Ag-agria  12-September-2007


These are rapidly moving times, and events are beginning to come into being that will test your calmness. As your sensitivity increases so you will need to remain focussed on Self. By doing so you will avoid any sudden assault upon your emotions, with the consequent dropping of your guard. Stay centred at all times, and you will ensure there is no loss of your Light which is your protection. Indeed, when the dark are deliberately creating chaos, it is most important that you are peaceful and stand fast to deflect that energy.


The scales of Light and Dark energies are finally balanced, and it determines the level of mass consciousness. However, the dark will not be allowed to overcome the Light no matter what attempts they make to unsettle you. It is in fact a minority that hold the Light and continue to attract it to the Earth, and many of you came into this lifetime specifically to carry out such a task. Even more are awakening to such responsibilities, and the Light will now remain in a leading position continuing to grow at an increased rate.


The forces for change increase almost daily, and the energies cannot be held back much longer. Once the breakthrough occurs, you will see all of our plans for you come to fruition very quickly. There is an optimum time when we shall be allowed to intervene, but that is unnecessary at present. We would say that you are doing everything that could be expected of you, and you have come a long way since the turn of the Millennium. You are being given every help to enable you to break out of the mould of past times, and it is the enlightenment of your true purpose for being here at this time that has opened your eyes.


You are rightly on the path to taking back your freedom, but of course the dark have no wish to relinquish their hold upon you. However, no one has the power to halt the plan of the Creator for this period in your evolution, and what has been decreed must come to pass. This is one occasion when the cycle will end with a successful conclusion, unlike earlier ones that brought about the total downfall of civilisation. Be aware that each cycle has been an opportunity for growth, and even so all experience has been of value to you.


At the end of a cycle, there are always a percentage of souls that succeed in gaining upliftment. As occurred with those wonderful Beings of the Inner Earth, groups that have overcome the pull of the lower energies move on. It has been entirely up to you as to the speed with which you evolve. Every opportunity is placed before you to guide you on your way, and it has been your choice as to which ones you have taken. Each time you have incarnated, there has always been a plan of opportunities to clear away the old energies that you have carried with you. Now, the final cleansing is taking place.


Many of you have crossed the threshold from that which you were, and stand solidly in the Light. You have recognised your true potential, and have realised that you are more than your physical body. Most heartening is your realisation that you are a Being of Light with untold power to determine your own pathway. You have found the perfect love vibration that has lifted you up, and that has allowed your understanding of the roles of other souls around you. Furthermore, you can see the Oneness of all life and your responsibility to each other. As we help you, so too can you help lift others up into knowing the purpose of life. You are sovereign Beings and you are beginning to take back your freedom, and that is breaking the hold of the dark upon you. Your energy is now a force to be reckoned with although you have yet to understand how powerful you really are.


Thoughts carry power just as actions are responsible for change. It is so important that you direct your energies in such a way, that they build positive thoughtforms that will bring about the manifestation of your desires. Like attracts like, and we see your energies for peace becoming a formidable force for change. It will eventually come to the whole world, but first those who have abused their authority and led you towards oblivion must be removed. That entails those who have planned world domination for eons of time, and their minions who have carried out their orders. The last cabal infests many places that control and dictate the way your lives are led, and they will be removed.


Waiting in the wings are the most wonderful Beings that comprise the Galactic Federation. They are from civilisations that have already ascended and come together to work in the Light of Love. They have unending love for all life forms, and fully understand your dilemma and the reason for it. There is no judgement or condemnation and you are accepted as Brothers and Sisters in Light. At this time we understand you better than yourselves, because we have been granted an overall view of what is taking place. We are at a vantage point where we can monitor all events upon Earth, and also gauge the level of consciousness you have reached.


We can therefore state that you are well on the way to achieving a higher level of consciousness. It is expanding rapidly and with it comes an understanding that is lifting you up out of the lower vibrations. Very soon those who have mislead you will have been removed, and then you will see a magical change in peoples attitudes and approach to each other. No longer will you need to assert that there must be a better way of life, it will happen because you have desired it and nothing will be able to stand in its way.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and can tell you that the excitement grows on board our ships. We can see the final outworking of the cycle ready to bring the changes about, and we are fully prepared for our role in ensuring that it comes into being. Soon we can work with you to undo the damage to your environment, and also bring the people of Earth together.


Given the opportunity, we know that you are benevolent and kindly beings ready to share your lives with each other. Recognition of your Oneness will overcome many problems, and allow acceptance of the differences that make your civilisation one that is rich with experience. A natural love and respect for each other will allow a great coming together, and we will also join you in that energy. We Are All One, and that is the most important message of this time.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.