Ker-On  17-October-06 

Like an express train hurtling towards its destination, Humanity is Ascension bound and great forces are impelling its unswerving progress. No one but you as individuals have chosen their place aboard, and you have done so through the evolution of your spiritual understanding. To some, the growth in their consciousness seems stifled by the fascination and pull of the 3rd dimension. It simply means that they have not resolved the issues of living in the lower vibrations, and progressing beyond them. 

There must come a point when it is realised that this dimension is not your true reality. It comes with the understanding that it has been created by Man, and that there is much more that can be aspired to that will replace the duality you experience. The original blueprint was conceived by those Beings empowered to co-create with the Creator, and it was once a true reflection of the higher realms. 

It remained so until Humanity desired to exert their own Will to create independently. As such they gradually became lesser creations than those originally conceived, and accordingly the vibrations were also lowered. Creation as envisaged in its perfection no longer became possible, and the individual power of instant creation was eventually lost. 

However, all thought is followed by energy and the mass consciousness took over. With little realisation of the consequence of using thoughts without regard to the outcome, an ever-decreasing vibration resulted. It led to the low point that has featured for the last century that has seen Man forget his soul connection to each other. Worse, Man has denied the Creator of All That Is, worshipping false Gods and idols of his own creation. 

Now the truth is beginning to surface, and as you look around you see the obscenity of war and the lack of compassion of those that have orchestrated such events. However, there is a conscious awakening among many that Man is his Brothers Keeper, and that peace and harmony are the requisites needed to lift the vibration up again. The love and caring that will carry people forward, and enable the dark to be left behind is beginning to flourish. Small groups have been laying the foundations of recovery, upon which even greater developments will find a foothold. 

Never at any time in your current cycle have you experienced such a pronounced change in your consciousness. There is a new energy that grows by the day, and will soon change the Earth and everyone upon it. It challenges any pre-conceptions that you may have had as it reveals all that is not in harmony with it. If you cannot respond it will be unsettling for you as it seeks to uplift the energies. It is all part of an ongoing plan to ensure that the end-times will see as many souls as possible step onto the higher pathway. 

Go with the flow is excellent advice, and try not to have too many pre-conceived ideas as to how this period will transform, beyond the knowledge that it is pre-ordained. This is a waiting period for which all preparations have been carefully planned and carried out. It is manifesting now, and your own upliftment may give you a clue as to its power to change that which can no longer be carried forward. Where there is presently turmoil or even chaos realise that there is also change, and it is part of the necessary cleansing that is affecting the whole planet. 

If you reflect upon the fact that you have been travelling through the lower vibrations for many centuries, you might consider that by comparison in this recent period you have been going forward in leaps and bounds. It may seem that events are slow in unwinding but that is not really true. It largely arises from your being unable to see the whole picture. Be trusting and know that there are great Beings from all over the Galaxy that have come to assist in your Ascension and that of Earth. Faith is all that is required to protect you from the assault by the dark upon your senses. They try to cast doubt where you have trust, and fear where you are able stand in your Light and Love. 

Dear Ones, we know how much you have suffered and the sacrifices you have made in the interests of experiencing duality. It may at times sound like a game but it is a serious exploration on your part of the lower realms, so that you may serve others in the light of your experience. Each and every one of you with absolutely no exceptions, have excelled yourselves by playing out every conceivable drama between the dark and Light. 

Be understanding and compassionate of those who you see opposing the Light, as they too have a future path that will lift then up. You are not your physical body, but a Being of wondrous Light and before very long you will rise up again and see each other in the majesty of your true selves. Do not deny your connection with the Creator, and acknowledge your Godself within. It is not egotistical or blasphemous to do so, as you will be allowing your consciousness to open up once again to the truth of your source. 

At the soul level you are made in Godís image, and your natural way of being is one of unlimited Love and Light. Because it is so, you should find it natural to move into this energy. Try to bring this concept to the forefront of your mind. Apply it to daily matters and your interpretation of world events, so that you can stay centred within your Light. It will help you through what will be a coming testing period, when you will need to be in full control of your emotions. 

I am Ker-On a Venusian and member of the Galactic Federation, and confirm that matters are coming together that will finally release you from duality. The next few months are showing several possible opportunities for events to be concluded. Know that we are with you to ensure your victory, and no matter what fearful utterances are made do not succumb to provocation. You have never been in a stronger position than now, and your Light will see you through. Our love and blessings go with you at all times. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.