Ker-On  28-September-2007


Anyone with a degree of sensitivity to the energies around them, can hardly have failed to register the uplifting changes that have occurred this month. It has been one of much activity within the higher realms, and a substantial leap forward has taken place on Earth. Thus it will continue as an unstoppable momentum takes you further into the higher vibrations.


You are experiencing the Light energy in a way that is through your inner knowing. Bringing a sense of empowerment, and a feeling of it reaching out further than ever before. Also a greater strength to stand firm when the dark energies try to impose their presence upon you. You find an ability to project your own Light whatever the circumstances, in a focussed and controlled manner.


Dear Ones, you are growing faster as you open up yourselves to the higher energies. It is keeping you firmly on the path to Ascension, and nothing can now deflect you from your goal. You can see and understand all that is happening around you, without it being able to impinge itself upon your consciousness. With it comes a growth in your compassion and love for all life, and your thoughts are a continual blessing to others. You are returning to the glory of your former self, and this augers well for the remainder of your journey in this cycle.


Having found your true self, live out your life as the Higher Being that you are. You never stop creating and your attention should be given to help bring about the new reality, that has been envisioned for the conclusion of the end-times. You are leaving the old ways behind, and everything else that has served its purpose for you. It is easier now to “let go” than at any previous time, as you can now see that the material side of life is confined to the lower dimensions.


In the future you shall want for nothing as all is provided, even as you give thought to it. You create what is around you that fulfils your desires. Having moved on from the continual earthly “lack and need”, you will find yourself in the realms of plenty. The most striking change will be the intensity of the colours, and a range that is presently beyond your physical senses. To be free from the encumbrance of a heavy physical body will be exhilarating, and your Light body will be the perfect expression of what you really are.


Without necessarily being aware of your power of thought, you are attracting to you those energies that are bringing about the changes within. These have different effects upon you according to your bodily condition. Some of you require more healing than others, and it is the cleansing process that you have become aware of. It is as though you have a mild illness that leaves you weakened. Take heed of what your body tells you, and rest and care for it during such times. Self heal and be gentle with yourself, as your body cells respond to your thoughts. You can intuitively find out what attention you need, by going within.


Very soon we of the Galactic Federation shall be with you, and with our arrival will come much help and guidance. We will ensure that suitable advice is given to speed up your changes, and shall be with you every step of the way to completion. There will come a point where there shall be a reversal of any damage to your body through disablement, age or ill health. When the time comes for Ascension, you will therefore be in your new fully restored body.


For us these are exciting times, as at long last we are near to making direct and open contact with you. We are endeared to your willpower and determination to win the battle upon Earth, and we admire your ability to keep coming back up when you are pushed down. We are one with you when you are able to rise above the lower vibrations, and give of your love to all other life forms. You are finding out about your God selves, and the latent power that is beginning to awaken within.


You no longer need to prove yourself to anyone else. When you know you are on the correct path life becomes so much easier, and conflict and disagreements become a thing of the past. The gentleness and love of those who have found the Light, is in no way a sign of weakness but instead your strength. Be assured that others will note your peaceful approach to life, and will recognise the Master-ful control that you have achieved. Dear Ones that is exactly what you are becoming, and re-establishing your Oneness with All That Is.


The pull of your present dimension will no longer attract you like it did. The beauty that it contains will remain and have its place on the new Earth, and indeed be enhanced by the higher vibrations of Light that it is entering. Everything has its place according to its vibration, and nothing but the highest shall travel with you to Ascension. The Earth is changing and cleansing itself, and for a time it will seem chaotic as events speed up. However, do not fear change as it is part and parcel of the progress that is necessary to achieve your success.


Souls will leave the Earth by choice, as not everyone here at present has agreed to move with Ascension. Some will wait in Nirvana and join you later, whilst others will re-incarnate onto a new planet that will be like your present Earth. They have chosen to continue with their 3D experiences, and will also move into a new cycle. All is orderly and done by agreement, and no one is forced against their wishes.


I am Ker-On from Venus and feel much joy at your progress over the last few years. You have lifted up out of the dark, and created a new path of Light ensuring your success. Like you, the Earth has almost completed its time in duality and together you shall enter the higher realms of Light. Go forward with confidence, knowing that you have a wonderful future ahead of you. At all times our Love accompanies you, and is part of your strength to push on.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.