SaLuSa  25-October-2010


More and more of you are becoming aware of how fast time is passing by. That is a sure sign of how much quicker it is going, and also the degree to which your levels of consciousness are growing. It also opens your minds to an understanding of what is happening around you, and there is no doubt that so many more of you sense the need for the changes taking place. Instead of gloom and doom it is seen that things must change for the better, and that there can be no return to the ways of those who would impose their negative values upon you. With the onset of the end of duality, it is obvious that it will be replaced by conditions more aligned to the new Man emerging from the Dark Ages. With the help of the Star Children who have wisdom and knowledge beyond their earthly age, there will be no lack of loving advice and direction. It is a matter of when it is right for them to come to the forefront, as if it is too early they are likely to be ignored. However, their presence does lead to displays of their ability, to apply their understanding in many different beneficial ways. They are members of the Lightshowers who open people’s minds to their potential. It can cover healing to spiritual work that will assist others as they follow their path to Ascension.


We for our part are using our spacecraft to carry out displays that are sufficiently near to you to be identified as from off Earth. It is not as if we need to prove our existence but we must enable people to break out of the cover up, that has been supported by those who deny our presence for their own benefit. It will very soon reach a point when disclosure can no longer be prevented, and its announcement will be the start of many changes. These will lead to our open arrival on Earth by agreement with the new Government, that will eagerly await our presence. We can then get on with the business of organising the many projects that will result in the cleansing of your planet. We desire to be well into them by the end of next year. However, as we often point out, the time aspect is of no great consequence with the technologies that we will use. We have unlimited resources and so many craft that can be applied to the tasks ahead. Indeed in some instances we do not even need to be on Earth, and can operate quite successfully from your own atmosphere. The fact is Dear Ones, that we have already done so much cleansing of your atmosphere, namely to clear the fallout from nuclear testing.


Those who do not feel ready to join us will be allowed their freewill choice, and leave the Earth for the continuation of their experiences elsewhere. Joining your Space Family is a natural step in your evolution, and in time it will come to every soul. We have been part of a patient and quiet introduction to our presence for hundred of years, and it has succeeded in planting such seeds of knowledge in your minds. You have carried it with you in successive incarnations, albeit in your subconsciousness. However, once brought to the surface it has helped you to accept us without bringing about a fearful reaction. It is the dark forces that have tried to instil continual fear into you, and they know that when the truth comes out they will be seen for what they really are. It is they who fear our coming, as we will present the truth in such a way that it cannot be refuted. Bear in mind that every thought and action exists forever, and can be recalled to substantiate the truth of any challenge against our claims.


It is you the people who will benefit most from learning the truth of your past, and the way in which you have been deliberately mislead. It started millennia of time ago when power was seized by those with an agenda for self-aggrandisement, but the last century and particularly the years since the millennium have been the pinnacle of their success. However it was never going to be allowed to lead to total success, because the end times had already been decreed by God to lead to mass Ascension. What you are seeing now with the demise of the Illuminati is proof of the outworking of it. Yes, they are still around and cause problems, but their ability has been seriously affected by their loss of power. They will still try to induce fear, and prolong the global wars that feed their ego and their purses. Be assured peace is on the way, and the weapons of war will be silenced if they are not withdrawn when ordered to do so. Enough blood has already been spilt and negative energies have built up within the earth, and these are now being cleansed away. Few have realised that such energies create an imbalance on and within the Earth, and then they wonder why Mother Earth reacts to them by convulsions. Be prepared to experience some degree of disruption as a result and without going overboard, allow for shortages of food in areas that are normally affected by earthquake activity. This is in no way meant to bring about panic, but become aware of your likely needs in such a situation.


We of the Galactic Federation will still be working hard behind the scenes to limit any damage to you and your dwellings. For the time being stay where you feel it is right to be, and if you are in an area of activity know that you were subconsciously aware and accepting of your experience, before you came into incarnation. Remember wherever you are, there is a reason for you being there even if it seems an unlikely choice. Sometimes your presence is for the benefit of others, because you have something to offer that they do not have. There is a coming together of souls who recognise the Oneness of all life. Such souls are so important, to show others how the Light can awaken them to their potential. At heart all of you can express your love in such a way, and that will be a step nearer to finding the Christ Self within. It is the ultimate identification with your true Self, and the finding of Unconditional Love.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is quite clear that many of you have already been inspired to offer your help to us. Rest assured we welcome your various abilities, and will tell you that it is exactly why you have incarnated for this immediate period. It will be a case of all hands on deck, and some of you will come on board our craft for briefing. It is for the moment all serious stuff as the build up of pressure upon Mother Earth is to really get started, as her program of cleansing is becoming urgent. Have no fear, as we are constantly monitoring all that happens and you are not about to witness mass chaos or great catastrophes. We operate with loving regard for all of you, at all times.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.