Atmos  17-September-2007


In the comparatively short span of each of your lives you would be forgiven for believing that there is no orderly progression. The truth is that your path and that of mankind is mapped out well in advance, so much so that the end times were planned from the very time this cycle begun. The only factor that is undetermined is Manís own freewill which sets the level of mass consciousness, and has a clear bearing on the way your pathway is being created. Nevertheless the underlying progress follows the ordained path regardless of your experiences.


Now you are in the latter stages of the cycle, it has become very difficult to see the evidence of its intended closure. In these chaotic times it gives the impression of total mayhem, and there is little sign of progress towards the peace that man seeks. On the contrary, you see evidence of leaders who disregard the wishes of the people, and seem hell bent on following their own agenda. Yet on another level it is seen as the cleansing process, that must take place before Earth and its population can move on. All of the old energies must surface for cleansing, so that Mankind can cut his ties with them.


If you look back at your history you will see that it has clear periods of advancement, even if the dominant forces have control for several hundred years. However, there are always times of decline when a new force takes over, and that is where you are now. The dark may appear to be in control but their ability to do exactly what they want has been curtailed. Their aim has been to gain global control, but they have been stopped short of success because that is not how the end-times have been arranged. Their last actions to extend their world power have been stopped or diverted by the Higher Forces, who have designated the Galactic Federation to do that work.


With the control and limitations imposed upon the dark, it has allowed greater progress to be made to towards releasing mankind from their power. It has allowed the Galactic Federation and their allies, to concentrate on the preparations that are necessary to manifest the next stage of your evolution. Those who are aware of the battle between the Light and dark can follow what is happening, and are able to discern the emergence of the Light. The awakening of Mankind is growing, and with it comes an energy that carries such power that only one result is certain. The Light is going to take control and the dark will collapse, and the battle will be won and no longer will Man be subjected to their machinations.


When action is called for you may be sure the Light responds, and if you look at the ancient period when the great beasts roamed the Earth you will note that they all disappeared together. That was intentional as they were in danger of overrunning mankind, and they had to go to allow Man to enter another stage of evolution. If you did but know your true history, you would find that a sudden ending has often preceded a new era.


The ancient stories about Atlantis and Lemuria illustrate this point well, and when Man becomes decadent and ignores his true self he brings about his own demise. However, those Beings who have lived in their Light are allowed to progress further, and not pulled down any more than you are now. They are released from the Karma that has been built up by the dark, and continue their growth elsewhere. Many are part of your family, and at an appropriate time will surface once again to join you in the final stages of this cycle.


Behind all of the events that take place are many groups that are part of the Great White Brotherhood. They ensure that your spiritual progress still goes ahead, and have for example opened up so many channels to the Higher Beings that comprise of the Masters and Angelic Beings. For those who seek the Light the help is there, and in fact it has never been stronger than it is at present. The result has been a great shift in Manís consciousness and we see a glorious Light emanating from Earth.


As you have been told, it is possible to walk the path of Light whilst living in duality. Walk, think and talk your own beliefs and you will protected from the assault of the dark upon your senses. You will walk in your own Light and the fear that grips others will not affect you. In so doing you will also help others to find the Light for themselves, and as you link together the Light continues to grow exponentially.


Time is on your side and everything is set for a showdown, that will once and for all take away the power of the Dark to dictate the course of your lives. To some it will seem that everything is lost in that period of uncertainty that will precede the changes. However, the plan is to institute the major changes quickly and inform you of the future of Man. That some of you should still doubt that our presence in your skies is but a peaceful show of friendliness, is due to the moulding of your minds to the fear of what is strange to you. We are not some marauding aliens that seek to invade your planet, we are your Guardians and have followed your journey since you entered duality.


We will come to enable you to take a quantum leap forward into the higher dimensions. It will leave behind all that does not have its place outside of the 3rd dimension. Instead all will be of the Light and provide harmony and happiness in abundance. Life will become a pleasure and joy to live, and your dreams of Utopia will have become a reality. There will be no more stress, deprivation or hardship and all of your needs will be provided. You will move into your true reality all the greater for your experiences in duality.


I am Atmos from Sirius waiting for the day of contact that looms very quickly. Your Governments may hide the facts of our existence, but that is to no avail. We have shown ourselves to be real, and are seen more than ever in your skies. It will not be long before we will be able to openly visit you and renew our friendship with you. We come in Love and at the Creators behest, recognising the spark of Light within you all.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.