Ker-On  29-October-2007


Dear Ones, as you experience day to day take them one at the time, and concentrate on the positives that can be taken from them. When there are more revealing facts about the dark, their activities and intentions, see that as an opportunity to grasp the importance of these times. Be pleased that the Light is opening up that which would normally be hidden from you, as in your awakening lies the opportunity bring more Light to bear upon it.


People are likely to re-act with some degree of anger, when learning of the Illuminati plans for the demise of Earth and its people. However, if you accept that the first step to overcoming the dark is knowledge of their plans, you will see that as placing it where it can be dealt with. Your energy of love will be required more than ever as the dark leaders and their minions are identified. Take away their ability to feed off the fear they intentionally generate, and surround them with love. It is of such power that it cannot be denied, and it will awaken within them the Light that struggles to be renewed.


By refusing to be drawn into the lower energies you will be contributing to the upliftment of Man. Everyone is needed at such a time when so much is at stake. It is not that you can possibly lose this battle but you need to be alive to your own re-actions, and control them so as to enhance the Light quotient upon Earth. Matters are critical for the dark as they continue to panic at the thought of losing their control. The Light forces are coming together in such a way that there is as you might say, safety in numbers. You are a formidable power made up of a myriad of souls from all walks of life. The dark have no answer to the Light that you send out, and they know that they stare defeat in the face.


For you of the Light it is only a matter of time before you shall experience some most notable happenings. You will see your efforts well rewarded as the dark succumb to the pressure being applied upon them. They really have nowhere to flee, having revealed much of their heinous plans for the total control and imprisonment of Mankind. It is do or die for them, yet they dare believe that somehow they can avoid their fate. Have no doubts that the Light and Love is the supreme power upon Earth, and we see the understanding that grows as people realise how it can be used for the good of all.


We for part acting within the authority given us by the Spiritual Hierarchy, continue to send Light to you so that it can be grounded upon Earth. You for your part can direct it to exactly where it is needed, and we can assure you that your input of Light is vitally important. Each of you who can do this are acting as Lightworkers, and it is a most important contribution to the whole. Many of you are on Earth at this time specifically to aid the awakening process, and whilst it may not seem much individually we assure you it is bringing the day of reckoning so much nearer.


Let us of the Galactic Federation handle the finer details, as we have total awareness and involvement in the plan for your future. Without our help we have to say that you would not have achieved victory. It has been a long-term plan with its twists and turns, but at all times we have used our intimate knowledge of the dark’s intention to stay one step ahead. We see the childish and irresponsible games being played, where the dark leaders have rejected their responsibility towards you. They act like spoilt children who cannot get their own way, and that is when they tend to be most dangerous and destructive without reason. We do however have matters within our control, but have to allow for a certain amount of outworking due to karmic cleansing.


We do not dwell upon it, but where you are now at a very low point in your experiences it has been brought about by past actions. You are to experience what you have brought into manifestation; otherwise no lessons would be learnt. Be assured however that you do not tackle it alone, and you always have help to call upon when you run into difficulties. Our presence is one of acting as your parents, knowing that you are in some ways but children growing up, and ready to accept your own responsibility for what you do. Like parents our approach is one of Love and understanding, and we are patient and prepared for the need to come to your aid whatever the circumstances.


The declaration of First Contact is getting ever nearer, but first there are some matters that need to be cleared before it takes place. We are guiding our allies in such a way that they will soon be able to come out into the open. Once they do so, there will be a snowball reaction and any opposition to the necessary changes will be quickly swept away. We stand for freedom and the rights of Man to determine his own future, whereas at present the illegally elected US leaders are only interested in their own agenda of totalitarian control. Freedom is the birthright of all humans, but over thousands of years it has been repeatedly taken away from you. Now the tables are to be turned and you shall find that there are greater powers than those on Earth.


As you awaken to your true selves, so we stand by to ensure that this time your freedom is not only restored, but also protected for the future. You have lived in a time warp that has taken you away from your destined path of upliftment. Evolution moves on regardless, but you have effectively lived in a period of frozen time where you have been denied progress. We shall soon help you make up for lost time, and not only that we shall propel you forward into the future that awaits your presence. The drudgery and call upon your time to labour for everything you need will be removed. No more shall you lack the time for your own endeavours, and this shall be accomplished through advanced technology that we are bringing to you.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and we of the Galactic Federation speak from experience having a full understanding of your needs. You shall want for absolutely nothing, leaving ample time for your personal needs and application to the final steps leading to Ascension. It will be the beginning of your rightful return to those higher dimensions that will be fitting for souls that have returned fully into the Light. Of this you can be absolutely assured, and it shall be in accordance with the Creator’s plan and Love for you.


Thank you Ker-On.

 Mike Quinsey.