Diane  08-October-2008


Please resist looking back at what were by contrast with today happier times. Of course you have felt more comfortable and settled at different periods of your life. However, you were always destined to experience more chaos and threats to your well being, as the Illuminati planned to strip you of your freedom. To loosen their powerful hold is no easy challenge but as you see it is now falling apart, at the very time they expected to gain more world domination. What is in store for you now bears little resemblance to life under the old Laws, and its restraints that have eroded your rights little by little until you have very few left. You seek fairness and justice, and conditions that take away the worries that plague decent people trying to make a comfortable life for themselves and their families. You should not be in poverty or lack the fundamental rights of access to assistance in such areas as housing and health. All of this will be placed on a new level through the fair distribution of wealth, and our assistance to enable your needs to be met very quickly.


Almost at a stroke our coming will release so much anxiety over your future. You will soon learn of our plan and understand how it will change your lives, and give you what you should have had many years ago. You have been deliberately kept down, and subjected to all manner of events intended to make you reliant upon your Government. They have far from alleviated any condition that was causing you concern, but rather exacerbated the situation for their own ends. Your country is now bankrupt yet at one time it was extremely wealthy, but your wealth has been channelled into the families who have controlled your lives. Through manipulation and covert actions they have kept you in need, and at the same time spent your hard earnt dollars on war and politics to gain world control. Their actions are no longer secret but even so you will be shocked to learn the extent of their power, and the draconian and fearful measures they have used.


Some people have been easily fooled, and there remains a difficult period during which we will have to provide much evidence of what has been taking place in your name. That will not tax our ability to do so, and we shall make the truth known on a world-wide basis. Your media will be unable to stifle or hide the truth, and they have been as a guilty as anyone at hiding it. In the future your leaders will be chosen for their honesty and integrity, and their spiritual awareness. They will speak openly and truthfully and shall intuitively know what is needed. Our presence will be as ones who assist in ensuring the new plan eventually works for all people wherever they are, and equality will be our byword as the standards of your lives are raised up. So many problems will be overcome in the first few months of our contact with you.


Once your day-to-day worries are removed, you will find more time to understand the needs of your spiritual self and you shall also be helped in these matters. After all, the main reason we come to you is to make preparations for Ascension, and it requires that you lift yourselves up to levels that will enable this process to take place for you. So many of you have moved onto this path through your dedication and understanding of the task, whilst others are unsure and seek guidance. Ascension has nothing to do with religion as such, and people of all denominations can be prepared for it. You need the desire and knowledge of what it means, and how you can release yourselves from a mindset that can hold you back.


Ascension is every bit about God and the Divine Plan for your upliftment. It has to said that while every effort will be made to give each of you an opportunity to be part of it, without a fundamental belief in a greater intelligence that guides Humankind it will be difficult to move forward. As we often point out, within the plan for Man there is even so a freewill element that makes it your choice as to where you go from here. One thing is certain, that one has to made before the end of this cycle, as the old paradigm is no longer applicable. If you feel that you are ready live by the application of Love and Light and have accepted the Oneness of all life, you are certainly ready to take the path to Ascension. Intuitively you should know what best suits you for your continuing evolution. There is no disgrace in preferring to continue your experiences in this dimension, as each of you have been given unlimited time to go exactly where your needs take you. You are immortal and have infinite life, and whatever you choose you shall be loved and treasured as are all souls.


In the Divine Plan much emphasis has been placed on giving you an opportunity to ease yourselves into the higher vibrations, and increasingly the Earth has been bathed in them for this reason. It is an awakening process open to each and every one of you, so that none shall be denied the chance to ascend. As your consciousness grows so you will gravitate towards the ways of one who has found the Path of Light. If you are not ready for it, you will simply remain with your beliefs that your present reality is sufficient for you. There is no pushing or pressure to bring you into greater awareness, but any steps in that direction will serve you well in the future. In the ultimate you will one day ascend, as that is your divine future, and encoded within you.


Be assured Dear Ones that what we are doing is for your upliftment and that of Mother Earth, and it is our choice to serve others throughout the Universe. We serve you by serving the Will of God, and Godís energy permeates All That Is. You are as much a part of God as all other life forms, and in that you have your undeniable link with everything that exists. On Earth you have endured lives that have trailed the depths of darkness, but now you can leave it all behind if you so desire. We could quite correctly say that you have the chance of a lifetime to move on, and encourage you all to seriously consider the wonderful plan placed before you. Trust in the Father of Humanity who loves you beyond words, and has opened the way for your release from the dark energies.


I am Diane from Sirius and soon we shall be with you on Earth, an occasion we very much look forward to with great joy and happiness. You need us to help you through the end times of this Cycle of Duality, and that we shall do with great love for you all.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.