SaLuSa  26-September-2007


The movement of energies upon Earth is gathering pace, and you are forming a massive grid of Light that is spreading all over. It is giving power to you that is proving to be your strength in the face of the dark forces. Even those who are under the spell of the dark, and obey their orders are beginning to take a wider view of their responsibilities to their fellow man. There is no oath to your administration or country that takes precedence over your allegiance to God. Inwardly all know when they are being called upon to serve another Master, and it is their choice entirely. Having exercised your freewill as to whom you serve, it is your responsibility for any actions you take.


In a period such as you are now in, the dark will use any weapons against the people to maintain their power. It is therefore beholden unto you to establish where your loyalty lies, and act accordingly. If you have any measure of consciousness you will know this to be true, and you must be true to Self. The dark can only survive when their minions act out their orders, with no compunction or regard for the freedom of others. It is your God given right, and as you claim it back the forces of Light are behind you with their support.


The leaders who have come to the fore and champion for your rights are those who are protected. They will fulfil tasks that will restore you to the place where you are able to determine your own path, and the greater one that exists for Mankind. There may be delays as you see them, but overall the plan of the Light will go ahead regardless. No mortal can prevent what is written in the stars, and given to you by divine decree. You have not been tossed into the winds of change without knowledge of its purpose, and the new pathway that leads to Ascension is already opening up.


What we have referred to as the parting of the ways comes about through your choice. You have divided into two camps, and those who have no desire to leave the old behind will remain in the lower vibrations. Those of you who have seen the Light and allowed it to open up your consciousness, see way beyond the material experience. It has served its purpose to further your evolution, and you stand ready to expand your consciousness into the realms of cosmic proportions. This is a quite natural development, and in reality you never stop expanding it until once more you return to the source of All That Is.


You may wonder why you have accepted the opportunity to experience life in the lower realms, and you did so because you could see how it would benefit you. Duality has provided the challenge that has speeded up your evolution, without which your growth would have been considerably slower. Life is ever ongoing and never stands still, but the pace at which you proceed has always been your choice. Humanity stands at the cross roads, and it will be some time before another such opportunity arises. Everything is orderly and happens in a series of interlocking cycles. What you see occurring within your Solar System is a microcosm of the macrocosm.


What happens within your Universe has an effect on all else, just as what you do on Earth goes out into it. The nature of your vibrations is sometimes extremely damaging, but it is prevented from polluting space beyond your Earth’s confines. You are effectively quarantined, so as to prevent your negative energies going beyond your magnetic envelope. They remain with you for cleansing which is a most important part of your preparations for Ascension. The whole object is to lift you up into the higher vibrations, which will see your consciousness expanding accordingly. The Light that you send out has no such boundaries, and reaches far into space and into Infinity.


There is no reason for any soul to remain in ignorance as to what is taking place in your name. We of the Galactic Federation are here on a mission to ensure that all life forms are allowed to ascend. We are an integral part of the plan, and having helped others to ascend are well aware of what is needed to succeed. There is a great plan for Earth that will restore it to its former beauty, and it will be glorious to behold. These changes are already taking place, but first is the vast challenge to cleanse your planet of the negative energies that have been driven deep into it. Our knowledge and technological skills will have no problem in dealing with it, along with the pollution that has spread across the Earth and into its atmosphere.


What we tell you requires good faith and patience on your part. As individuals you may find it hard to grasp the enormity of what is taking place. It is of Universal proportions, and you are just a small albeit a significant part of the whole. You have been trapped in the lower energies for so long that you have not realised that your reality is of your own making. You must break out of the matrix that has held you back for so long, and move your consciousness into a different space that allows for expansion. Look around you and ask yourselves if what you see satisfies your inner yearning and desires.


Of course natural beauty shines out through the darkness, and much remains that was seeded from the time the Earth was created. It is however out of synchronisation and suffering from the continual pulling down into the lower vibrations. Now it is time for a change of direction, and everyone has the same opportunity to move onto a new path that leads away from the old one. It is your choice and once you decide to move up, simply live that dream of what can be from your inner being. Live through the heart and your everlasting link to all life, and be free with your kindness and love to others.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and come again to remind you that you all have the same source and are travelling the same journey. You can go as fast as you like, or as slow as you like to climb back into the higher realms. If you could glimpse them you would know that any sacrifice to reach them would be worthwhile. Duality has been a stern test, but you will come away with a heightened consciousness and great spiritual advancement. That has been your purpose all along and materialism a tool that you can now lay aside. I bless you, and pass on the love of your many friends that are soon to be with you and guide you for the remainder of your journey.  


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.