St. Germain  21-September-2007


You give us great joy, and our hearts reach out to you as you continue to increase the Light quotient upon Earth. From small beginnings it has spread all over your beloved planet. The grand awakening touches the consciousness of others, and the veil of darkness is lifted from their eyes.


The good news is not judged sufficient to sell newspapers, or be given time in your main media outlets. However the fine efforts by a multitude of groups all around your world, are uniting the people in their attempt to bring out the truth. It has resulted in a clamour for change, and the momentum has reached such a pitch that the outcome is now inevitable. The changes have first taken place in your consciousness, and as you reach out to others you are bringing the power of the people into the open. It has taken your leaders by surprise, and no amount of suppression or violent reactions by your law enforcers will stop it manifesting.


For each soul that awakens, many Guides are walking with them on their path. They give encouragement and constantly remind you that your day has arrived. Already your messages and prayers are making it quite clear, that you have tired of the manic oppression and curtailment of your freedom. Inwardly you know that you should be free to determine your own future. The battle proceeds on many different levels, and your expressed desires to walk the path of Love and Light have been made very clear. In response, Heaven has responded to your calls, and mustered the Forces of Light to aid your quest.


Now you stand on the verge of victory, much as you find it difficult to see how it comes about. Together we are an invincible force that is poised to bring about the fall of the dark. Needless to say, there will be great rejoicing at the prospect of at last bringing peace to a troubled world. Souls suffer in silence wondering who can release them from the evil that has taken hold of their lives. Dear Ones, that is shortly due to change, and massive changes will result. It has been planned for eons of time, and the little minds of Man will not stop the coming of the day that will change all of your lives.


You were never meant to leave this world through the hands of the dark. This cycle was always destined to provide the stepping-stone to the higher dimensions of Light. Yet many times there have been heart-stopping moments when you were nearly plunged into oblivion. The fact that you overcame such threats has been a credit to all Lightworkers everywhere. Can you imagine how much negative energy has been produced by two major world wars, when you were submerged in the horrors that accompany such events? Man reached the lowest point in his inhumane treatment of his brothers and sisters. Those energies plunged Earth into the darkest days you have experienced since the destruction of Atlantis.


Out of tears and sorrow lessons are learnt that send you back to Earth with a resolve to bring changes about. You allowed your love of humankind to guide you and make links with others sharing those desires. With the guidance of the higher forces and immense love continually showered upon you, you have responded to the tasks set for you to establish that Light upon Earth. Now it is the controlling force that continues to transmute those dark energies, that have nearly brought you to an untimely end. Even now they plan further destruction and chaos, but they will not be allowed to continue with it. There are far greater forces than theirs that map out the route “back home” and they will lead you to the victory that you seek and so earnestly desire.


The testing times you have been through in your present lives, have given you the strength and determination to bring about those changes that will restore peace upon Earth. Heaven is fully behind you in these tasks, and in your moments of uncertainty turn inwards and be intuitively guided by your Higher Self. Send your thoughts out to us who understand your problems so well and we will be with you, and together we will overcome even the most troubling difficulties. We have been there for you at all times, it is only now that there is a general acceptance of our presence. We are not some distant apparitions; we are real and stand beside you if you call our name. Your journey is ours and we have travelled together since time immemorial, and we shall complete it in glory and celebrate a great victory.


Nothing of an earthly nature can affect the end-times, and already you are projecting your positive thoughts that are helping carve out the path to fulfilment and Ascension, even if some do not call it that by name, There is an understanding that the present regime must give way to the power of Love and Light. A new world order stands ready to take its place, and silently works away to create that opportunity. The corruption and deceit that has been commonplace amongst your leadership will cease when they are removed. Spiritually motivated souls have come to Earth for this great time in your evolution. They will fully open the way to the higher realms, and your journey will proceed on a new wonderful pathway.


Let no one take away your beliefs, and know that you are about to permanently lift up out of the dark energies, and they shall be cleansed from Earth for all time. The journey through duality has provided all that was needed to speed up your evolution, whilst leaving you with a wealth of experience to be mentors to others. You are equipped with knowledge and understanding that could have only come from direct experience, and you will allow others to gain from it. You are to be the spiritual leaders of others who are still grappling with duality. Believe me, you are so much greater than you realise, and how many times have you been told that.


I am St. Germain and I embrace the consciousness of you all. I know of your deepest desires, your worries and despair and assure you that they will soon pass. You are at the door of the new dimension that is descending upon Earth, one that shall bring your release from the cycle of duality. Beloveds you are One with All That Is, so be generous with your love as it is sorely needed to uplift those who have yet to realise there true selves. Be the Gods that you surely are and the embodiment of Love to all people.


Thank you St.Germain.

Mike Quinsey.