SaLuSa  4-October-2010


There is a sudden opening up of your consciousness levels, as people are becoming more open minded. It is partly the result of the changing conditions that cause them to seek the answers as to where everything is going. There is a feeling not of impending doom, although some groups believe it is inevitable. Instead it is one of responding to the higher vibrations, and having an instinctive knowing that there is a divine purpose in what is taking place. That is a most wonderful development, and is bringing a degree of stability to the Earth. It is setting the scene for our coming, and very soon the long awaited announcement admitting to our presence will be made. Once that happens matters will go speeding ahead, and you will find that you are living in the most exciting times.


The fact is our presence is not at all unusual, as we have visited Earth for thousands of years. When cycles have ended in the past we have played a key role, and we participated at that time in both Lemuria and Atlantis. At different times we have also taken groups of people off the Earth. So as you will understand, we are not in fact strangers to you at all. We could claim quite correctly to know you better than you know yourselves. That is because you have little waking knowledge of your past. Many of you came from the last great civilisation of Atlantis that peaked at very high spiritual levels. It then became pulled down into the lower vibrations, which brought about their demise. Subconsciously you know this to be so and for some that shows as fear, because of what happened then and the possibility of it occurring again. Now the end times are exactly what they mean as duality has all but run its course. The dark Ones may not yet accept the situation, and their efforts to keep going are failing miserably. Their time is just about up and we shall delight in removing them so that they can no longer get in your way.


Regrettably for various reasons of self-empowerment your history has been falsified, and that is an area that we shall put right. You are entitled to know your true history although it will bring back painful memories. You have been continuously misled, and it has divided people so that they have been against each other. Chaos has ensued, and peace has only been a momentary blessing. However, to live peacefully together is your right, and as you have learnt of late the people of other countries are just like you in this respect. Most big cities are already cosmopolitan, so it will be relatively easy to bring you together once the threats of war and terrorism are removed. New energies permeate the Earth, that come from outside your solar system. These are behind the personal changes you are experiencing, and are becoming more powerful each day. Those of you who are particularly sensitive will know what we mean, and as time passes more of you will develop acute senses of awareness. If you did not, you may well question whether the vibration levels are rising.


Demonstrations and riots are becoming more frequent, as people reject a return to the past. They are awakening to the potential that exists to make a clean start, and have no desire to accept any form of compromise. Before matters can get out of hand, certain events that are near to happening will help calm matters. The future is assured, and we will gradually have a greater role to play in your lives. We ask you all to be part of the movement for peace, and not engage in violence no matter how much you are incited. Live to your highest ideals and you will no go wrong, and in so doing will show the way for other people.


The Galactic Federation is meanwhile keeping a firm watch on the military bases, so as to ensure that they do not interfere with the process of change. They too like all of the armed forces will become converted to serve peaceful purposes. War has absolutely no place in the future, and for that reason there will be no need for defensive employment. Keep these things in mind when you are thrown into the midst of turmoil, as it will help you through such periods. Think peace, love and beauty as so much on Earth is ugly and has been despoiled by Man. Respect for the Mother Earth must return, as there is much work to do to make good the damage caused to her. In this we will play a major role, as our technology will make short work of most problems. It will be the speed of recovery that will both please and astonish you.


We are in control of Earth but not in the sense of having taken it over, but being aware of everything that is happening. We do keep the balance at all times, but have to allow a certain degree of freewill to operate. Even so it will not effect our position or your future, but simply allow matters to flow, as they should. Your individual freewill allows for you to choose whether or not you go on to Ascension, but remember that most of you made that decision before you came to Earth. Events can be foreseen way ahead, so it easy enough to place you where it is of the most benefit. Life seems complicated but in reality it is quite simple, as you will always find yourself to be in the right place. It is much the same with the people that enter your life, as that is also by arrangement and agreement.


We too have life plans, but we are constantly aware of them in our conscious state. Bear in mind we live for hundreds of years and can achieve much in that time. We are also allowed more say in what we do, having reached a high level of understanding. In your case decisions often have to made for you by your mentors. It depends on how spiritually advanced you have become. After all the purpose of living many lives is to follow an overall plan that leads to your spiritual evolution. It is the only way to advance and leave the cycle of re-birth behind.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that after all of this time we will at last be able to invite many of you to join us. It will be part of your Ascension process and you will be ready to work side by side with us. We do in any event come to meet our own, who have lost contact with us. Our presence will speed up their remembrance of earlier lives when we were One in Love and Light.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.