SaLuSa  28-October-2009


The vibrations are lifting up so quickly that many of you are noticing changes in the people around you. Consciousness levels are such that there is now a clearer perception as to what is happening, and a realisation that it is you the people who hold the answers to the problems that confront you. You are collectively capable of just anything that you set your minds on, and it will be this conscious coming together that will ensure your success. Your potential is unlimited and as you project your heartfelt vision of what you see as your future, so it begins to take form. You can hardly have failed to notice how many people are coming forward with demands that changes take place. They do so without fear and hold the flag of freedom high in the air, knowing that theirs is a divine mission. However, they do need support and every sympathetic soul that sends them Light is strengthening their efforts. As such actions grow so others also take strength from them, and a powerful thought form for change takes on its own energy.


Be assured that no matter how little you feel you can contribute to Light upon Earth, it will expand as a result. Light comes to you from all quarters, but none more powerful than the Central Sun of your Universe. The set up is too complex for you to grasp just now, and words would fail from being inadequate. Just know that within that Sun are the most wonderful Beings of Light, whose magnificence is beyond description. Their consciousness fills the Universe and provides the energy upon which all depends on its existence. The Universe is totally organised and answers to the Laws of the Creator, and all life has to conform to them. There would otherwise be chaos and evolution would be impossible.


The vast size of the Universe is another matter that you have little idea of, and again it so difficult to give you an adequate description. It contains millions of Star Suns each with its own complimentary planets in systems similar to yours. The Galactic Federation membership is by comparison quite small in numbers, yet even so it has millions of personal and Spaceships at its disposal. They serve throughout the Cosmos, and where the Earth is concerned the tasks that lay ahead are also let to those civilisations that mirror Man. That is why you invariably see human like Beings where contact is made. It is not to say that the Federation has no other types because they do, however they are nevertheless Humanoid in appearance.


You often see Space Beings pictured from the many contacts made over the years. Yet they can in no way convey to you the beautiful emanations that are given out, that are so powerful they engulf you when you come near. It is their highly vibrating energy that is received by you, as a wonderfully loving experience that is most uplifting. It is a peace that knows no equal and enfolds you in its love. Your earthly experience of the energy of love is in no way comparable, but it does place thoughts in your mind as to what it is like to be in an absolute state ecstasy.


The Earth is your school playground, and like young children you love to play games. However, they are not just childish fun, but very serious lessons in being responsible. Each soul is thrust into a physical experience that is meaningful and gives opportunities to evolve spiritually. You create your societies and the rules, and Man endeavours to live within them. They do not always reflect spiritual wisdom, and are often intended to serve the dark Ones and their plans for control. These are situations where you have to exercise your freewill rights and claim your sovereignty. Governance should be by the people for the people, and not to enrich those who represent you. Your Constitution makes these points quite clearly, and if your representatives have failed you by not complying with them, they have broken their oaths. The time is not too far away when those politicians who have let you down, will be removed from their posts. Instead you will have people with the desire to serve for the good of all.


Many beneficial changes are on the horizon, and they will lift your quality of life very quickly. Our allies are already primed for their various responsibilities, and indeed have been working towards their objectives for many years. The foundation for the changes has been laid down, and co-operation has extended as far as some leaders in other countries. President Obama will lead the plan that releases you from the dark Ones, and his true colours will be seen once he can fully establish his authority. He has his critics and that is to be expected, but his hands are tied until he can muster the support he needs to go surging ahead. Our presence will enable that to happen, which is one of the reasons the dark Ones try to prevent disclosure of our existence. That is quite impossible as it has been decreed that it is now time for you to meet us, but first the disclosure must be made so that we are officially recognised. You will feel more comfortable about us and our appearance when the nature of our mission is given, and you will find that the plan is for your upliftment to higher levels of existence.


We ask you many times not to be fearful, and we shall continue to do so as that would be playing into the hands of those who would keep you in the dark.  Certainly be aware of events that are taking place, but do not emotionally become involved. By all means make others aware, as many people are oblivious of the battle that is being played out between the dark and the Light. It is nothing new, as duality allows for either one to capture your minds and souls. The power swings from one side to the other, but no matter how long it takes the Light will always emerge the victor.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and just one of many representatives of the Galactic Federation that have regular contact with you. Humans talk about keeping their chins up and it is exactly what you should be doing, as your success in overcoming the dark on the higher levels, has ensured it will also manifest on Earth. A few weeks or months are neither here or there in the whole scheme of things. Keep smiling and that alone will imbue others with happiness and joy. We never stop projecting our joy and love to you, and if you sit back and think of us, it will come to you.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.