SaLuSa  20-October-2008


I continue with my thoughts about the “Sighting”, simply because I want to make it clear that we are at a level of vibration where the thoughts of lying to you are not even a consideration. It does not form part of our consciousness and we live in harmony and balance with each other. We also work together with great faith knowing it to be so, and have a great love that overrides the lower vibrations. However, you are living in levels of vibration where there is such a mix, that you do of course have to be cautious and wary. It is because you are continually being confronted by statements and news that often bears little truth within it.


There is no source that is more inclined to mislead you and lie than your governments, and for many decades they have progressively created your reality to suit their own ends. You have been manipulated and used to fulfil the agenda of the Illuminati, and that has been for total global control. Fortunately over the last few years you have begun to awaken to what has been taking place, and now you are sufficiently informed to read between the lines. Even so, you have little idea as to the extent that your freedom has been removed. You have been subjected to a campaign of terrorism, and that largely comes from your own leaders. It is the very source that has caused the rise of terrorism from outside of your country.


Can you see how the occupation of other countries, creates the very opposition that has bred the insurgents and suicide bombers? I make no reference to the rights and wrongs concerned with such issues, but point out the reasons that have brought about such an evil campaign. Can you then accept that you have a crying need to put away everything that promotes war, and instead bring people together and enhance their quality of life rather than destroy it? We have made the point so often that you are One, and many dear souls have taken it upon themselves to try and bring a new way into being, that respects the rights of all to live in peace. However, you have effectively allowed the Illuminati and their minions to control what you do, pretending to work in your best interests yet having no real interest in your welfare or future. We do mean this as a comment in respect of more recent times, as you have been mislead and deliberately kept in the dark as to the true purpose of what has been happening in your name.


For eons of time you have had much in the way of spiritual guidance, but it has been an offering and not forced upon you. It relates to the freewill aspect of your lives, and choice to create your own pathway and future. The material age has promoted greed and waste, and played on your natural instinct for survival. Wealth has been encouraged, and certainly there is nothing wrong with being amply rewarded for your work. However, its overpowering attraction has led you astray and at the expense of your spiritual progress. Your past teachers have tried to put it all into perspective, and in recent times you have had more beings of Light come to the Earth than ever before. They along with increasing contact with sources such as ours, have brought you more information and guidance than you have had for a long time, and it is there for those who seek the truth.


The end times are so important for everyone, because the cycle is ending as decreed. No one can continue for much longer on the Earth as it now, as it is in the course of changing in readiness for Ascension. This period of time allows for each and very soul to make a decision as to their own future. Even if they outwardly have no knowledge of Ascension or the closing of the cycle, nevertheless they are still creating their own future. It is bound by the degree of Light that you have drawn to yourself, and whether it is sufficiently high enough to enable you to ascend. Some of you are by nature kindly and loving souls and have a different background, yet have little awareness of our place in your lives. That is no drawback at all as in time the truth shall be made known to all of you, and before the final year when the cycle ends. Ascension is something you will knowingly choose, and with enlightenment seem quite natural as part of your spiritual evolution.


Our progress towards First Contact comes ever nearer, and highlighted in your recent times by a greater number of sightings than any previous period. Our existence is undeniable to those who seek proof of it, and we quite clearly feature in your ancient historical records having been with you for eons of time. We can speak from actual experience, as we have exceptionally long life spans which are normal within the higher dimensions. We have bodies that do not decay as yours, and can replace them as required should we desire to do so. It is because our matter vibrates at a much higher speed, and is not as heavy as yours. At our levels of existence the lower vibrations cannot exist, so  we are not subject to the problems that beset you.


The levels that you can rise up to are unlimited and eventually you become a Being of Light, with all of the powers of creation. You will have full consciousness and become a Cosmic Being, with the freedom to travel anywhere within it. Think upon these things and realise that after many lifetimes upon Earth, you now stand on the path to Ascension that is your release from duality. Is it not worth waiting a few more years to completion of the cycle, and stand back and enjoy the experience? There is no necessity to become deeply involved in earthly matters, simply become an observer whilst giving out of your Light and Love. In this way you can still contribute to the upliftment of Earth, and help others who still struggle to find their way.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can assure you that the Galactic Federation are working through their allies to move events on much more quickly. You are in a period of intense action, and there will be a move towards establishing the new financial system before very long. It all takes time and we are content to seize the right opportunities to do so. It will be the first major step towards First Contact which draws nearer each day. We continue to monitor all earthly events, and our knowledge enables us to take whatever steps are needed to keep you on course for Ascension, the ultimate aim of all that is happening. Our Love an Light encompasses you wherever you are, We Are One and it shall forever remain so, as it is immutable and life force of All That Is.  


Thank You SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey