SaLuSa  14-September-2007


Many wonder what next, as it is obvious that something must give in the battle between the Light and dark. Over a long period of time we have outlined your future following the changes that are essential to our coming. Often you tire of hearing that events are to happen “soon” and naturally you want to see action. The difficulty for you is that most of our work is in the nature of defence, and through our allies blocking moves made by the dark. They perpetually try to provoke the people into situations that aid their agenda, and we have to stay a step ahead of their moves.


Our help virtually goes unnoticed and it would appear that we are not active, which is far from the truth. From our ships we have technology that allows us to follow actions of those we monitor, and it even reaches as far as reading their thoughts. Our knowledge of what is happening is complete and clearly gives us a major advantage. Our computers can accurately predict events, and with the authority we have been given can take action to keep a tight rein of the outcome.


We cannot simply arrive on Earth and take over your affairs, without the authority of the Higher Beings who oversee the affairs of Earth. It is your decisions that are continually re-creating your reality, and our response is measured accordingly. There is a thin line between help and interference and we must honour the path created by Man. Your greatest strength comes from your awakening to the truth, and to this end we have been very active. Over many decades we have made you aware of our presence, and through many contacts have ensured that you are aware of your high status as Beings of Light.


You have been slaves to the beckoning of those who have guided your destiny, but have used you to gain power and wealth at your expense. We have often stated that there is sufficient wealth in the world, to allow for each and every person to live in comfort. To acquire wealth for the sake of it is born of greed and selfishness, and it is a unique person who having been successful in business ventures who shares that wealth. Some of the richest people in the world have reached that level through criminal actions and dubious trading methods, and they will not be allowed to retain it.


Our abundance programme has been set up to alter the imbalances in the distribution of wealth. When we are finally allowed to involve ourselves in your changes, it will be one of the first major events that will take place. We know that once we can help you overcome poverty, it will be much easier to bring you all into a new way of thinking. You will realise that a grand re-organisation of your lives will enable you to leap ahead, and happy and contented people are more likely to open their hearts to the potential that it brings. You need to see that we are genuine when it comes to your well-being, and that we have no ulterior motive for arriving on Earth.


It has been stated by a number of your writers who understand our bond and relationship to you, that if we had designs on taking over Earth, we could have done so eons of time ago. There are other Beings in the Universe who have considered such a plan, when eyeing up your valuable assets. However, it was never intended that Earth should be taken over, and it is off limits and protected for that reason. You have always been protected and your evolution closely followed, in spite of the depth of your experiences in the dark energies. You have created them, and in this cycle it was decreed that it would bring about the completion of duality thus enabling Ascension. The dark would have you walk in a different direction, but one of our responsibilities has been to ensure that you complete it without being confused or mislead by them.


We have been upholding your right to determine your own future, and ensure that you have been aware of the significance of the end-times. We have given you hope and the assurance that the Earth will not be destroyed. We have enlightened you as to your true purpose of life, and lifted you up so that you can understand that you are spiritual Beings with infinite life. If the material side of your lives were to cease, you would stand in your true essence as Godly Beings. You are great beyond your present imagination, and will once again be restored to your former greatness.


You are loved and treasured by all of us, and when we look at you we see wonderful Beings of Light. We see your Light and no matter how dim it has become, we know that one day you will return to your former selves. We are with you in these final stages of your journey, and it is one that we feel privileged to witness and be part of. There is great joy at the prospect of leading you out of the dark, and finally helping you leave those energies behind. The cleansing of Earth is clearly essential, and your individual cleansing is vital so as to clear yourselves of those negative energies that have travelled with you for eons of time.


The Light is the most powerful force in the Universe, and as you grow back into it you will quickly find your own powers of creation return. We are far from being different to you, indeed we are very much alike even to our appearances and certainly all have our origin in the same source. We are all Gods in the making and aspects of the Creator of All That Is. Strip everything else away and you will always have the spark of Light that is indestructible. You may clothe yourselves in various attires to experience outside of the Godhead, but you will always retain your link to it. We Are One, and it will thus remain forever, and we are therefore coming to Earth as your family from Space.


Try to elevate your thinking to a higher level and accept who you really are, and lift out of the centuries of wrong thinking that have had you believe that you are worthless. No God has punished you or sent you to purgatory, these are Man’s own tools to keep you down and consign you to despair and hopelessness. Now is the time to take back your Godliness, and know that you have a destiny that will take you back to the stars for the continuance of your wonderful journey through creation. We shall travel together in the wondrous Light that comprises the higher realms.


I am SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation and we carry out the bidding of the Higher Beings, who set out the path of Humanity’s experience to bring you out of the dark energies. Your experiences are all but completed, and providing you hold fast in your Light and always remember whom you rally are, you will sail through this remaining period. Look around you at the growth of the Light, and feel the great energies of upliftment being continually beamed to Earth. Notice the response within yourself and see it in others, then you will know beyond doubt that you are leaving the old cycle of duality.


Sirius from where I come is but one of a number of star systems very much attached to your evolution, and we come to greet our own again. It will be a time of joyful re-unions and they are approaching very quickly. You are ready for such development, and we are fully prepared to take the necessary actions that will restore Earth once again. It is still a place of beauty, but has long suffered from abuse and lack of consideration for its vital role in your evolution.


All will be restored in good time, and together we shall set sail for the vast oceans of opportunity that present themselves to the Cosmic Man that is emerging with a full consciousness. This is your destiny and you are gradually awakening to your ability to lift yourselves up to these levels. Contemplate what it all means, and determine to become that which you always were in bygone ages. You are truly great Beings that will Light up the Universe.    


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey