Diane  12-October-2007


The most important thing you can do at present is to concentrate on the Light. It is required in a constant flow, and focussed upon those who speak and act for the dark forces. Already it is softening their attitudes, and it needs to carry them further into the Light. Eventually only those who have completely cut themselves off from it, will continue to enact the orders from the last cabal. They are becoming fragmented and that is their weakness that shall lead to a total breakdown.


The high points during each month are taking on a greater significance, and so much energy is reaching Earth that it is changing more rapidly. Because this growth is due to the actions of millions of awakened souls, it cannot be stopped. In fact it is spreading further than ever before, and is now so powerful it moves under its own momentum. Amongst those that are only just awakening it seems confusing, as it brings inevitable changes that are not necessarily understood. It asks of people that they view life and its purpose differently, and that they seek a new way. One that moves away from discord and chaos, and instead to a destined path of peace and harmony.


The Light offers hope for the future even though many are still unaware that the goal is one of achieving Ascension. There is still the strong belief in the Biblical revelations for the end-times, ones that are interpreted as bringing death and destruction before the souls can rise up. It causes much friction and despair as it is divisive where the different religions are concerned. It also teaches that God has no love for those that are of a different persuasion.


Religion is part truth and part deception, intended to ensnare those who are otherwise beholden to God. The old ways encouraged separation and antagonism against those of a different belief system. It is time to understand the dark influences that have infiltrated the many different religions, and move towards a new understanding. They cannot move forward whilst still carrying the dark energies, and with the advent of First Contact and the return of the Masters there will be a coming together of all beliefs. That which no longer serves the Light cannot move any further, and must be cleansed from the consciousness of those who are desirous of being part of the coming upliftment.


Souls must be brave enough to stand aside from what they have been taught about God. Strong enough to allow for change, and identify that which goes against Unconditional Love that is the Light of God. Strong enough to become their own mentor, and find the truth wherever their seeking may take them. Become a leader and speak of the truth that comes from within, and help others who are fearful of the wrath of the Church. These are times when the truth will in any event be revealed, and it makes the changes easier to accept if you have already been prepared for them.


We of the Galactic Federation are fully understanding where religious beliefs are concerned. In their own way they have brought people together when they needed guidance, and have tried to overcome superstition and cults that have taken over people’s lives. However, they in turn have demanded obedience to their teachings, and in times gone past have totally controlled them. Any group that teaches the Omnipresence of God has laid down a base from which growth can occur. Instead of following old tenets that speak of an angry God who is capable of punishing his people, it is time to realise that in the Oneness of All That Is, All are equally loved, cherished and cared for.


If people cling to the old, that is their freewill but it has no place in the higher dimensions that are opening up to you, and it cannot travel with you. It will hold you back until you can stand fully in the Light of Truth. The cleansing that is taking place makes no exceptions, everything that carries the old vibration will be brought to the surface. These are times when you must be ready to discard any belief that is not embodied in the Love and Light of the Creator. False beliefs will be shown for what they are, and there will be no judgement against those who have carried them. Life is a continual process of growth and enlightenment as your history clearly shows.


We understand that a change in ones’ belief system is a major step forward, and can cause problems within family circles. However, one must allow for independent thinking and a freewill choice as to which path to take. Looking back you will find that you have gently been presented with the truth for many decades, and it has not been forcefully introduced. It has gradually filtered into the mainstream belief system for your approval. As always, we say go within as it is the only way to measure what is right for you, and although it may periodically change the net result will be a gain on your evolutionary path.


Nothing can be more exciting or uplifting as to when you find you are in harmony with the truth. You will know for sure as it will resonate within and you will be positive in your understanding. It will be such that no one else will be able to distract from it. With every step upon the path of truth you will find the strength to take responsibility for your own enlightenment. Man is rising up from the heavy vibrations that have clouded his mind and kept him in the dark. The Light is searching in very corner for the old dark energies, and they are being transmuted for all time. Unconditional Love is spreading and touching the hearts of so many that were asleep to the power of this energy.


The awakening is well under way and the Light grows exponentially, and is enfolding all within it. You really cannot fail to respond, and it is simply a matter of time before there is a quantum leap forward. You are moving into  energies that are familiar and most natural to you, and abound in the higher dimensions where you belong. You are of the Light and to it you shall return.


I am Diane and I come from Sirius a star of great Light, and the home of Beings who have become One with their Higher Selves. We bring that energy with us to Earth, and we are most happy to share it with you. At the end of time all that will remain is the Love and Light of All That Is.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.