Ker-On  22-October-2008


I come from the planet Venus, known to you as the one associated with the energy of love. A hostile planet as you see it, yet on a higher dimension one of beauty with its crystal cities. You look at other planets and see no possibility of life, yet all have similar dimensions to ours and some are even higher. Life is everywhere around you, therefore what could be more natural than contact being made with you. It is not that long ago that you started to explore the space around you, and your understanding of it has increased. Evidence of life upon your Moon and Mars has been found, although your Governments try to hide that information from you.


Within your own atmosphere and beyond, for eons of time we have travelled the heavens and made out trips to Earth. It is not specifically out of scientific curiosity, but as the Galactic Federation we have also had the responsibility to follow your evolution. You know by now that you are experiencing on a freewill planet, and beyond instructions given us by the Higher Councils our presence has not been intrusive. We monitor the Earth a sentient Being to whom you owe much for your lives upon her. We follow your development and since you entered the Nuclear Age, have come a lot closer. Our service to Humanity has been to make sure that you complete this cycle, and that both you and the Earth are not destroyed. You have come close to doing so on a number of occasions and we have prevented it. It is fortunate that the Divine Plan for you requires that you see this cycle out to the end, which is but a few years away.


There is a lifting up as we come closer together, and we work to settle the higher vibrations upon Earth. We do it directly, or through you which is why your last century has been intensified where your spiritual teachings have been concerned. Your belief systems are sometimes so rigid that they are a stumbling block to the truth. Some wait for the Gods to return and save them, but where your personal development is concerned, that is something you can do yourself. The key to upliftment lies in your ability to bring the energies of love into your lives, and live them as part of your daily life. Treat all as One, even if other people are unaware that they are also on the path to the completion of this cycle. 


In the greater scheme our help has been essential, and we have kept you and the Earth in balance. Your Lightworkers are vital to your success in maintaining consciousness levels that will carry you forward into a new era, leading to Ascension. Support them whenever you can, and remember that those that are against them and their work are under the influence of the dark forces. Their presence is always around you, and unless you attract them they cannot enter into your mind or attach themselves to you. You have been continually encouraged to create a reality that suits the design of the dark, yet you are able to alter everything around you, and it commences with your power of thought. It is strengthened by your ability not to be pulled into the dark energies, and by being aware without being emotionally involved.


The biggest factor that the dark play on are your fears, which they create by their words and actions. There is no better example than the terrorist threat, and the consequent draconian laws to exert even greater control over you. You see with your very eyes what is happening and how you are being poisoned in many ways, yet your representatives do little or nothing to prevent it. You need changes all around and we have been charged to help you achieve them, as without our help that task would be beyond you. There is now a time factor involved as everything is speeding up, and there is an immense amount to do in just a few years. It must be clear to you now that the cleansing must soon commence, and we look to our allies to assist us. They are set up to bring the truth out, and also rid you of the last cabal that still clings to power.


There are more positive influences building up upon Earth, but you must wake up and see for real what is happening around you. Take back your sovereignty and freewill, and add your voice to others who bravely stand up against the dark forces. You have for too long been denied your rights and entitlement to share in the wealth of the world, that has been kept through the greed of the privileged few. On a higher level you can perhaps realise that there is a battle has been between the dark and Light, but we can tell you it is already won. The dark influences are now ebbing away on Earth and losing their power, and it is time to remove them for once and for all. The dark also know this and desperately cling to their positions, and act irrationally by trying to extend their control into Space. We can assure you that the line has been drawn against certain activities that would endanger life on and beyond your Earth, and they are therefore curtailed in what they can do.


We of the Galactic Federation are pleased to tell you that there is an upsurge of interest in us and our presence. The idea of contact with us was once a frightening prospect, largely projected by the dark forces and their portrayal of us as evil, and hungry to control you and the Earth. It is ironic that they have hidden behind that image, doing exactly what they have accused us of as part of their plan for world control. Now the consciousness of Mankind has surged forward to such a degree that you can see through the subterfuge and lies that confront you every day of your life. The energy of love is opening up people’s hearts and minds, and they have found a pathway out of the dark and release from their hold. You stand at the crossroads of choice, and can take the offer of release from the cycle of duality. However, in so doing you must live the life of one who aspires to move into the higher dimensions, through your love and dedication to others. You will then be uplifted through the Law of Attraction.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and pleased to note that your calls for contact from us and our arrival on Earth are increasing. Our main response took place several years ago with the advent of the plan for First Contact, and that time gets ever closer and we think in terms of months and not years. It will happen as decreed, as it is time to expand your understanding and contact with the outside worlds. My Love and Blessings go out to you all.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.