Ag-agria  24-September-2007


Your response to the Light is wonderful to see, and as you continue to do so, all the more is being beamed to Earth. This is the Law of Attraction at work and it is your tool for creating a new reality. So much is happening right now, and it is coming together to create the perfect circumstances that will bring a quantum leap forward.


What is taking place is a world event, and our help and influence has been just as evident in other countries outside of the West. Look for example at the non-violent uprising by the monks in Burma, and how it has taken on a demonstration for peace. Your mass consciousness is growing to a massive size and its energy is serving to awaken people to their own power. It is an unstoppable force of Light that will speed up the changes you seek.


We see the broader picture and can tell you that you are well on course for victory. Everything is in a state of change and there are great movements taking place on many levels. Your weather patterns have been changing for some time now, although some aspects are the result of manipulation by covert forces. Change is not to be feared, but necessary to bring adjustment and balance to Earth. As it settles down you will find it has been cleansed and restored to higher levels than you have known in your present time.


Matters are reaching the point where the dark are creating their own demise, and this is surely what they are doing. We have beaten them at their own games and they have now gone too far to retrace their footsteps. They have overreached their capabilities in pursuance of world domination. We now await their final attempt to avoid events that shall spell the end for them. What inevitably happens is that the dark energies turn in upon themselves. It has happened so many times in your past, and your history shows it to be true. The dark never know when to stop, even when faced with defeat as at present. You can therefore stand aside and watch their last acts of defiance.


Do not be too concerned as to what will happen to those who planned total world control. They will atone for their rejection of the Light, and one day will again emerge greater for being cleansed of their negative attachments. They will fully understand the reason for their drop into the depth of the dark energies, and their crimes against Humanity. Remember that you have all at some time contributed to both the Light and Dark, and are also responsible for the reality you have created. Many of you have already overcome and transmuted your dark energies, and are rapidly rising up into the Light.


You choose when to leave duality, and once you have done so a process of detachment takes place. You will rise up into the Light lifting up your consciousness to levels where the negative energies no longer affect you. Remaining karmic responsibilities will generally be modest and easily cleared. However, for some there is a final cleansing that may release dark energies in a great show of Light. Your greatest act will take place at a time when your strength is at its highest level. Such souls have set themselves a task so as to save others and lift them out of the dark. All enlightened souls serve the Light in this way, and they will be found everywhere quietly working away.


Why is it that some of you have hardened your hearts where the word “love” is concerned, and feel a certain embarrassment in the face of acts dedicated to God? It is your denial of Self and your link to God, and your fear that you have to give up your freedom to be true to Self. Somewhere you have rejected recognition of your Light, and wander in the dark in a self imposed search for the truth elsewhere. Look within, as there has never been such as time as now when the Light surrounds you. If you would but allow it back in, the answers you seek are there and it has always been so.


Some of you subconsciously carry the idea of a fearful God that demands obedience through the threats of punishment if you do not. You are right to reject that idea, but allow for the true God of All Love to approach you and you will find your peace. These times are intended to allow for a cleansing of the soul, and even now some of you will find your ego impressing you with the “old” you. Ego does not want to release what it has felt comfortable with in the past. However, you will need to do so if you are to break out of the old mould, and leave space for the new energies of Light to find a home within.


Carrying out the Will of God is not imposed upon you, and it is your choice that will come naturally to you as you evolve. There is a sense with many of you that in so doing you lose your individuality and freedom. That is not so, and indeed the Cosmos is opened to you as a Being Of Light that can be a co-creator with God. It is accepting the responsibility for your power of creation, and being able to do so without harming others or using it in a self serving way.


We of the Galactic Federation have long served the Creator’s desire that the Light is carried to all quarters of the Cosmos. Your planet Earth is the focus of our attention because you need our help, and could not have survived the conditions that exist at present. We recognise that you are special souls, who have willingly burdened your souls with duality to help others. In essence you are all of the Light and you have great Love to offer. It is just that it has been smothered by the dark energies that you have carried for eons of time, and struggles to come to the surface.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and our bright Star beams out a great Light of Love to you. We are just one of many Star Nations ready to take our place with you

We are here to help you over the last obstacles upon your path, and we see the Light dispersing the dark energies. You are being released from their hold, and as you emerge your consciousness is growing in its understanding of the truth. It is The Truth that shall set you Free, and we shall soon be with you as a physical presence to assist you on your path to Ascension.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.