people understood far more than you do today, as how to work with nature and maintain harmony and balance. That understanding will feature in the changes we shall bring about, and anything that is out of balance will be removed. What shall remain will be pleasing to the eye in an array of colours that you have not yet seen on Earth. If you but knew what is about to happen and the extent to which it will lift you up, you would hardly concern yourselves about your day-to-day worries. They are soon to cease so we would ask you to take them in your stride and see that they will be short lived.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have followed your evolution for a long time. Even when I have been elsewhere in the Universe I have had contact with your civilisation, and this has been possible because our life span is numbered in hundreds of years. This shall also be your experience as you will choose where and when you change the direction of your evolutionary path. Your destiny and experiences will be in your own hands; your freewill extends far beyond what you have experienced so far upon Earth. Let the energy of Love be the weapon that shall clear the darkness for all time. 


Thank you SaLuSa.

 Mike Quinsey.