SaLuSa  31-October-2007


In times such as now, when you are placed under so many pressures it is understandable that you question whether any one cares. Particularly when you have knowledge of the truth of your existence as a spiritual Being under the Love and protection of God. Because you are immersed in the activities taking place on Earth, you are often weighed down by the dark energies that surround you. However, no matter what conditions you are drawn into, the Light will always be there for your protection.  


Furthermore, you are accompanied by your Guides throughout your lifetime. They know you better than yourself, and have the responsibility to ensure that as far as possible you complete your life plan. For your part freedom of choice remains, as nothing is forced upon you. However, we can assure you that you would be most disappointed, if you diverted your attention away from the important milestones in your life. Your life plan is mapped out with a progression of vital experiences, that are to carry you forward in your spiritual evolution. Whilst it is true that you have all Infinity in which to do so, an opportunity missed does set you back.


Some will say that they have no evidence of being guided, and that is usually because no deep thought has been given to such a possibility. Those coincidences in your lives that prove important that sometimes save lives, or bring people in touch with you that prove to be essential to you are arranged, and do not happen by chance. The problem to be overcome is often your ego, a part of you that is comfortable living in a life pattern that you have established. Often any attempt to bring in change is resisted, and as a result old habits die hard.


If you are to break out of the old ways, it is necessary to put intuitive thinking before all else. The ego will find reasons why you continue as before, and so a battle of a kind takes place within. It is therefore necessary to stick firmly with decisions made to move yourself onto a new path. As time passes and you get nearer to the end times, the challenges to change will increase and are necessary if you have any ambition to tread the path of enlightenment. Allowing the Light in will lift your consciousness up to new heights, and as you do so your awareness will also open.


For those of you who are able to move into a higher vibration, the reward is one of a greater clarity in everything you do. Also, the path ahead opens up, and becomes a new reality that you can focus upon. All of the way your Guides will draw closer and there is no reason why you should not converse with them, and also share your thoughts and desires. Be assured that they listen, and with your permission will convey to you ideas and suggestions that will drop into your mind. Take note of what you hear, it will be sound advice and remember that they know the path that you intended to take.


The Law of Attraction applies in these circumstances, just the same as it does where your thoughts are concerned. You will attract to yourself exactly the right Guides for any period that you are in, and get what you empower with your desires, even if it takes some time to materialise. Allow for manifestation to come in its own good time, and it will fit in with the appropriate stage of life you are at. When you begin to understand how the material and spiritual realms interact, you will be more at ease because you will realise that they are inextricably linked.


Understanding the purpose of life, helps you to accept your situation and more so able to conduct it in a more rewarding and harmonious way. This will serve you well as the opportunities to firmly move onto the path of Ascension will be presented to you. How another perceives the future is not necessarily for you, and indeed at this time many different realities are playing themselves out. However, ultimately only the path to Ascension will remain, and those who desire another way will follow their own beliefs. The Creator allows for freewill at all times, allowing you to move within the different cycles that operate.


Every effort is made to awaken those souls, who have been unable to grasp the meaning of what is happening upon Earth at this time. Clearly there is some confusion, but that results from the ways of the dark forces who would rather you did not learn the truth. Yet within the turmoil that you are experiencing, the Light shines out upon Earth and you can link with it once you acknowledge its existence. Living in the Light in these times is not difficult, but it requires a dedication that will carry you forward with absolute determination. In fact, once you reach this point, the negative energies can no longer impose themselves upon you.


Your aim should be to set yourself above the negativity that exists, and not involve yourself in it but nevertheless be aware of its existence. If you wish to act against it we suggest you confine yourselves to periods of meditation, and enshroud it with unlimited Love and Light. You can apply to individuals, countries or the whole world, as your power is not limited except by your own perception of your ability. You are great Beings who are blessed by the Creator with powers that you are now rediscovering. The higher you can raise yourselves the greater your power becomes, as you connect with Higher Beings who can work with you and through you in that way.


Now is the time when the Light is growing so intense, that it will bring about sudden changes all around. It is lifting up the vibrations of Earth and they shall never fall back again. They will continue growing until they reach a point of completion, and with a sudden final upliftment Ascension will occur. By then you will have been well prepared for this happening, and it will seem quite natural to find yourselves suddenly in the higher vibrations. It will be a happy and joyous occasion as the fulfilment of everything you have worked for during the cycle of duality.


 In seeking your Higher Self you will merge closer as time passes, and your success will help bring others along with you. Understand that you are presently but a fragment of your true Self, and cannot be fully integrated until you return to the higher dimensions. It is the whole purpose of your many journeys upon Earth, and you will have expanded your consciousness to new horizons. Following your upliftment the path becomes so much easier, and you will continue to seek even higher levels of understanding. Knowledge and wisdom grow hand in hand, and there are unlimited opportunities to travel the infinite dimensions of life.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and a member of the Galactic Federation, coming once again to expand your understanding of life upon Earth, and how it is interwoven with all other forms. Now you are beginning to understand the Oneness that exists, you are finding it easier to accept that All is linked together. Having a common goal within creation, and moving towards the Source of All That Is. We shall go forward together as we are One in this grand experience, and soon you shall be fully enlightened as to your part in it. All takes place within the Creator’s Love, that will lead you back to where you were originally thought into Being.      


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.