Atmos  15-October-2007


The numbers of people moving into the Light of Truth is increasing all of the time. It only requires a final push to get the changes moving, and there are those emerging who are ready to lead the people out of the darkness. There is a collective movement on Earth that is galvanising them into action, and they will see changes come in as an unstoppable force for good. Everything is edging towards that final moment of great revelations, and once it starts the truth will come tumbling out. Once it is known, the old guard will have nowhere to hide and will be stripped bare of their deceit and lies for all to see.


What happens will be in accordance with the desire of the people, to enter a New Age where truth and honesty are valued. Where Oneness is the key to all actions, that will treat all equally as in the eyes of God. For too long you have believed in separateness, and it has been encouraged by those who wish to keep you in a constant state of conflict. However, there is a new understanding of your responsibility to each other, that can put aside politics and religion. You are One and it is necessary that you work towards putting Oneness into action.


You are not alone in your endeavours to bring change into being. We of The Galactic Federation are here for the very purpose of ensuring that your cry for change does not go unheeded. We are supported and guided by great Beings that oversee the Creatorís plan, and it will come to pass as decreed. There is no force upon Earth that can prevent the time of reckoning, when the truth shall be made known of your real purpose in life. The old ways will be replaced by those that are in harmony with the plan for Earth, and all life upon it. There is not a single soul that is excluded from it, as all have a path to follow that will take them into the next phase of their evolution.


As we have so frequently asked of you, live the way you envision you will be in the future. Live as one unit that is essential to the whole as you are all unique, and it is your collective level of consciousness that determines what happens from minute to minute. The fact that you have been successful in raising your vibrations cannot have escaped your attention. There is an undeniable Light that has emerged, and is bringing you all together in a common purpose. That is to bring changes into being that will enable your paths to fully open up, and not be hindered by the old energies that are gradually being weakened and disappearing for all time.


Everything is in such a state of flux, that anything is possible if you set your sights upon it. You are recovering abilities that have long been dormant, and are now awakening to your true potential as co-creators with God. We have our part to play in your evolution, but you are to be very active yourselves. It is the principle of freewill that allows for your expression of how the changes work out. However, as you find your Light within there will be a direction that you choose, that reflects a growing understanding of what is required to bring Humanity together. The sensing of change strongly exists, although its meaning and manner of manifestation can be quite different according to your belief system.


What is evident is that so many of you now recognise that Man has taken a wrong path, led by the enforcement of the last cabal. They are intentionally causing chaos and fear and their agenda is laid out for global domination. Fortunately opposition to their plans is growing very fast, and they now lack the co-operation that they held previously. There are Dear Ones, who by their refusal to accept orders from them are putting their lives at risk. It is prompting others to step forward and join their ranks, and very soon there will be major changes resulting from such actions. The dark are being forced to show their true colours and therein lays their downfall.


You stand in the midst of climate changes that will be dramatic, and these are already becoming apparent. They must be addressed, but are not really in the plans of the dark who are to some extent also responsible for them. It will therefore takes the scientific community to present the facts with their dire warning as to what will happen if they are ignored. We have been working to contain the changes, but it requires you to bring pressure to bear upon those who have responsibility to take action. Take note of your Governments lack of action to it, and you will see others take on that responsibility without them. This is not the time to stand around idle and firm action is called for, and what you start we shall eventually finish.


The time to announce our coming is not too far away, and then we shall see some real action to deal with the mounting problems upon Earth. We will prevent its further decline, and then tackle the tasks to reverse the damage caused over many years of neglect. Take heart from knowing that we are to work with you, and seemingly insurmountable problems will be quickly handled. You are totally unprepared for the results of global warming, but again we shall successfully deal with that problem. However, not all of the changes are due to Mans neglect, and there are cycles of activity of a solar origin that you have yet to understand.


We care for both your physical and spiritual well being, and with our arrival upon Earth both will be given equal attention. See in us your own potential as we are at the level you are about to join. We are all spiritual Beings, and with our understanding know that there are no real mysteries about God and the Creator. All life exists within their energies, without which you would not exist at all. Names are unnecessary, and regardless of the different attributes you attach to them they are One and the same. These are matters that often cause disputes, and will be addressed with the coming of First Contact.


I am Atmos from Sirius, and greatly lifted up by your determination to be rid of the dark forces. It is heartening to see that it is being achieved through the awakening of your consciousness, that is growing with Love and Light. You are beginning to realise how powerful you really are when you come together. As God holds you within the Light, so we hold you and it is our way of being of service. 


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.