Diane  10 October 2006 

The times you are in at present are a far cry from those more spiritual periods in your past when many of you were aware of the truth.  Cycles have always allowed for both the dark and Light to hold a prominent and leading position. You will however find that neither can hold it indefinitely, and each is allowed to challenge the other. Without that allowance there would be little spiritual growth, whereas even in your present experience you have grown whilst they have been in opposition to each other. 

The result is that every opportunity is given for spiritual understanding and enlightenment. Clearly there must ultimately be a point reached where one has to concede to the other. That time is rapidly approaching and although it may not be apparent to many of you, the Light is embracing more people than ever before and they are responding to it. This in turn brings even more Light to bear upon those enmeshed with the dark forces, and they are finding themselves unable to maintain their position. 

It is both fortuitous and ironic that those who choose to create chaos for others, are now themselves under so much pressure that they are losing their hold. When an edifice starts to crumble, at first it is very slight and hardly noticeable. However, in the course of time cracks appear elsewhere and suddenly with little warning it completely collapses. Your dark forces are close to such a collapse, and we would ask you to be alert and you will sense when it is about to happen. We have often given you clear indications that the changes would come quickly, so allow for our depth of knowledge to be able to advise you as to what is happening on Earth. 

We have been instrumental in stopping an escalation of the Middle East War much to the chagrin of those who have planned it. We are the invisible forces that serve the Light, and often there is no outer indication of our activities. This is very disconcerting for the dark that are sometimes at their wits end in knowing how to deal with us. Of course you frequently see our craft in your skies, and it serves a dual purpose by letting you know of our benign presence, and also signals to the dark that we can come and go with impunity. 

We are very active dealing with conditions on Earth that threaten your very existence. Have no fear, as we are used to holding the balance for you. If we were authorised to do so, we would dearly love to bring the dark forces to heel, but what has been put into being must also be cleared with your participation and not just simply ours alone. 

The greater meaning to life is one of experiencing that which adds to your spiritual growth. Even as an outsider learning of other peoples problems, you are expanding your understanding about it. You subconsciously “sort” out what goes into it, and from it you are continually shifting your position. You will only need to look back some 20 years or so, and if you are a seeker of the truth you will surely recognise that you have changed. 

Keeping an open mind and being prepared to question your present day understanding, is the key to ensuring that you continue to evolve. Do not necessarily be influenced by others regardless of what position they hold. Be prepared to weigh up what is presented to you, and intuitively take that which adds to your knowledge. Your truth may be following a different course to someone else’s, so do not feel that you are a lesser Being if you cannot fully accept their teaching. It is so important that you take responsibility for your own beliefs and understanding, and realise that you all unique. 

There is but the one Truth, and finding it seems to cause many of you so much soul searching. Take one step at the time, and all will eventually fall into place. Deep within each you, you do hold the truth and you are constantly revealing it to yourself. Over eons of time you have simply lost touch with your Higher Selves, as the dark vibration has often reduced your glorious Light to just a flicker. However, know that your Light is indestructible and is your assurance of infinite life. 

One day soon you shall clearly understand the journey through duality, and when you do so none of the heartache and sadness that you experienced will remain. It will all eventually seem as a mere moment in time, and that you have never really left the higher dimensions at all. In them your whole demeanour will be different to the way you view things at present. There is no place for negative vibrations, and indeed you cannot go forward with them. This is why you are presently spending much of your time dealing with karmic responsibilities. 

As a background to what is happening the great forces of Light are amassed all around you, and will play their part in ensuring that the Creator’s plan for these end times is fulfilled. How can anyone doubt that the Light will be successful when such powerful Beings hold your future in their hands. It just seems at times that the dark have a free hand to do what they like, and this may indeed be how they view their actions. Be assured that it is not the case, and there are many limitations placed upon them. 

This period of intense and dramatic happenings all over your world is the last attempt of the dark forces to take control. They will not succeed and as they overreach themselves in desperation, they will lay down the very opportunities that will present the Light with their chance to remove them. Little can move forward whilst the Illuminati and their minions hold positions of power. This is why their removal is of vital importance, and why the plans that will follow on are fully ready. Once the initial changes have taken place you will find matters speeding ahead. 

The Lightworkers and all of those in anyway actively connected with the coming period, are accompanied by many Guides who surround you with love. They inspire you to forge ahead, and most importantly fulfil your life plans and your commitment to bringing Light to Earth. For many this lifetime is the culmination of many previous ones that have prepared you precisely for this most important time. Ascension is your goal and failure is not an option for those who have prepared to travel the full path to success. Be assured that if you have aspired to ascend at the completion of this cycle, you will do so. Once that decision has been made, you are effectively already there. Remember that Ascension takes place on many levels, and it is not just your solar system that is involved, but also your Universe. 

You will have noticed that the Earth is relatively quiet at present, but again this is largely due to our presence and efforts to dampen down the likelihood of a major incident. To some extent you are also instrumental in shaping the outcome, as your collective consciousness provides an energy that can trigger events. With so much negativity upon Earth the balance is very fine between the dark and Light. To your credit, the Light is expanding and it will continue to do so, thus guaranteeing your victory. 

I am Diane of the Galactic Federation, and wish you to know that we are ready to reveal ourselves, once the correct and agreed approach has been made to those who considered to be worthy of their appointment to positions of leadership. Once they are in place, we know that we will receive the authorisation needed to go ahead with a multitude of changes. These will ensure that the promises made to you will be kept, and we shall fully cooperate together in the knowledge of the Creator’s plan for you all. 

Dear Ones, I assure you we are in full realisation of your predicaments, but be patient in the knowing that your destiny is a pathway amongst the stars which are your true home. The Earth has served you well and your appreciation of what Mother Earth has done for you, will be shown by your willingness to ensure that the Earth is fully restored so that she may ascend with you.There really is a Universal Love that enfolds you, which we hold in our hearts for you all. Go about your work with the assurance of ones who know your lighted path is beckoning to you now, and that the portal is opening to the marvels, happiness and joy of the Golden Age. 

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.