SaLuSa  29-October-2010


As more people learn of the time we are in, there are some excited at the prospect of meeting their benevolent Space Friends, whilst others experience a degree of trepidation without really understanding why. It is largely fear of the unknown, but many have deep subconscious memories from the time when they were present to witness Galactic Wars. Your solar system suffered quite considerably, and millions of souls lost their lives when Maldek was destroyed. We want to get the message out, that it has been divinely decreed that such an occurrence will not be allowed to happen again. This cycle will see the whole solar system and Maldek once again restored, as indeed all has to be made good. Is it not something of a paradox that as the beneficial changes look on the verge of happening, so the chaos and collapse of the old system increases. Dear friends allow the old to fade away as it has served its purpose well, as it is time to step up into the higher dimensions. No one relishes mass changes, but all must be made new again. Nothing is ever permanently destroyed or wasted, except that it changes shape or form.


The occasion of Ascension is of such a magnitude, that you may consider yourselves very privileged to be involved in the end-times. That applies to every soul regardless of how they have planned to exit this cycle. The fact that you have spent many lives in duality has raised your levels of consciousness far quicker than any other means. Bear in mind that every life you have had on Earth has seen you accept many different roles, and it is serious business and each time you have acted out the plan you brought with you. Each has been carefully made to allow you opportunities to experience exactly what you needed to further your evolution. Your success or otherwise, has determined whether or not you are ready to take a great leap forward and ascend. Looking at other people at this present time, do not judge them by their outer appearance or their occupation. Societies are planned in such a way that those chosen to incarnate into it cater for the skills or knowledge required for it to function correctly. You can therefore correctly assume that over many lifetimes you have given of your varying skills, whether as a person of high status to one doing menial tasks.


The end-times are the culmination of a very long period that has seen many civilisations come and go, each leaving their mark for others to follow. So you can see that it is quite natural for each one to peak, and fall away at the end. Lessons are learnt that enable the next civilisation to succeed where they have failed. Your civilisations challenge was to rise above the temptation to rule by technological advancement, and in that it has failed. However, you have been prevented from destroying the Earth, as God decided that the destruction of another planet in your solar system would not be allowed. What success there has been is more an individual achievement, and is expressed in the number of souls now ready and desirous of ascending. What is remarkable and to be commended, is the manner in which you have overcome the darkness to find your true self within. It is no wonder that you are viewed as mighty Beings ready to claim your Christ consciousness.


What lies ahead is a wonderful journey that will elevate you into the higher dimensions, and know that you could not enter them unless you had lifted your own vibrations accordingly. The fairness and justice of life is hard to find on Earth as you are not necessarily recognised as sovereign Beings, but when you ascend you will automatically attract to yourselves all that is balanced and in harmony by Universal Laws. The prize is worth every effort that you need to put in to succeed, and nothing that you currently own will have any value or need to travel with you. All that you require is yours for the asking, and you will eventually exercise your power of thought to create exactly what you want. You can travel through the power thought and lets say that instead, you fancy having your own craft well that too can be created by you. As with the Galactic Federation, there are times when physical craft are needed to travel within the lower dimensions, and it is only in the higher ones that thought creation is possible.


Every soul has creative powers, and the most usual example on Earth is where healing is concerned. More souls could do it if they had the belief, and sometimes it happens without their realisation. When you are referred to as Co-Creators it is no trivial comment, as within your own dimension you have collectively created your world. Hence Dear Ones on your pathway to the end-times you are responsible for what you are experiencing now. It is also why you have more than one option that will lead you onto Ascension. Note that in the end all who are ready to ascend will do so regardless of which path they take, and it can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Our encouragement is for you to take the responsibility for yourself and create a peaceful path. Others can help you, but it is very much a personal matter for each one of you. If you doubt yourself, please remember that the powerful incoming energies are lifting up your consciousness levels, and in time you will understand considerably more than you do now.


There are so many things happening that have some bearing on how the changes will come out. However, be assured that we will achieve our aims in good time, and we have never been nearer to disclosure than we are now. The pressures on the dark Ones are building up very rapidly, and forcing their hand in spite of their desire to interfere with our plan. We will always have the advantage over them, as we closely follow their activities and intentions. We have already prevented an escalation of the troubles in the Middle East, and major incidents calculated to increase the fear of terrorism. We also stopped their plan to create reasons to impose martial law, and step up their degree of control over the people. We have kept the dark Ones occupied with their own problems, and strengthened the position of our allies.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and when we can finally carry out open visits to Earth, you will meet many members of the Galactic Federation. The initial meetings will be with those who have the strongest links with you. Consider that you are all Space Beings in origin, and it is your families that wait their chance to be introduced to you again.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.