SaLuSa  27-October-2008


Your level of consciousness is creating for you a reality that is in line with your expectations. It is why there is so much controversy and diverse opinions amongst you all. Your intent and desire move you forever onwards, and if it leans towards the energies of the dark you create at that level. If your consciousness is aligned with the Light and truth, you create accordingly. An ongoing battle between the Light and dark has been taking place for eons of time. In your present cycle, you are now opening up to the Light more than at any earlier time, and it has become well established upon Earth. Looking around you at the chaotic happenings you would think otherwise, but that is only the outer appearance of change. Within the hearts of so many more souls the Light is growing, and is being continually drawn to Earth with the consequent upliftment of the vibrations.


It is a time to hold fast in your beliefs, and not be deterred or distracted by the final struggles of the dark forces to hold onto power. They are losing control and destined to collapse in the very near future. There is no going back for them and although they refuse to recognise defeat, they can no longer command the support that they previously enjoyed. They seek to destroy the old structure of control and replace it with measures that increase their power, but in fact they will be unable to do so. They have been instrumental in bringing about their own demise, and are in their death throes. Be assured that they talk big and loud, but behind that façade they are deadly worried as they are losing their power and influence.


Your Presidential Election this time will give a true result of people’s votes, and you will get a new President who reflects the desires of the people. It will bring an opportunity to restore sanity and good sense, to lift up out of the darkness that has engulfed the whole world. America will once again become a country that others will look up to, and be able to trust. However, those changes will take time, but will be birthed by a new approach that puts the people first. High on the agenda is the restoration of your Constitution, and help for those who have been trodden down by the erosion of their rights. The Light will return to uplift all those people who have given up hope, and at present see no future for Mankind. You are soon to see worldwide changes and a new energy will sweep through every country, and Man will come together as never before. It will prepare the way for our coming, and enable us to officially announce our intention to openly contact you.


Over the years our approach to you has been one of caution, and gradually we have been able to overcome the natural fear that people have of off world Beings. Our craft continue to show themselves with more frequency, and even in greater numbers. Many have come to accept us, and have moved beyond the archetype promoted by your fiction writers and moviemakers. The dark still try to create a fearful image of us, and we have avoided any confrontation with them although they incessantly try to shoot down our craft. The dark know that their game is up, and we represent your main hope of permanently removing them. We do not use force but a peaceful approach that all can see, and where we have made contact already our messages have been of hope and concern for your wellbeing.


We of the Galactic Federation are the bringers of Love and Light, as that is our way and consistent with our more enlightened spiritual approach. You are as much a part of us as we are you, and undeniably connected through eons of time. We recognise and accept the existence of the Creator of All That Is, and in that we are aware that our source is the same as yours. We may have travelled different paths and exist on a higher dimension than yours, but on another level we are all together in the Now. We are on a journey through creation, and soon you will recognise and accept your own place within it. We are One and always will be, and it is time to lift up out of the darkness that has dulled your senses and caused you to forget your divine birthright.


There is no turning back although you may stay within the existing vibrational

level if you so desire. You are in a freewill Universe that the Creator has given for your experience, and now it is time to move on with the opportunity to leave the cycle of duality behind. There are no recriminations against those who have desired to play the dark game. At any given time you know what you have set up your life for, and you would not be incarnate now unless you wished to experience this particular period of time. The serious game of life in duality is your path to knowledge, and evolution at a pace that is not matched elsewhere. You are not having random experiences, but those which have been selected by you to progress spiritually. Sometimes you find it hard to comprehend why you should do so, but on returning to the higher levels all will become quite clear and understandable.


It is most important that you believe in infinite life, and that you choose how to experience it. Your many lifetimes on Earth in the lower vibrations have given you joy and happiness, but also sadness and grief yet each time you have eventually returned to the higher realms. In the light of understanding you can take a broader view of your many lives, and allow for the fact that you have chosen exactly what you needed to further evolve. You do this with much assistance, and no fight you take on is without the presence of many Guides or Angelic protection. You are never alone to face your trials or tribulations, it is just that you are normally unaware of the help with you. When you are low or feel overpowered by what is occurring around you, know that you can call upon help and it will be heard.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and along with the Pleiadian’s and Venusian’s are very much like you in appearance. After all, you are genetically linked with us and we have more in common than you might imagine. Many of you are aware of other humanoid forms, and these are simply variations that are more suited to the different planetary conditions. Bodies are vehicles that house your soul for the duration of your time in any one environment. Soon yours will change again, as you move into the higher vibrations and indeed for some of you they have already begun. I leave you with my Love and Light forever.


Thank you SaLuSa.

 Mike Quinsey.