SaLuSa  10-October-2008


These are testing times with many problems thrown at you on a physical level, and also testing of your faith and understanding in connection with your Space friends, and their announcement of intent to show themselves to prove their existence beyond doubt. The weeks have passed by and the Sighting looms ever nearer, and it has as expected provoked much interest and discussion. In the depths of world chaos there is hope extended by us, and anyone who has followed our messages will be aware of the nature of our presence. We come to release you from the conditions that have subjected you to so much turmoil, and have reduced your lives to being little less than slaves to your Government’s agenda of global control.


This is one time in your history when you shall emerge victorious, unlike earlier cycles when you have been virtually destroyed through the actions of the dark forces. This one was always projected as having the full potential for a successful conclusion, and to ensure such an outcome has been carefully directed and assisted by our Federation. It has required much cooperation from you who are the Lightworkers, and your commitment to establishing the Light upon Earth. In this you have been remarkably successful, having carried Mankind through several periods of uncertainty over the last century. Many souls have ventured to Earth during this time to specifically lift you up, and out of the darkness have achieved the establishment of a grid of Light. It is your link between Earth and the immediate levels above you, and as you attract the Light so it enforces the power of the grid to create many centres within it.


The Galactic Federation have made clear what you can expect with their coming to Earth, and they offer great help having foreseen the mass destruction that the Illuminati planned for your demise. Very few of you have a realisation of how far their plans extended, and the degree to which they had been advanced. They had success in their grasp, but have had it snatched from them through joint activities with our allies. There is no “quick fix” and even with our knowledge and technology, it will take some time to establish the foundation for a new way of life. However, we are very near to being able to go ahead with First Contact, and that is the key to everything else that is necessary to get the changes underway.


It is nearing the time when the Light will have been established upon Earth, and it will project you into a new era of joy and happiness. It will continue during the restoration of Earth and take you on to Ascension, when you will exist in absolute bliss and become free from all of the problems that beset you now. Duality is an experience and no more, and it was never intended to become your permanent way of life. It is cyclic like everything else and now draws to its conclusion having served its purpose. Your natural state is being at one with All That Is, living in complete harmony and happiness without the burden of having to deal with the attention of the dark forces. They too are gaining experience from their activities, and act out their roles assigned to them just the same as yours.


All around you death, destruction and decay are evident, but understand that absolutely nothing is permanently destroyed as it simply changes its level of vibration. All is energy and creation is by thought, and as you lift yourselves up your powers will increase to levels of instant creation. You are far from being helpless Beings tossed around in the sea of physicality, as you have all of the potential offered by the higher levels of vibration. Ascension will place you in the fifth dimension or higher, which is far removed from the limiting vibrations you are now in. Yet, it is you over millennia of time that have created what you see all around you today. It is not exactly by choice, but your dark thoughts and deeds have overshadowed the Light. Now you can take credit for having lifted yourselves up sufficiently to manifest the higher vibrations, and they are opening the path to Ascension.


Meantime you can help those around you, by not entering into the fearful consequences of the financial problems that abound at present. You have the benefit of seeing further ahead than those who are uninformed or unaware of the Great Light, and it is emerging from the darkness and creating the opportunity for a complete turn around in the direction of your lives. Keep that vision in your sights at all times, because it is about manifest and once it does you will be under no illusion as to what it means. Changes for the good of all are descending upon you in the form of the Galactic Federation, and we await the initial response to the “Sighting” from which we can gauge your readiness for the next stages. Know for certainty we will come very soon, as it must be realised that time is becoming short for the plan to take you to the end times.


We do not experience concern in the way you do, as we have the ability to adjust to any changes quite easily and no challenge is beyond us. It is simply that our technological superiority lends itself quite readily to any situation. However, we need to take the present opportunity that offers us the chance to implement the Divine Plan for you and your evolution. Earth is a beautiful world that will leave you with many memories, but these will be surpassed once you see the restoration completed. Truly the Garden of Eden will rise from the ashes of many centuries of neglect and destruction. It will be befitting of the new Man that will emerge to accompany Earth on its Ascension pathway.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you from my experience, that your Earth is one of the most beautiful planets I have ever seen. It was created for you by bringing the flowers and fauna from other planets, so that you could experience some of the wonders of the Universe. Can you comprehend the love of the Beings of Light who were responsible, and the great love of the Creator who conceived of the plan. New Universes are being created all of the time, and as a Cosmic Being your opportunity to explore these unlimited expanses is infinite. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from the changes that are commencing on Earth. Think positively and live your life in appreciation of what is being given to you, and give love to all others on this journey with you. Make it a happy and joyous time that you share with them.  


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.