SaLuSa  05-September-06 

You have been well informed of what to expect in this final period before Ascension gets fully underway. That being so, you are encouraged to start considering the way in which you can gradually let go of your earthly attachments. Clearly material possessions that you call your own, will in part begin to become less important in your life. Eventually there will be a sharing that will provide sufficient of the necessities of life for everyone. 

You will find it easy to adapt to a different way of looking at the acquirement of wealth. When what you need is readily available there is no longer a feeling that you have to hoard it for some future needs. At present you are continually working for not just your day-to-day necessities, but also your long-term future. It will be a different concept to know that those burdens will be removed. It will start with the fair sharing of wealth, followed by adequate medical facilities that will be available to all and no longer governed by your ability to pay. This will also apply to essential services such as water, heating and transport. 

Your Government and other authorities waste much of your wealth and resources but that will also become a thing of the past. The war machine will be dismantled as it will have no place in a peaceful society, but this does not mean that you will be totally without outside protection. All members of the Galactic Federation are part of a Universal peace keeping force, which will provide planetary protection of advanced technologies that pose no threat to anyone. We can place shields of protection around the Earth that cannot be penetrated without permission. 

Our programmes will first and foremost include the necessary technology to remedy the changes to your environment brought about through pollution. We shall also remove the sources of it by introducing you to new methods of transport and heating. Industrial methods will also change so that waste will be disposed of in a way that does not harm you or the environment. You will understand from our stated intentions that your existing problems will be tackled head on. We have to say that if new technology that is already in your possession had been introduced as it was discovered, you would have been non-reliant on the oil industry to the extent you are now. 

Over the period of your industrial revolution it is understandable that mistakes would occur, as that is the nature of progress. However, to continue with health and environmental damaging methods long after you have known them to be dangerous is not excusable. Your progress has in fact been stagnated in many ways, so that those who benefit from your reliance upon the traditional sources of supply do not lose their very profitable businesses. When we enable your needs to be met largely on a free basis, the need for profit as such will disappear. The idea of working for each other and sharing the benefits is one that will replace your old way of trading. 

Drugs will be phased out, and those people reliant upon them will be helped by overcoming the need for them. Addiction of any kind can be successfully treated as will the various illnesses that plague you at present. Many changes are due to take place in a very short period of time, and life will become quite hectic. The tasks are very formidable, but please understand that we have more than ample resources and technologies to deal with everything. We will introduce changes that will affect your very way of living, but all to your advantage and comfort. 

The dangers that confront you from ecological change will be eliminated, and even the weather will be controlled to give you balanced seasons. To some extent you have unwittingly experienced such things, but in an adverse way because of the activities of the dark. Control is the big weapon that has been used against you, and you have been manipulated to carry out their agenda. There will be no such circumstances allowed in the future, and our coming is to herald the return of your freedom. 

There is so much to tell you about, but all in good time. However, you can start to dream the dream, and know that your present experiences will be short lived. Many are depressed and feel little hope for their future, but the seemingly impossible will take place and everything changed for the good of all. In one way and another you will all be able to participate in the changes, but they are not labour intensive. The technologies involve much that you would recognise as automation, and we also have robotic devices. In your present age, computerised programmes are familiar to you, and will have a very large part to play in our work. 

Imagine the benefits to everyone when you jump into the future overnight. We are even here to help you prepare for Ascension, and be assured it is a perfectly natural progression for those that are spiritually ready. It is a step that everyone eventually goes through, and it is not really new to you as you will be returning to realms that you once existed in, but left eons of time ago to experience the physical challenges of duality. You should therefore find that the idea of Ascension quite acceptable, and in fact desirable as you are raising your vibrations and can stay no longer in the lower ones. 

Much of this information you have heard before but we find it necessary to emphasise what lies ahead, so that you do not lose your focus on what you should be keeping in your sight. Current problems on Earth can be very overpowering and occupy you in an unhealthy way. They worry you and bring your vibrations down at a time when you need your stability. Think positively about the outcome of events on Earth, and know that we monitor what is happening and will not allow it to get out of hand. 

I am SaLuSa and very much attached to you, and have followed your progress for eons of time. We have been around you and helped your progress, but always aware that we must not encroach upon your freedom of choice. However, we have been able to lighten your journey and continue to do so. We along with many other Beings have continually supported you with our presence, and have enfolded you in much Love and Light. 

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey