Ag-agria  01-September-2008


For those of you who are abreast with the news of what is happening in the world, it is no surprise to find that itís collapse is far reaching. However, what is becoming apparent, is the powerful energy generated by the people who are seeking changes that will move them onto a new level of being. The old ways are suddenly being seen as inadequate and unfulfilling, and unable to deliver what people desire. There is tiredness amongst you from being repeatedly embroiled in issues of war and confrontation. It is no longer acceptable, and your patience with your authorities is running out. You have realised that life should provide you with much satisfaction and would do so, as long as you were not having to consistently fight for acknowledgment of your entitlement to a happy and joyful life.


There is a sense of impending change even with those who are not spiritually aware, and as the new higher energies continue to reach the Earth so it will become more apparent. A stirring is taking place all over the world, and there are powerful movements forming that are determined to remove corrupt and dictatorial governments. For a long time we have told you that the truth is coming out, and today you see this to be true. The arrogance of those who thought they had covered up their crimes and would never be discovered, has changed to one of near panic as they see the walls of truth is approaching them from all sides. There is no escape and as much as they try to stem it, the truth continues to haunt them because of their dastardly deeds. Whilst it is true that they have little in the way of regret and their consciousness is awash with denial, they can still have an awakening Light within. They dare not face it, and will unsuccessfully try to avoid answering to themselves for their crimes against Humanity.


Not a single soul can get away can get away with harming another one, without knowing exactly how that soul felt and the effect on their lives. How else will you learn to accept the right of another soul to live in peace, and in a manner chosen by them as part of their life experiences? You have laws and not always ones that are fair and just, but within your society it is the only means of exerting some measure of Law and Order. In the future when you have turned totally to the Light, you will live in absolute harmony and peace with all life. You will then be subject to Universal Law, and to live otherwise would be quite beyond your thinking or actions.


Some Dear Ones already endeavour to live up to the higher ways of living, and do so quite successfully. It is in the recognition that All Is One that such steps can be taken, and you radiate your Light and Love wherever you are. Jesus was one such soul who cherished and loved every other soul, and he walked the Earth as an exemplary example in that he could do so even when faced by those who would take his life. You too are destined to become Masters, and the path is not as difficult as you would imagine, and will become progressively easier as the higher vibrations become grounded upon Earth.


Those of pure Light could not exist on Earth, but as you raise your vibrations so you are helping lift up those around. You have to keep your feet on the ground, as you cannot hide away, or indeed would you need to. Others who desire to uplift themselves need your support and guidance, and you must of necessity be amongst them. By your example you too can help many souls without even being aware of it, and it is a matter of walking and talking in the Light and Love that you have discovered. Being at ease when others are worried and in despair helps calm situations, and a kind word or gesture such as a smile can work wonders. The Earth and duality are not your natural home and are far from it, you came from the higher realms and intentionally left your true identity behind. You became separated from your essence for the purpose of experience and your evolution. Now you are lifting up and you are returning to your higher state of being.


The Earth has been your home for a long, long time and you have come to love it. Fortunately Mother Earth is ascending with you, and will again show her true beauty and magnificence as she returns to her pristine condition. Your destiny is absolutely guaranteed and nothing can stop your Ascension. You will understand why regardless of what is yet to happen on Earth, it is not going to prevent the outworking of all that has been planned for you. Go with the flow and adjust as necessary, because you do not have much longer before you will be part of the changes that are so eagerly sought. Allow the old to crumble into disuse as it has served its purpose now, and let those who still cling to it create their own pathway through their freewill choice.


Your hopes have been raised by the announcement of the 14th October sighting. It has caused a ripple of excitement and anticipation that has gone far afield. It is testing many peopleís beliefs, but is necessary to bring forward the day when our presence will be officially recognised. The sighting will be an acknowledgement to the many Dear Ones who are ready to welcome us to Earth. A show of peaceful intent, and proof that we are benign and have no desires to enslave you as some think. It will not be the last time that such a demonstration of our presence will be made. It is the start of our plans to speed up events that will be the preliminaries to the greater show that will involve flyovers all around your world. First Contact as such will follow when we shall come and meet you on your Earth, and speedily proceed by attending to the priorities that exist. We talk first of helping the impoverished nations and overcoming starvation, thirst, the need for medical attention, safety against invasion and other natural elements.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation can tell you that we have never been more adequately prepared for the tasks ahead. We have vast resources, and personnel totally aware of their responsibilities to you and the Hierarchy who stand behind them. It is no small task, yet it will be handled extremely efficiently and with minimum inconvenience to you. Simply trust us and know we have your best interest at heart. We come in love and the utmost concern for your wellbeing and welfare.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.