St. Germain  03-October-2006 

You are living in the most momentous times that you will have experienced in this cycle of duality. Oh yes, there has been drama and tremendous events in the past. However, you are now on the way out of it, and your success is assured in spite of the present low point reached because of the actions of the dark. A pathway has been opened that is your lighted way to a wonderful conclusion to this period, and the promise of your return to the higher realms. 

We who are part of the Great White Brotherhood give help to the extent permitted, but it is you who are instrumental in setting the pace of events, and we encourage your full participation. We have not protected and guided you over eons of time, to see our efforts fall to the covert actions of the last cabal. 

The time of truth is upon you, and you will notice that hidden truths are now being uncovered. For too long you have been deceived by those who have usurped it for their own ends to hold power over you. Nevertheless, those who became enlightened carried the torch of Light through these perilous times, often at risk of their own lives. Many a masterful person has come to Earth to create an opening for the Light so that it may be grounded for future generations. Often these Holy Beings have not been recognised or sought recognition, but have carried out their tasks to perfection in the name of the highest God. 

Your history is full of the brave exploits and deeds of people that have understood their divine purpose whilst upon Earth. They are called and wait for their time to come forward, when heavenly forces accompany them on their journey. One such person with whom most of you are familiar is Joan of Arc, and her life story is sufficiently recent to be correctly recounted. In your own way all Lightworkers are on a mission, having contracted to serve the higher forces. You are in such numbers that your presence causes a great influx of Light, through your powers of attraction. 

Understand that you already know the outcome of this cycle, and subconsciously you hold that knowledge and it carries you forward through the toughest times. It would be easy to say that you have nothing to worry about, as these are nevertheless volatile times. However, your Light is your assurance of a destiny that ends with the dissolution of matter, as you presently know it. All is changing to the higher vibration except that which chooses to remain in its present form, and shall necessarily be removed. 

Where then shall that of the dark be placed, and the answer is of course in a dimension appropriate to its vibration? It cannot therefore remain much longer upon Earth, and you will see the commencement of its break up very soon. Is it not surprising that those forces that seek the destruction of all else eventually turn in upon themselves? Dear Ones, there are Universal Laws that cover the Light and dark, and only one force will ever remain supreme.  The Light is of the outward manifestation of the Love force that permeates everything, and to which it owes its very existence. 

The Creator has provided for all possible circumstances likely to be experienced in the Cycle of Duality. The Creator intended that in the giving of freewill you would be allowed to experience exactly as you desired. However, your Light was to be held regardless of how veiled it became, with the provision that one day you would fully return to the Light. In this knowing you will understand how important it is to try and see the Light in every soul you meet. In the Creatorís eyes all are equal, and held in Love that seeks only to restore you to the Source Of All That Is. 

Presently, many are stepping forward to join forces with those who lead the legions of Light upon Earth. It gathers pace and speedily takes you forward to the point of no return. Once the new Light grids are fully empowered, the new will manifest upon Earth and entrances opened up to the higher dimensions. The wheels are in motion and the great plan for Earth is opening, and those of the Light are being gathered in for the final glory and lifting up. 

In your humanness you struggle sometimes to grasp the immense importance of the time you are in, and I tell you that it is an event that draws many other Beings to Earth. In a free and open society you would already know the truth that is about to unfold, but there will soon be changes and revelations will abound. Where once was there was secrecy the truth shall come out, and much will be revealed following the declaration of world peace. Be assured that the majority of people require only to be allowed to live their lives peacefully. It is only the dark that foments conflict and chaos and set one against the other. 

Let that which is a remnant of the past fade away to be replaced by all that is new and sits within your present visions of the New Age. It will happen because it is divinely decreed to be so, and is a natural progression as you firmly step on the path to Ascension. What you have now is unreal and simply a manifestation of that created to hold you subservient to those in power. You are sovereign Beings who shall soon claim back your heritage, and once again walk in the Light that carries truth and freedom with it. 

Let go of the old and allow for the interim period of changes that will abound upon Earth. We allow for a gradual opening up of all that is new, as we wish you to ease yourselves into it quite naturally. Be prepared for monumental changes that will take you onwards in leaps and bounds. All plans are in readiness, and we have all travelled together along a very hard road. It will suddenly open up into glorious beauty, that tells of greater enlightenment and advancement into the highest dimensions. 

I stand by you together with the mighty forces of Heaven, that have unleashed their energies to enfold you all. To provide the strength and power to illuminate your pathway, so that you may clearly see what you have to do. To lift you above all distractions and obstructions, intended to deflect you from your true path. Above all, be true to Self and allow your Light to shine out. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.