Atmos  03-September-2008


Your awakening proceeds ever faster, and with it comes the ability to see beyond the outer presentation of life. Now many perceive a purpose to it, and instead of focussing on the many dramas taking place understand that a new way is emerging. It is driven by the mass consciousness of Mankind, which is now absorbing the Light and truth of the mighty changes. There is now a greater sense of purpose than on any previous occasion, and more importantly a grasp of the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you. On a higher level people are becoming far more intuitive, and they realise that the best judge of what is happening is Self. Certainly be guided by those who are at a more advanced level of understanding, but ultimately know that you are more than capable of making your own decisions from within.


Your beliefs have moulded your present way of seeing life, and many try to fit changes into it without success. Instead of seeing the advantages of what is occurring, they see some as a threat to their lives. Dear Ones this is a time to be introspective and see where you can expand your understanding of the true purpose of life. It may mean making changes, but if you consider the importance of your life and your duty to Self, you will see a new path before you. You have a saying that there are none as blind as those who do not want to see, and that often sums up the approach of many who prefer to remain in the old energies. They find a familiarity within them that prevents them from stepping outside of their comfort zone. However, the intensity of the powerful energies of Light, are bringing changes regardless of any attempts to ignore them. It is an ongoing challenge that will remain until it has lifted you up into the higher vibrations.


Every single soul is being touched by the changes whether they realise it or not. Those open to them will clearly rise up much faster, whereas those who are in denial will feel more uncomfortable with life on Earth. They will sense changes but hold fast to their old beliefs not wishing to become involved. Thereby they have made their decision, and we see them happily continuing life in the way they desire. That is your freedom of choice, and we can assure you that everyone has created their own version of the future. No one will take it away, but they will be ever accompanied by their Guides, who will ensure that the truth is there for their comprehension.


You choose your experiences, and they will take you wherever you desire to go. You will see that some souls have chosen to be here on Earth at this time to create links with the new energies, but are not yet prepared to fully bring them into their life.  They are content to carry this information within their subconsciousness knowing that it will serve them well in future lives. Progress is always taking place whether it is rapid or at a slow pace, as there is never a point of standing still as that is an illusion. Every life you have is meticulously planned, and has highpoints that are intended to advance your evolution. All life moves in this way and continually heads back towards the Source.


This unique opportunity to ascend is by the command of God, and the higher forces are guiding all life forms upon their evolutionary path. You knew eons of time ago that you would reach this point when the cycle of duality would have run its intended path. You also agreed to participate in the end times, and that is why most of you feel comfortable and adaptable to the idea of upliftment into the higher vibrations. One might question why anyone would wish to miss out on such an opportunity, but some souls have become so mired within the lower vibrations they are not sufficiently aware of what is taking place. They cannot comprehend the true nature of the changes, and therefore lack the ability to allow them into their lives. That will do no more than hold back their evolution for another cycle of experience, before they are again presented with an opportunity to ascend. It must be said that an individual soul can ascend at any time, if they reach a certain level of growth and understanding.


Those of you who have become Beings of Light carry the most powerful energies that can change all around you. You simply spread your Light wherever you are, having risen above the levels of fear that hold others back. It is a confident and assured approach from those souls who know that the dark forces have no power over them. It is like being in a multi-screen cinema and knowing that a horror film is being shown on the screen next to yours, yet it has absolutely no effect upon you unless you allow it. Life is a matter of choice the whole time, and you are continually rebuilding the image of yourself that you project to other people. What you have learnt is that you are not bound by what goes on around you, or have to be compliant with accepted beliefs and customs. You have been given the ability to be a free thinking person, and have the freewill to experience as you desire. Your life plan will have included the important milestones that will fulfil those wishes, and it is wise to try and understand any that are clearly of major importance. There are lessons that are continually being learnt, and are karmic in nature and represent opportunities to go forward.


Much can be learnt from understanding what is happening, and knowing that you do not need to be personally involved in everything. You live in extremely volatile times, and cannot shut out what is occurring around you. See it and learn from it, and if you can ease the pain of others you will be helping them to overcome their problems. You know that you cannot live in isolation, and you are all souls on Earth contributing to the mass consciousness. You collectively create what you experience, and with the necessity to cleanse the planet it is important that you help the Light to reach into every dark corner.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation stands at the ready to join you upon Earth for the great day of the unification of our civilisations. We are the next link that will carry you further into a readymade existence, representing a great leap forward. You will find it perfectly natural to take your place alongside us, as we are One and shall continue the wonderful Cosmic journey together in Love and Light. The wonders and beauty of the higher dimensions beckon the new Man that is emerging from the old Earth, ready to enter the Golden Age. 


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.