St. Germain  24-October-2007


Whatever your role upon Earth, you are contributing to the evolution of the whole. In your own way you are equally important in creating a reality that reflects the mass consciousness of Mankind. You can therefore help to increase the Light on Earth by never losing sight of your goals. It should be one of bringing peace and harmony to it, and by living by it in whatever you do. It may be hard to comprehend, but you wield much more power through your thoughts than you can imagine.


Once you reach a certain level of understanding, you will find it easy to create around you the reality that is your desire. You will carry that energy with you and in so doing create peace and harmony everywhere you go. Recall how powerful it is when people of like minds get together, and you can actually feel it. You can help change the destiny of Mankind from day to day, and in so doing as a Lightworker you will increase its power. Live in the faith of your convictions that you carry such abilities with you, and use them to help map out a path that will release you from the dark.


Over Millennia of time, Man has had very little idea of his power of creation, and he has promoted separateness and isolated himself from the Light. Consequently, the vibrations have been consistently lowered, and encouraged negativity to abound. However, a small percentage of people working for the Light, can bring changes much more greater than their relative numbers. The Light is so much more powerful than any other energy, and is at the core of all life. Light is constant, but filtered through the great Beings that hold the Universe within their Consciousness. You cannot exist outside of the present level of Light you currently live within, until you lift up your vibrations.


Evolution is all about uplifting your Light through your own efforts, although help is given once you elect to take a path to the higher realms. It is normally a gradual process, but once it gathers speed it increases exponentially. At present you stand on the verge of a wonderful surge forward. It can be credited to the awakening that has taken place, and you have now reached a very important phase. Much work is still to be carried out, but the plan for fully enlightened Man is well advanced. All will be uplifted if they can accept the Light that is being beamed to Earth. As many of you now understand, all is moving according to Universal Law and it is orderly even if at first it does not seem to be so.


The chaos and confusion will begin to clear once First Contact takes place. Then you will have a specific direction to follow, and it will quickly reveal the meticulous planning that has been put in place. Events will go speeding ahead along with a great upliftment amongst the people. Those who have misused their power will have an opportunity to cross to the other side, but their true intentions will be known. No longer will they get away with deceit or treachery, and their intentions will have to be pure. Even now we know each of you for what you really are, but there is no judgement on our part. The manner of your evolution is your decision, and it is you who have chosen the path you have taken.


Your ultimate destination is a return to the Godhead, but that is far, far away as you have only just started that journey. Hitherto you have plunged to extremely low levels of vibration, and in consequence virtually lost contact with your Higher Self. You have floundered in the darkness of your limited consciousness, but your spark of Light has always remained. Suddenly after millennia of time experiencing separateness, you have begun to understand the Oneness of All That Is. You have never lost your memories of your experiences in Oneness, and they have lain dormant within your subconsciousness.  Now you seek that harmony with all life that existed before you dropped down into the darkness of the lower dimensions.


Duality is designated to your Universe, and many civilisations have risen above it. This has resulted in the forming of the different organisations such as the Galactic Federation, who serve others such as yourselves who are on the verge of leaving it behind. Duality is nothing more than an experience, arising from the Creator’s mind that has created a Universe where freewill has been given to every soul taking part. Once it has served its purpose, it will be re-absorbed and all life forms that were within it will move to the higher realms. Nothing remains static and all is continually changing and moving upwards.


Behind everything is the power of the Creator, and Light and Love is the driving force that binds all together. When the time comes for meeting your family from Space, see them as no different from yourselves inasmuch that you all come from the same source. They are not alien at all, and are yet another expression of creation amongst the vast numbers that exist. There are Universes without number that are all part of the grand tapestry of life. These will become part of your future experiences, because as enlightened Beings all is open to you.


Life is one adventure after another, and once you move out of duality it will take on a new look. You will no longer be bound by the containment and limitations of being within it, and your freedom will be a gift from the Creator. By this time you will have understood the reason for all life that you will fully respect. You will also have reached a level of being where you are able to express Universal Love, that is a natural step upwards as you evolve.


I am St. Germain and very much a part of your lives. I have been with you for eons of time, and spent many incarnations upon Earth guiding and leading Man into the Light. Our association shall continue for the time being, as the cycle has to be finished and I will accompany you through Ascension. Regardless of all the events occurring on Earth, you can be sure that they will be of no consequence where Ascension is concerned. It will bring this cycle to completion, and nothing will prevent or delay it manifesting. I ask that you give no strength to the dark and their fearsome activities, but instead send out your love. It is a simple thing to do, and will hasten the changes that will bring the beginning of the end – allowing a new beginning to fully emerge.


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.