Diane  19-September-2007


Dear Ones, you have reached the stage of advancement when you can largely stand back from the problems of the world, as great changes draw nearer. What you have seen happen and wondered how it would affect your future, now has only limited power and will fall away. The Light that surrounds the Earth is transforming the dark energies faster than ever before. This is causing a breakdown of their ability to follow through with their plan.


The Light continues to grow at an unprecedented pace and is lifting you up. If you detach from the dark energies, there is absolutely no reason why you should not carry on in that way. It is as though there are two worlds separating where there was one previously, and it is your choice as to which one you follow. It is the time where people are recognising their true selves, and leaving the old ways behind. Many now sense the changes afoot, and there is a great coming together of those who are opening up their Light.


What is heartening, is your belief in your own power to re-create what you have previously accepted as your normal way of life. You no longer feel bound by Manís Laws, and know that you have rights that have been divinely given. What you are now recognising are indefinable levels of consciousness that are being achieved through your awakening. They are lifting you up to new levels, that are creating a positive link with the higher forces in dimensions that are manifesting upon Earth. There is a melding of energies, that is enabling you to cut your ties with those that have held you back.


As the new ďyouĒ are emerging the challenge is to maintain your growth. At a certain point there will be no going back, as you will have achieved such a high vibration it will carry you forward for the remainder of your journey in duality. The beauty of such an achievement, is that you will realise that you are claiming back that which was already yours. The old reality that you created has no place in the higher dimensions, but it will remain in the consciousness of those who cannot release it. They will continue accordingly if that is their choice, and provisions have already been made to honour it.


Many times a day you are having to make decisions that reflect your present level of consciousness. These are opportunities to project your own ideas into the existing reality, and this is how change comes about. From the time you have understood the significance of what is taking place on Earth, you have been creating the opportunity for the very changes that you are anticipating. Your thoughts are creating a great energy, that is bound to manifest in accordance with the Laws of the Universe. Manís Laws cannot override those greater laws that carry the energy of the Creator, and it is your God given right to bring them into being.


Continue to concentrate on all that is pure and whole, and give it your love and blessings. You are waking up to the realisation that you have unlimited powers to create, even if they are not yet instantaneous. Give your energy only to that which is of the Light, and each and everyone of you will be contributing to bringing the changes into your reality.

This month has been one of much activity and still remains so as energy is pouring into Earth. The unseen forces for good work away regardless of any attempts made to keep you at the lower levels of vibration. You often look for help, and as you now realise it is coming to you all of the time. Be aware of the Light that is yours to attract to yourself if you concentrate on like vibrations. So much information has been given to you about the future that lies ahead. Visualise it as you imagine it will appear to you, and you will be helping it to manifest. The ideas come first and for example First Contact was originally projected to you as a possibility, when your consciousness was not fully prepared for such an event. However it set in place a seed that has grown ever since, and it is only in recent times that it has fully entered your consciousness and accepted.


First Contact is the pivotal point upon which all else depends, and for that reason almost all of your present Governments must be changed. They block progress preferring to hold onto their own power, which they will have to hand over to the people. It is your place to decide your future, and the great changes that are pending will hand it back to you. Leaders who acknowledge your sovereignty are waiting to replace those who do not, and you will realise that we have been far from idle while the dark have taken control. Their future is as certain as yours, and they already know that they have been defeated.


The energies of Love and Light permeate your dimension, and as the lower vibrations are transmuted you are lifting up further into them. You are leaving the old behind as it has served its purpose well, and inviting the new to manifest around you. Stand aside as the old energies play out their final acts, as their days are numbered. Send your love and peace to those focal points of darkness such as the Middle East, as there are thousands upon thousands of dear souls who have accepted the experience to further their evolution. In that sense they are no different to any other soul who is incarnate on Earth at this time.


Life is all about gaining experience in your soul growth, and Earth is a great school of learning. In time you will forget the trials and tribulations you have gone through, as they cannot cause you any permanent harm. You will be left with a higher consciousness, born out of the myriad of experiences you have had through hundreds of lifetimes.


I am Diane a Sirian, from a star nation that has long been a member of the Galactic Federation. We stand by waiting for your release from the dark, and ready to help you take a gigantic leap forward. It is your true destiny and will fully open up the way to Ascension. From that point onwards we shall be with you on the final stage of your journey. We shall tend your immediate needs both spiritual and material, and help you to expand your consciousness even further. We are One, and in the near future shall go into the higher realms as victorious over the dark. We shall carry the Light far afield into many galaxies, in a new great adventure in Godís Kingdoms.      


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.