St. Germain  07-September-06 

It is no wonder that when you have contact with such diverse people as upon Earth, that you encounter so many different views and it is not easy to find those who share your beliefs. This comes about from the varied background of each person, whose opinions are formed from their experiences over many lifetimes. You are at so many different levels of understanding that some differences can be insurmountable. This is particularly relevant to your spiritual progress, and for most people is the subject that causes much consternation. 

Fortunately the rigid belief systems that many still carry in this period of time, are offset by a greater freedom of choice and expression. It is not that long ago that religion was imposed upon people, and failure to comply was punished with severe penalties. With a few exceptions, the fear based religions have lost much of their power and authority to keep followers captive. However, fear of any nature has a damaging and lasting effect upon the psyche, and is carried in the subconscious for some time. 

This particular time period is one in which release is possible, and many souls have incarnated upon Earth bringing with them a higher understanding. Their role is that through example they can show true love in action. The truth lies within each soul, but has been submerged by centuries of false teachings. This is not to imply that the truth is not to be found in orthodox religion, but it is either hidden or distorted through misrepresentation of the true teachings. The essence of any religion requires that God is worshipped, and that is at least recognition of a higher power and Creator Source. However, the various Gods have widely differing attributes, and do not always present the simple lessons and value of Universal Love. 

To move on from the erroneous teachings of yesteryear results from free thinking, These are times when seekers of the truth can also find it outside of the recognised institutions. The dissemination of information has never been more evident, and it is readily available through many more sources than ever before. Seek and you will find, and your Guides will assist you by pointing you in the right direction. Bear in mind that you can only absorb information that is at a level you can understand, and spiritual evolution is a long steady process. It does not take place overnight, and will only move on when you apply yourself to finding your path.  

Many people right now could easily find a new path, but it first needs the desire to know a different way to what they have been used to previously. It is the recognition of Godís hand in all of creation that often spurs on a person's quest for the truth. It is also very difficult to go through life without being curious about its purpose, and many still wrestle with this question. Furthermore, there is an underlying feeling of oneís divinity that brings out the feminine aspect of the love vibration. Let it flow and become that which you are, a Being with the capacity of unlimited Love and Light. 

All people are here for the experience, but some have little chance of achieving Ascension this time round, having a very low vibration and living with a limited consciousness. They will however take much with them as their evolution progresses, as they will have seen and experienced the ways of those that are more evolved. Much of your understanding comes from the observation of what is going on around you, and it impinges upon your consciousness. You exist within a great pool of different energies that play upon your feelings and senses, and you are much more sensitive to them than you imagine. Your challenge is to rise up above the negative ones, or risk being pulled down by them. 

In the near future there has to be a loving separation, between those who have acquired a level of vibration that will take them through to Ascension, and those that have not. Equally, those who still have much to learn need to continue their experiences at an appropriate level similar to Earth, and all with the ultimate goal of returning to source. Loving souls accompany you at all stages, so that your ultimate success is assured. You are adored and loved for your sacrifice in being prepared to lose your true identity, to experience in duality. Through it your understanding grows of the relationship between physical matter and the spiritual state of All That Is.   

You are now being lifted up into the higher vibrations with a feeling of knowing that will carry you far, and your ability to be discerning will be enhanced. Once you reach this level you will be your own mentor, but there is still guidance should you need it. There are Beings far ahead of you that are of pure Light, and exist in levels where all is in the ultimate state of full consciousness.    

You do not have to be a Saint on Earth to claim your divinity, but simply live your life to your highest understanding. You will soon find out which ways are not in harmony with you, and your aspirations to continue rising up will act as a guard against being led away from your path. In fact with a positive outlook, you will sail into the future with absolute strength and assuredness. Your own ever expanding Light will light up your path, and nothing will stop your onward progress. There are dimensions without limit ahead of you, and every conceivable experience can be yours. It will be in the beauty and perfection that abounds in the higher dimensions. 

I am St. Germain and remain very much at the helm of matters relating to Earth. Know that I watch as a parent would care for its offspring, and I am dedicated to bringing this cycle to a successful conclusion. My promises come from the heart and I have led the way for eons of time. Hold fast to your beliefs in the Creator who has decreed the end of this cycle. It takes place with absolute Love and consideration for every soul that has ever ventured into duality. No harm can come to you, and your future is assured forever.  

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.